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How To Set Up a Planted Aquarium Design. Desiging a Planted Tank Aquascape.

How To Set Up a Planted Aquarium Design. Desiging a Planted Tank Aquascape.

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  1. This aquascape is sope, is like a woodland forest look to the left and more of a subtropical in the right. and a "jungle in the middle

  2. you know bro i actually agree maybe some jungle vaul or something in the back somethign tall and skinny in place of the sword

  3. I think you should try a amphitheater thing like amano does.take out some of the plants from the middle and pu them at both sides and then plant up the back of the middle.

  4. @schtals this video wasn't set up to show the space. i should have taken all of that pump crap out for it…. I've got ludwigia on the mind …;) bright red busting outta the middle…yumyum

  5. @thegeorgyboy411 i don't use CO2. just dirt in my tanks which gives off a little co2, substrate first….thats the key

  6. Mate I need help asap.
    I have a 50 gallon tank. Keeping cold water fishes. Now here the thing, I want to turn my tank from normal to planted. So I've ordered 60 plant which gonna arrive in few days. Now I didnt know that I would have to add anything to keep them goin. I live in Uk and those plant substrate r gonna cost me 30quid to do it! Is there any alternative such as like putting soil under my coral sand?
    Please help me out..

  7. @mkh4n i have about 60 videos on doing dirt in the planted tank,,,all of my tanks are like this…go to fishtanktv com or PM me and I'll send you some links..check out video #10 for how I dirted this 220

  8. @dustinsfishtanks my mate I didn't sleep all night cos I watched all ur video lol. Man im so jealous of wish I could have that many tank!
    Thank you ever so much. Oh by the way please see my video that I've done last night after seeing ur video.

  9. @mkh4n haha, sleep up, your gonna need the rest when you get a bunch more tanks. Do me a favor and post a video reply so I can check it out?

  10. @ruckaisawesome i think that might be because the plants are taller over there and are close to the light wich is getting a light green/yellow tint because of hte duckweed and algae.

  11. hey dustin i always wondered why when looking at planted aquariums that i see they have those little hills and small dips.Is this so some of the waste dips so the roots can get it or is basically just for show?Also please check out my videos and tell me what you think/.also be nice my camera has sucky audio.

  12. Wow! Wonderful tank! And very nice explanations. Please indicate how many HOURS per week you would expect would be necessary to maintain a tank like this. Thank you

  13. i have a 55 gallon im trying to turn into a planted tank. it is an established tank with white pool filter sand with some live plant already but seems to be every morning im having to replant everything but the grass….its so annoying my pleco's keep pulling up the plants… what can i do to help keep the plants in the sand till they get some strong enough roots to stay down on their own?

  14. eventually i do plan on adding more grass and some bigger plants and create a forrest like look for my tropicals to hide in along with my huge crayfish any ideas? i dont have a cam or id make a video to show what im dealing with

  15. Get rid of the pleco bro they arnt the best fish for a planted tank. I had the same problem in my 60 now i switched to dirt and got rid of the pleo my plants are growing like mad, i had a dawrf lilly plant and it grew and new leaf that shot up to 6 inches tall in 4 days, never believed in dirt till now. Everyone should switch to dirt. Organic miracle grow is the best.

  16. Very nice tank! Do you have get cloudy water even with all the plants you have? I have a planted 55, and for some reason its remained a bit cloudy even after installing a new Marineland 350. I think it could be too many of those small little snails producing too much waste??

  17. hi dustin, I want to know what is that filter in your right side tank is called? is it ok to use in my 20g tank as well?

  18. Dustin ihave a 55 gal. this is a list of plants Very mature Java Fern with 5 youg plants 2 amazon swords a lot of wistera and two pots of Staurogyne Repens suggest a layout

  19. Hey I to have a 55 gallon fish tank can you get live plants all at the same time like im going to be buying heaps and I only got a couple of live plants now can i get them all at the same time or do i have to add the slowly and separately here is my idea guys Java Moss

    Java Fern Needs Seachem Flourish

    Anacharis Seachem Flourish And Seachem Flourish Excel

    Cyperus Plant/Whatever The Crestpets Lady Gave Me

    Amazon Sword Plants

    Moneywort Needs Seachem Flourish

    Ludwigia – Broad Needs Seachem Flourish And Seachem Flourish Excel And Seachem Flourish Iron

    Anubias hastifolia Needs Seachem Flourish Excel And Seachem Flourish And Seachem Flourish Iron

    Giant Hair Grass

    Anubias Nana Needs Seachem Flourish Excel

    Hornwort Seachem Flourish And Seachem Flourish Excel

    Cabomba Seachem Flourish

    Jungle Val

    Water Sprite Seachem Flourish

    Moneywort Seachem Flourish


    Java Moss As A Carpet Across My Fish Tank And Java Moss On Some Volcanic Rock Then Have It On The Edges Of The Driftwood And Have It Covering The Mopani Wood And Plant Some Java Fern On The Driftwood Have Some Anacharis In The Back Around The Sides And Some Cyperus Plant In The Far Back Around In Between The Middle And The Back Have Some Planted In A Zig Zag Kind Of Way Then Have Some Groups Of Amazon Sword Plants Around The Back Of The Fish Tank Then Ludwigia – Broad To Have Some Red Effect Near The Middle Hiding A Bit Just To Add Some Different Colour Have A Couple But Near Both Ends And In The Middle Near Something Else To Cover It A Bit So It Doesn't Just Stand Out To Much Then On The Corners Of The DriftWood Have Bits Of Java Moss Growing There And Have Some Anubias hastifolia In The Gaps Between Some Ludwigia – Broad And Near The Cyperus Plant And Have A Bit Of HornWort Floating At The Top Of The Fish Only A Couple Though So It Doesn't Block Anything But Still Covers Some Of The Fish Tank Giant Hair Grass Right At The Back Of The Fish Tank To Have As A Background Plant Have It As A Wall Across The Very Far Back Of My Fish Tank Behind Everything Else And Some Java Fern All Over The White Rock And Java Moss All Around The White Coral And Some Anubias Nana In The Middle Of The DriftWood And Near The Near The Right Side Of The Driftwood Where The Hole Is And Have Some Anarcharis Floating As Well Jungle Val Right Near The Left Back Corner And The Right Back Corner Covering Up My Heaters And Stuff And Cabomba Behind The Driftwoods And Hornwort Near The Cabomba As Well And Water Sprite Near The End Of The Drift Wood But In Front Of It As Well And Moneywort Near The Middle Just Showing Bits Of Itself.

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  21. I see all these beautiful and cool fish tanks…

    while mines on a table looking like a piece of garbage 😐😓😛

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