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How to Shallow Fry Fish at Home

How to Shallow Fry Fish at Home

Frying seafood isn’t necessarily the most
figure friendly way of preparing it but you just can’t beat that crispy crunch!
But we can feel really good about eating our fried fish today because we’re using
Australis Barramundi, which is really high in omega-3 fatty acids and only has
half the calories of salmon, so we’re doing alright. So first we want to start
with our barramundi. We’ll just make sure we pat it nice and dry and then
season it up with salt and pepper. I’ve gone ahead and set up a standard
breading station here which has flour, egg, and panko bread crumbs and I seasoned all of those with a little salt and pepper too. So we’re going to start with a piece of
barramundi. Dip it into the flour and right into the egg wash… and right into those crispy panko bread
crumbs. Make sure you get it all nice and coated, and we’re just going to repeat
with the rest. So we’re actually shallow frying today
as opposed to deep frying, which means we’re only cooking in a little bit of
oil. I’m going to test it with a little bit of flour—just sprinkle that in and you
can see how it starts to sizzle right up? You know it’s ready to go. Just set in a
few pieces of fish at a time, and you want to make sure you drop them in
really slowly and gently away from your body. You want to leave about one or two inches in between each piece of fish, being sure not to overcrowd the pan because again
that’s going to drop that temperature of the oil. And if that happens we’re not
going to get them nice and crispy… they’re going to wind up being kind of
soggy and logged with oil. So these are starting to cook up pretty quickly—you
can see they’re getting golden brown around the edges which is just what we
want. The fish looks perfectly crispy and brown on all sides. If you don’t have a rack at home just use
some paper towels. So we’ll just set our crispy fried fish
on a plate with some french fries with some homemade tartar sauce and some
fresh lemons. Hit the top a little bit of parsley just to make it look pretty and
this looks awesome!

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