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How To Setup a Ghetto Aquarium, the “I’m Broke Aquarium” Quick & Easy

How To Setup a Ghetto Aquarium, the “I’m Broke Aquarium” Quick & Easy

what’s up fishtank people what’s up dog
just as fishtanks branches you on a Sunday baby want to talk today about the
ghetto aquarium that’s right today we’re talking about the ghetto I’m broke as
hell Aquarians we’re gonna talk about a
ghetto aquarium we’re gonna talk about ghetto substrate we’re gonna talk about
ghetto lighting we’re gonna talk about ghetto filtration and yes we’re gonna
talk about ghetto plants and fish so here we go the first thing we want to
talk about is your ghetto now for some of you all get the tank might be hard I
actually have a lot of tanks around but if you don’t have an aquarium already go
scour for them at trash day go look on Craigslist go find one that’s cracked
okay you can find aquariums it’s not hard drive around on trash day look on
Craigslist you’ll get one if it doesn’t hold water it’s no big deal because I’ve
gotta get away to fix it from the leaking here’s what you do
see this right here this is a crap I learned this from my man Chuck if I
supplies plus back in like 1996 what you do is this it’s yourself some aquarium
seal it like so and you get a CD case that’s right
but whatever kind of piece of plastic you have now look if you have a piece of
acrylic lying around that fits it good but this CD case will work just fine
this is your crap here’s what you do you take the entire CD case and you don’t
just put a tiny little bit of silicone on the crack you legitimately I’m not
gonna use the silicon you legitimately car every square inch of the seat right
like this every square inch back and forth back and forth back and forth back
and forth with the silicon and then you mash it on the inside of the aquarium
you mash it in here like so so the if you look at this the silicone will
actually be squirting out the edges right here you want the entire piece to
be covered and you just smash it on there ask me how I know this works my
first 55 gallon pricing I did exactly this so now we have our query now I want
to talk about yellow substrate with your ghetto substrate the substrate I would
typically lay out on here and let it bake in the hot Sun and
you know mineralize it’s good Fritz till I get rained on dry out get rain on dry
out but this is the ghetto aquarium so we’re gonna get ghetto we’re gonna peel
this back and we’re gonna grab our shovel and we’re literally gonna take
dirt out of the earth that’s right we’re gonna take dirt straight up out of the
earth just like this cost no money because this is beyond broke this house
aquarium so we’re gonna take dirt like this straight up we’re gonna match up as
best we can we’re gonna try to you know chop it up a little bit we’re gonna take
our pan that we a little clean now to get this out of your mom’s lasagna or
whatever grab it out of the trash rinse it out we’re gonna put it in here now
why are we using this we do not want to use our wife’s girlfriend’s fiancees
good dishes so we’re gonna try to use aluminum one if you can get away with
using the pan without your parents wife fiancee no one’s good for you we’re
gonna put it in here we’re gonna get just about this is actually about the
size of ten count aquarium so we’re gonna put about an inch of just straight
up dirt off of the earth good old mother nature at its finest dirt like this and
we are going to make it for about 25 minutes at 270 degrees or so we’re gonna
keep an eye on it we’re gonna kill anything that’s in this this is gonna be
our bottom later next we’re gonna talk about our top layer of gravel toys all
right so now that we have our ghetto aquarium filled up we’ve let our
silicone dry for over a day or so with our ghetto aquarium
beetle job right here so this should be dry should be leak testing we’ve got our
dirt right here the dirts cool off it’s been in our oven for to 73
or 50 degrees or whatever around 300 degrees we’ve let it cool off we picked
out all the big chunks now it’s time to do our ghetto substrate so we’re gonna
add our dirt I recommend you use less dirt and more
dirt if it’s your first time during a tank people we often use way too much
dirt in beginning less is more news less than an inch 10 gallon tank use 1/2 inch
or so I’ve got just enough dirt to cover the bottom here break up the big chunk
mix it around now obviously that I’m just gonna put dirt alone in our tank so
he’s got to cover it with some sort of gravel on top just to get a little area
we’ve got to get o options any of you guys have been on my free live webinars
you should know that I’ll talk about two of these options there both I’m broke as
hell options option one it’s hope Tyler stand this is a 50-pound bag of pool
focus and this can be perkier for ten dollars I’ll say that again 50-pound bag
ten bucks this right here is another ghetto Kroger
bag this is actually big growth pebbles I got at Home Depot now these are a
little larger size and this is actually what I’m gonna use is the larger size
gravel right here a little bigger than my liking but will give you good gas
exchange with your dirt again 50-pound bag home depot about ten bucks so what
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take this ghetto gravel right here look if you’re
really really super broke go to the pond or whatever and find like tiny little
gravel along the shores of a lake or something and then heat it up in the
oven separately to kill anything about it you can use that it is nature Willis
so we’re going to take our ghetto substrate and we are going to layer it
pretty darn thick on top of this here there’s no need to rinse it because
we’re gonna do a lot of ghetto water changes here in a little bit so we’re
gonna take this cover it less than an inch of dirt more than an inch of gravel
we’re gonna cap this sucker hopefully understand is a nice
alternative I’m gonna use the ghetto fish that’s gonna require slightly
larger graded gravel but I I’m gonna layer it on pretty thick there again you
can use you know tiny pea gravel you find in your yard or whatever or in the
pond or on a beach or whatever we’re gonna layer this up pretty thick got a nice cap and now we’re gonna fill
it up and I’m gonna show you how we’re gonna get a leak filter this and now we
are gonna get a leaf fill it up first we’re going to take our aluminum pan and
we’re gonna bend it we’re gonna rinse it out real good with our garden hose rinse
it real good get all the dirt off of it then we’re going to place it
strategically and gently in our tank and then we’re gonna fill this sucker up
know we’re using this tray for a reason because we don’t want to disturb the
dirt that is underneath our substrate so we can run the garden hose hole blow but
you can see how it just kind of barely leaks over the edge here instead of just
blasting down in so we’re gonna go ahead and fill this up as you can see we are
letting it intentionally overflow cuz it’s outside we want to get all that
water all that dirt and stuff this might be in our water call them out doesn’t
matter where any to using a deke lure anything we’re just getting any sort of
dirt particles out by overflowing it get Olie outside next I want to show you
guys one of my most favorite ghetto things of all times I forget to you to
subscriber who suggested this to me but it’s fantastic take a single this is a
20 ounce bottle you can use a 2-liter bottle whatever but it’s gotta have this
fitting and what you do is you cut the bottom of it off we’re gonna make our
own siphon so we cut this off right here cut the end off like that take the
wrapper off and then we grab a plain Jane garden hose okay you’ll notice
you’ve got the female fitting right here you can get a cut garden hose and get
this little piece you can like clip it on there you can modify for like two
blocks you can have your own siphon just simply screw this piece onto here like
so again dad it was good folks get it was
good and by the way I would love to know your suggestive on the ghetto filtration
voila ghetto ass I seem to know the threads don’t exactly match up on this
myth doesn’t matter cuz this part will be inside the tank soon simply take it
like this raise this end up lower this shove this down in there make the
bubbles go out and we’re siphoning and we’re just gonna clean off anything in
the substrate with this bad boy water changes are my number one favorite
filter if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times water changes water
changes water changes but for the my number two favorite filter it’s plants
and that’s what I’m going to show you next then we’re going to show you
lighting diggity ghetto is good it’s working might have to hold your hand
around there or use silicon at the top to seal it off but regardless we’re
getting the water out and with a dirty tank you want to drain
it fill it drain it fill it I’d recommend that overflowing it if it’s
outside like I’m doing but these grand spills will work this one train almost
all the way down then we’re gonna add some ghetto plants now at this time we are going to
naturally filter this sucker with live aquarium plants this is a key thing okay
and I’ve got a little ratio for you all that it’s a done ratio but whatever for
every inch of fish you want like a yard a meter or more of plants too you know
offset that by a load of the fish obviously depends on the fish or
whatever but uh I’m gonna use sundae species sunny I’m gonna use LOD and a
Chris right here this is the broke as hell aquarium broken I’ll go to a pond
and find some of this stuff or fine just straight up plants that uh you know you
find in your local streams and waterways if you’re paranoid about you know
parasites and bad stuff getting into your tank take five milliliters of
bleach put it in a gallon of water and just quickly dip the plants in there I
can’t imagine anything even my little ghetto gogo is excited about this tank
here so yeah we’re just gonna plant a bunch of this lod an actress you can
find species like Liguilla natively you can find jungle val in the
wild I really just say go wild with it I mean go get a bunch of wild plants and
then plant them down in the dirt like this you know plant the heck out of this
sucker with easy plants dwarf sad you can use you could use a bunch of java
moss although you’re never gonna get it out of your tank I’m using the hell idea
here doing it with the water part ways hole and I’m just using the ton of it
and I’m gonna say that again because I want you guys to understand that the
heavy heavy plant load the plant do the work for you okay you can have a light
fish load and a heavy plant load you can get away with a lot of it elodie is
weird that has these like weird ways it runs off like this piece will be healthy
and then it’ll shoot off another way but roots take the root break them put them
down in here get this all planted up and then we’re
gonna fill it back up and the waters cloudy so we are gonna drain and fill
this sucker again so Jeff plant the heck out of it lighting is actually going to be really
really important in this because part of our filtration is a large amount of
plans okay so we’re gonna need a lot of light you’ve already got food for the
plants under the sub here so we’re gonna need a lot of light lights something we
should not skimp out on so jeno lighting is pretty simple you can use ghetto desk
lamps now look I have seen a million different ways to go with this this has
a compact fluorescent light in it it’s a 2700 K Kelvin scale doesn’t mean
a whole lot but you want something under about 6500 K projector you could get
away with the desk lamp like this and grow plants just you know turn it on get
off so yeah get out get creative with the lighting
I recommend that and then also for years and years and years I use t12 with my
own homemade ballasts a la link a video of this at the end where I used just you
know these fluorescent ends from Home Depot screw to men bought a ballast and
I had like a whole lighting setup for my 125 very ghetto and grew the heck out of
plants with that but now I want to move on I want to talk about filtration
okay so filtration get off the Tracy now look you guys have the money go out and
buy a freaking filter alright I’m and you can get the little ones for not that
much money or at least get an air pump let’s see you just really don’t have
that you need a ton a ton a ton of plants
you also need plants to grow above the water plants the girl above the water
have more access battling to co2 but nitrogen and all other kinds of gases
and they work harder for you they get more light above the tank so I’m using
water water lettuce here you could use water hyacinth as well that’s a big
secret they’re super super work hard for you as far as filtering the water and
I’ve got the fast-growing LED at macorís underneath here so yeah I use a ton of
them you use a very very light fish load and roll also with filtration you want
to get get out you don’t have enough money for dechlorinator you can take
like you know jugs like this or fuck it like that fill it up with tap
water and you can let it sit overnight and that will remove all the chlorine
the the gas exchange on the top of it will remove all the chlorines so you can
do water changes that way or if you want to run the risk and I hate to say this
but if you’d like a ten gallon tank you can remove little less like I don’t know
seven to ten percent and replace it with just straight tap water and if the
chlorine might dissipate enough to not worry about it
everybody’s tap water is different so but just proceed with caution on that
but you could use straight tap water and just do a lot of little water changes
all right dog just to wrap this up do a little recap for you all you want to get
cheap tanks or free tanks Craigslist yard sales and scour around a trash time
you find a crack tank you can use the ghetto form of a silicon and entire
piece of plastic and shoving it on there as far as gravel you can use big row
pebbles you can use pebbles out of it yard as long as you boil it or excuse me
uh toilet fake it boil it whatever the dirt you can use dirt straight up from
your yard I make no guarantees nothing with it but if you baekje you might kill
anything it’s alive in there and then you can use that for plants you can use
that native caught stuff Ella dia and Acuras works good jungle Valley you can
find all over the place in the United States and then as far as lighting use a
desk lamp use like a 6500 K or less light bulb on I’m also using a little
bit of sunlight in this I think it’s important you can use a little bit of
sunlight not a lot filtration big thing use a you know seven to ten percent
water changes you don’t have to worry about D coordinator or just let the
water sit out and also a heavy heavy heavy heavy plant load I can’t emphasize
it enough a heavy heavy plant look folks so if you like what I’m doing subscribe
please leave me a comment on the most ghetto thing you’ve ever seen done in an
aquarium I’d love to hear the ghetto stories are fabulous and click the link
in the description box and somewhere around here for those free live webinars
and I’m having an absolute freaking riot hoping out just under a hundred people
the other day on those so click the link and get on those making it off
we could get all folks and tank on it one light

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