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How To Set Up A Planted Tank, How to use dirt in your planted tank substrate, Dirted Tank Tips

How To Set Up A Planted Tank, How to use dirt in your planted tank substrate, Dirted Tank Tips

How To Set Up A Planted Tank, How to use dirt
in your planted tank substrate, Dirted Tank Tips What’s up Fish Tank People,
and Dustin’s Fish Tank bringing it to you on a—what is it—Tuesday? And I’m really excited for a couple of reasons
, for one, my dude Jackson is coming to town on a Thursday. He’s the dude that originally put up the 125
back in the day, back in college. I’ve got it, it’s kind of an emotional thing
and he’s my boy, so I’m pumped about that shit. And two, I’m dirting a tank. That’s right. And you know what, I was going to do a video
last night, but my wife and I, she was just on my ass. Whatever, I don’t know. But she wasn’t too pumped to hear that I was
setting up another tank. So what I did is I hit the gravel here. I want to show you what I did and I want to
talk about dirt. More of you have some questions about dirt
so I want to try to answer a few of them. One, I covered the dirt in about an inch of
gravel. Two, you can use dirt out of your backyard,
although I don’t recommend it. If you do use dirt out of your backyard or
plain old soil out of your backyard, you might want to heat it up. Three, I use a mixture, Dawson’s Dirt Mix. Dawson’s Dank Dirt Dough, some like to call
it, and I put it in here. And I mix it up with a bunch of clay, aragonite,
some other stuff. This was out in my backyard, I had a bunch
of extra dirt so I put it in here and I’m pretty jacked about it. I have, uh, this tank dirted. This gravel is not quite the size that I would
like it to be, but it will work. But I’m doing something special. I’m going to actually turn the water off for
y’all. I got a pretty good little setup here. This, by the way for those of y’all paying
attention, is where the 55 is going to go. You can see my to-do-list for aquatic jungles. So I’m going to put two 55s here and eventually
four. But anyway, we’ll get back to that. So I filled this tank and added the gravel
on top. What are some other dirt questions people
ask me? I get them all the time. What type of dirt do you use? I use any type of organic mix. I removed some of the stuff from it. I don’t know. I got so many videos on dirt. If you can’t Google or YouTube it…look for
how to mix substrate or put a comment under the video and some of the long time subscribers
will hook it up. And I really do appreciate that because I
get a lot of questions about that and sometimes it’s kind of tough because I get the same
questions over and over and over again. So anyway, this tank, that’s what I’m doing
and I’ll show you some of the other stuff. So down here I had some stella and it completely
withered and died. So I had to vacuum gravel the whole thing
last night and you can still see some of the remnants back there. Some of it is floating right there. It just came in and it just sucks. It’s one of the disadvantages of having plants
come to you because every once in a while you get a batch that just sucks. This is crip barber by the way. It’s available in combos. It just came in anyway and these leaves were
just everywhere. So I am a little disappointed in this plant
and the way it just came in and just sucked. It melted in a way that there was just no,
nothing left. I’m going to try to save it, but not happy. So I did a huge water change and got some
dirt on that beautiful nubius back there which I have yet to put in a combo because frankly,
I like it. But the star gaze is really coming back and
I’m actually pretty jacked about it because it was almost gone and you can see the new
growth there. It’s dirty, but it’s not dying or anything. You know what I mean? So it’s definitely coming back and I’m pretty
pumped. Star gaze is pretty sensitive and it’s not
a beginner plant at all. So you are going to want to check that out. So over here, I have to do—not to be negative
Nancy—but, I have to do water changes in sections because my water heater doesn’t catch
up. So I have to really be on the temperature
of my water and stop. You can see the needle leaves through here
just bumping and rocking. Wow, just look at this piece and it’s just
really doing good. And if you look back there, you can see some
purple funkiness coming off of…heck, I don’t know what that is coming off of. That’s coming off a lace plant. I knew it was coming off of a lace plant,
I just didn’t know which one. So that’s kind of cool. And this weekend, I am kind of excited because
I got this new space and this new place to plant plants so I am going to remove all of
these. I am probably going to sell one of these lace
plants. So if someone wants a massive lace plants,
message me and you got to message me through aquatic jungles. “I want a massive lace plant” and we will
work something out. And I’m going to put it up on the site. So I took one of the lights off here and I
put it up here. And one of the things I am doing with this
dirt tank is I am doing something that will absorb the excess nutrients quickly and that’s
duckweed. A lot of people hate duckweed and a lot of
people ask me for duckweed though so I am going to let the duckweed overrun it. So I took some of the duckweed off of here
and it was kind of dope because I just skimmed it, took it off of here and put it over there. So now, the duckweed was a pest in the tank
next to it, but it’s doing good in this tank and actually helping. It’s doing me some good by absorbing the extra
nutrients and it’s obviously doing well. So the bottom line is I am going to have more
room, more growth and I’m going to be able to do some more cool things. I will have all the rotella on that side and
all the crips on this side and all the jungle val up here and all of the swords over here. And all the liguia up here and all the star
grass over here and all the swords over here. It’s kind of exciting for me. To be honest, it’s really exciting for me. And finally, I got to show y’all that I finally
got some hard goods in. Oh, yea. These are available up on Aquatic Jungle. I do occasionally use the iron, the prime,
this. I only use the Excel every now and then, but
I hear people have good experiences with it. So if you want a CO2 boost, check that out. I’ve got competitive pricing on it, too. One thing I will say that I am doing is with
this potassium. I am using it on here to try to resolve the
whole leaf issue. And I dosed it three capfuls because one capful
is 30 milliliters for 30 gallons of water. I did three of those last night because it’s
a 90 gallon tank. I must say, I think it is a missing element
in this tank so I’m pretty jacked about that. So, a lot of fun stuff is going on. So welcome to new subscribers. I got to give a shout out to Stilo because
he seems to think that he is the reason I went over 4,000 subs. I am going to do a little contest. Well, not a contest. I should do a contest, but I haven’t thought
of one. I am going to do a special coming up here
on Aquatic Jungles. So y’all can be a part of that and I’ll let
y’all know what’s up with that. Again, that’s really it. So again, I’m pretty excited that I got some
hard goods. I am going to take the filter off of this
tank over here and put it on this tank over here because that tank is pretty well-balanced
and this tank needs some of that bacteria and what-have-you. I am going to remove the filter from there
and put it on over there because that tank will use the new, bigger filter. I feel like I missed a lot with the dirt,
but I’m sure you guys will ask some questions. We covered it in an inch of gravel, rinse
the gravel a bit, I’m going to drain it and fill it a couple of times. I did use some water out of that tank to get
it established a little bit. I am running another filter. And really, just another day with the man
who loves dirt. So that’s what I’m doing. I appreciate all the feedback. Some of the comments are great. And yea, we are just going to keep rolling. This tank I miss it, just going to run another
light to it. Oh, and somebody asked me about Hygrophilous
and if you message me, I can sell it to you. And sorry, the Taiwan plant is still not for

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  1. Dustin you are insane with these planted tanks! One day I hope to be as successfull as you. I'm gonna be dirting 4 tanks in the next couple months and will probably be sending some questions your way.

  2. dude, since your slowly getttttting bigger bigger at selling, one day, since you'll have all these tanks and stuff, open a fishstore, and you can have more inventory and stuff haha

  3. @madcycle i had that stuff p. stellatus. and actually co2 helps a bunchhh but you need high light iron and potassium and if you give it all that and then give it co2 it goes nutts, its a same i lost it, it melted when i put it in my 125 from all the excess nutrients

  4. I'm thinking plumb top-off lines to all your tanks, especially when you get those other 55's set up. That way you can just turn it on and fill em all at the same time. Still have to watch your temp though i guess.

  5. Pogostemon stellatus/stellata usually won't survive in a low tech tank very long, it requires strong plant lighting, co2, and a nutrient rich substrate, in order to thrive and have proper growth.. One of my fav plants, it's really growing good in my 95.. 🙂

  6. Where did you get the two shelve stand from? Is there a particular company that manufactures these type of stands?

  7. I know what you mean about the questions…I always get people asking me if they need to run Co2 with plants like regular java fern which will do fine without Co2…great vid Dustin I've just got some of that seachem flourish iron too just to try it out.

  8. @MightyMallardMan like he says long time subscribers will help out. and i use the stuff you are talking about. btw if you want to see how it works with sand or gravel check out my vids. but dustins vids are better

  9. You should run a U tube linking the new tank with the baby rainbow tank. Put the inlet of the filter in one and the outlet in the other. Could be helpful for both IMO.

  10. @letmeshowuhow2stunt i hear you, my issue is time balance….i have very little time. but I have though about rocking co2 and harder plants….

  11. @kentimusmaximus nice, he's the man at reefs. his style is nothing like mine, but thats all good. tell him i said thanks! and thanks for subbing

  12. Let's face it everyone this freking guy knows what he's talking about. I had plants they didn't grow so well. I watch his videos and take his advice and start using soil . Bam out of no where my plants start growing and lasting longer than a few months. Now they aren't growing like I would like or fast enough so I'm adding some clay . Keep doing what you do Dustin your tanks are boss!

  13. Hi i have question..i have aquarium i purchase and petco and the aquarium so i set up and i put the fish and 2 days so my aquarium is 3 weeks old and my fish is daed why..and i change the water 20% and my aquarium is 29 gallon so i have only 1 fish left i have to way more days to put more fish?

  14. Yo, Dustin! What do you think of using just straight-up dirt from outside? This Texas dirt of ours is really fine-grained clay filled stuff. Think it's worth a shot?

  15. dank dirt huh? I smell you boy! I have just gotten into the aquarium hobby. I love this shit, definately something i really enjoy doing. I am going to school for agriculture and horticulture, take a few aquaponics courses and learning aquaculture. would love to breed cichlids and grow plants for a living.

  16. hey dustin….i just redid my tank with dirt and clay balls. i have no idea how to get rid of the cloudiness though!…any advice?

  17. Koi in particular have a tendency to root around and uproot plants. I think floating ones like water lettuce are the best way to go. You could try potted water lilies with big stones around the stems.

  18. Water will always be cloudy right after dirting, but to reduce the mess, water in dirt to make mud, then gravel, then fill GENTLY with a plate or something between the water flow and the gravel to minimize upheaval.

  19. I have a question. I'm hearing that after about a year the tank has to be redirted due to losing a lot of its nutrients. Is this correct?

  20. dustin, can you please please make a step by step video of you dirting a tank in the order you did it? love the vids though.

  21. Your channel has got me so excited to start a dirted tank. One thing I noticed though, is people don't seem to (i don't know how to put it)…I guess "slope" their landscapes. With Dirted tanks can we not do this? Or do we have to keep it level? If anybody can answer this let me know, because I can't find it the answer 🙁 Keep it up Dustin love the vids and all the tanks…beautiful!

  22. Dustin, I got your guide and going to dirt a tank here in a week or so. I am a total beginner and want to take things really slow. How long do you soak your dirt and do you soak it in your tank? Also would it be a good idea to let my tank sit full of water after the first or second fill with no plants to let the bacteria develop in filter and to let the excess nutrients dissipate more?

  23. Hey Dustin awesome videos learned a lot just set up my first planted tank with dirt hope it goes good thanks again for your videos I'll keep you updated on how it goes

  24. Hey wondering what chemicals you use in your tanks looking at setting up a 180gallon dirted tank and want to know everything before I do so been watching lots of your videos thanks

  25. My dirt tank is cloudy. I did water changes until the water cleared but it will slowly get cloudy again after a few hours. This keeps on happening isthmus normal?

  26. A neighbor moved and gave me a bag of Fox Farm Soil called Ocean Forrest / smart naturals. it says, Blend of good things from the earth and Sea.
    It's potting soil mixed with Earthworm Castings and Bat Guano.

    It also says it has Forrest Humus, Peat moss, Sea going fish emulsion, crab meal, shrimp meal, sandy loam, perlite, granite dust, Norwegian kelp meal, oyster shell (for pH adjustment)

    Can I use this?

    P.s. it is Organic all natural… 

  27. Mr.Dustin My aquariyam tank is small i have pair of gold fish and pair of small angel fish and pair of small shark, i maintain tank with ordinary tank cleaner, problem is i must clean tank per week.and "I use well water, its clean water no dirt" if i didn't clean it will be dirt again, how i manage that problem, u know busy at the work how i suppose to clean my tank for a month?, pls give me a soulution……

  28. i want clown loaches with my betta tank.  probably gonna be a 30 gallon. should i go with pool filter sand or small gravel for them as a cap? or perhaps a sand a gravel mixture cap

  29. your the best on the tube dustin! i been watching your videos the past couple of weeks and you go more in depth on everything than anyone else

  30. I never got an answer to what happens when dirt isn't capped with any substrate, i did read however that it prevents nutrients from escaping, but why would i want to prevent that, wouldn't the excess nutrients be beneficial? I could always just use hydrogen peroxide in case of an algae outbreak, so tell me.. Is the cap really necessary?

  31. Have you ever used worm castings? I've used it for two of my tanks with great success. I'm setting up a 20 long tomorrow, thinking maybe mix it with something.

  32. hey Dustin have you ever tried using peat moss for a dirted tank? I have a 65 gallon tank with about 2.5 inches of peat topped with about 2 inches of fine sand. I'm successfully keeping 3 discus and many other fish I may be over stocked but it's going fine. my only problem is that the peat slowly lowers the ph and I just kinda found out that too many water changes causes a little stress on my discus. actually leaving off on the water changes is more desirable because my tap water is very hard. when I used a mix of tap mixed with ro water, which I do. i kinda have used too much tap for a few water changes. I should just use ro exclusively to get my ph back down to where I want it. I also ordered acid and alkaline buffer to stabilize a bit. it was kinda a experiment. lol 👍

  33. hey Dustin have you ever tried using peat moss for a dirted tank? I have a 65 gallon tank with about 2.5 inches of peat topped with about 2 inches of fine sand. I'm successfully keeping 3 discus and many other fish I may be over stocked but it's going fine. my only problem is that the peat slowly lowers the ph and I just kinda found out that too many water changes causes a little stress on my discus. actually leaving off on the water changes is more desirable because my tap water is very hard. when I used a mix of tap mixed with ro water, which I do. i kinda have used too much tap for a few water changes. I should just use ro exclusively to get my ph back down to where I want it. I also ordered acid and alkaline buffer to stabilize a bit. it was kinda a experiment. lol 👍

  34. i think when dustin said aragonite it might have been misused. aragonite is the most unstable morph of calcium carbonate and with increase the water hardness, so unless in a hard water set up it shouldn't be used (small quantity wont mater much)

  35. Why is it you don't say anything in your book about the water turning brown. My water has turned brown within 24hours of setting it up following your instructions in the book. Only thing i did that you didn't was bake my dirt which you did say in your book could be done to mineralize the dirt. Other than that i did everything step by step. I have done a 50 to 75% water change almost daily to try to get the brown out but it seems to come back within 24hours of my water change. Most of the plants have died. I'm about ready to give up and go back to gravel as my gravel aquarium was not this much trouble and i don't have any problems with the water in it.

  36. What's up Fishtank People? I am doing a bunch of 30 second videos on Instagram- Follow me for more shorter random videos CLICK HERE:

  37. Anything i should mix into my dirt,im using miracle grow organic potting mix?And how many bags of it for a 55 gallon fish tan

  38. Could I fill it half with sand and half with soil and have peacock eels in it? Or would they get sick because of the dirt? Thanks.

  39. If I don't have Aragonite can I simply run into the kitchen & use Oregano instead, right?

    Great video, keep'em posting

  40. hey Dustin been following your channel for long this hobby has become a passion for me I was wondering doing a lot of research is it okay to use coco peat as substrate for planted tank topped with some layer of heavy soil will it work?

  41. Dustin why dont we have an aquarium dirt ready to use? Like actual soal. Is it because the experacion just like live sand for a marine aquarium. "MASSIVE AMMONIA SPIKES"???

  42. Hey dustin, started a dirted tank… it's been up for about 2 weeks.. and now there is a clear/brown muck in spots in the tank… do you know what that is? cause I was thinking it was bacteria colonies? the water is very stained with composted dirt material.. ( im not worried about my water color or clarity right now it is an experiment. Please and Thank you.

  43. Thanks for the info. I am in the process of filming a dirted video for my channel now. I am debating whether to use a sandy substrate or more of a gravel. I obtained all the substrate and deco in my tank from outside except the soil. I actually sifted all the gravel to separate the different sizes. Check it out

  44. I accidentally mixed my plant substrate with the caping layer (sand) is that going to mean my plants won't get the nutrients cuz they're scattered in the sand ?? Please help

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