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How To Set Up A Small Fish Tank | LED Aquarium Starter Kit

How To Set Up A Small Fish Tank | LED Aquarium Starter Kit

hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps today I’m going to share with you one of the most simplest DIY project if you have your kids or yourself planning to have a fish tank and how you can set it up fish tank in your home this is the 10 gallon is LED Aquarium starter kit 10 gallon tank and this is a cover and it has the long track is for the LEDs that come along with it under the way we’re going to install it with will simple and easy DIY we’re going to install the LEDs right here the pump so this is a things you get with the kit all other things which you need and you can buy is call Aquarium gravel you can get the gravel of your own choice white or colorful whatever you like so I’m going to use the three bags of these the plant what kind of plants you want fish net you can clean or you can take the fish out when you’re cleaning the air pump this is the battery pack along with it then this one into the valve and this is the tubing and I got the food already so all this stuff and the real thing what we need are these fishes so what I’m going to do I’ll lay out the gravel and the plants all set it up and then we’re going to fill up with the water and once the water is filled still we’re going to transport the fishes slowly inside and we will to let them sit like at least 45 minutes to hour because the fish they get a shock so they don’t get a shock you need the fish to get use to the water so once they get used to 45 minutes to hour then we’re going to cut the back and we’re gonna let the fishes slowly get into the tank and best of all everything any place then I’m going to bring Sheru & Bruno later on and we’re going to make them friendly and we’ll see how Sheru & Bruno react watching the fishes so what I’ve done so far is put the plants in I placed the gravel and here’s the filter so it comes in set so all you do is there’s going to be two parts the main filter cartridge goes in the back and then this one it’s going to say front put this right in the partner’s grooves and it fits right in and you’re going to just hang it there is the suction cup they give you also an extra one the suction cup is placed on and the filter is secure I have a pack of Aquarium bubble stone here to install this I’ve already installed one so you connect the stone onto the tubing and what you do is you’re going to bury the stone under the rock so as you can see here here’s the hose that’s going under and the stone is placed under the rocks here I place an open closed valve to control the amount of air I’m going to let in Aquarium check valve it’s going to place right here the tubing is going to go straight to the pump fill it up with water I’m going to add my conditioner neutralizes the chlorine because chlorine is bad for the fish so I’m going to fill this up put this in and then wait about an hour and then I’ll let the fish in so I’ve set it up on the table there’s my air pump and everything’s on the bottom I’m going to plug it in but first what I’m going to do is I’m going to fill it up with water let’s fill it up so I’m going to fill up my water level on to the pump so this is a 15 ml they gave so I’m going to use 1/3 of this I’m going to just add it in and that’s going to be 1/3 and now I’m going to let the water sit and also for the stone the condition to do its work in the stone absorb the water so it’s been an hour as you can see here here are the LEDs I plug them in so you can see how to go waterfall it sucks the water in from the tank filters it and it brings in new water so now I’m going to place my fish in but I’m going to leave them in the bag for about 45 minutes to an hour and then I’m going to slowly puncture the bag and open it and I let the fish come out slowly the reason I’m going to do that is because you don’t want to just open the fish and throw them in they can get shocked and die you want them to get used to the water and the atmosphere so I’m going to leave them in for about 45 minutes to an hour and I have five of them and I’m going to slowly place them in my son was a very excited he took over the job from me and now he give it back to me as I just w anted to show you how the fishes they looking so excited I mean they are very nicely they are happy will wrap up and I hope you liked it and if you want to get one of these post the links under my description if you want to check it out and this is really relaxing when you come tired from the working you can sit down for few minutes watch and feed them it’s very relaxing and its really great for the kids so it’s been an hour and now I’m going to cut the bag open and let the fishes out so we going to ensure they get out their food and these are tropical fishes we’re going to have tropical flakes and just going to put some right in center I’m going to start my air pump so it can have some air as you can see right in the back corner you start being the bubbles that’s how simple it is to set up your own fish aquarium tank at your house is very it looks very nice like and watch and also kids love it just sitting there you can see the fishes at night so I hope you like it and don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe button

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  1. You need a heater for winter because they are tropical fishes and those fishes are too big for that tank.

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