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How to Set Youtube Video to Private – JR Fisher

do you want to make a youtube video
private so that you can send a link but nobody else can see it but the person
you sent it to or would you like to add people’s emails so that only they can
see one or more of your videos when they’re logged in well then you’ll want
to watch this video and I’ll show you how you can do this in just a few simple
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survival food ok so in this video I’m going to show you how you can make your
videos private so let’s get started right now ok so you need to be logged in
to your channel and once you’re logged in to your channel it’s really simple to
do we’re gonna go to video manager right here and as as you see there’s a bunch
of videos in here all we have to do select any one of them we’re going to
select this one here and we’re going to click Edit now once we click Edit we’re
going to scroll down here and this box says private if you notice there’s a
drop down here once you click on the little arrow you’re going to have three
choices it says public unlisted or private if we choose unlisted what that
means is nobody will be able to search this particular video by going into
YouTube so it’s virtually impossible for anybody to find it so why would you want
to use this let’s suppose you have a video that you want to send to somebody
in a particular email you would make it unlisted and then what you could do is
you could take the URL of that particular video and send it to an
individual so they would have a link to it you may want to use this in some type
of marketing campaign or whatever in the next choice down here is private if you
click on private what it allows you to do is add an email address so you would
pick an email address and it’s going to pull up different people you may have on
your Google account right there or you could just
put in their email address and once you do that if they’re logged into Google
with that particular email address they will be able to view that particular
video so it gives you all those choices there so it’s real simple to do once
you’ve done it you go up here you click Save Changes and once you’ve click Save
Changes everything’s done you can go back to your editing simple easy to do
you can do this in just a minute

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