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Hello guys from our hometown of Seward,
Alaska! I really hope you can hear this video and it works out well! It
wasn’t windy at the house but here at the head of the bay…
It’s rather windy! We’re here to snag Salmon Sakai’s… A lot of people call it
like the Resurrection River sockeye run… That’s a completely inaccurate! It’s more
the Bear Creek sockeye run at the head of Resurrection Bay…
It’s an enhanced fishery through hatcheries and civilians or us. We’re
allowed to catch the remnants of what this commercially enhance fishery has…
And it’s pretty amazing because you allowed six fish a day… You need to cross
a few creeks here to get to my desired channel…. Well let’s start it off real
quick!… In order to legally snag fish you need to be below the high tide mark! So
here to the South we can legally snag! Some people say ahh snagging… That’s not
ethical, not sporting they’re all true! It’s not! But, this is not like necessarily a sport
fishery. This is a fill your freezer fishery!… Okay! My weapon of choice is a
six and a half foot one-piece ugly stick! Big fan of the one-piece because it
doesn’t come apart when you are casting! This is actually a brand new old reel! I
need to put some more line on it but that’s the only braided line I had! But I
prefer using braided line for this fishery! Zero stretch… Tammy, thank you so
much for giving us some fishing rails! I’m really looking forward to using this
thing. It is awesome! It’s like an old-school daiwa ss1000 and it’s all
metal and they don’t make them like this anymore! And moving on up… This is a snag hook! It’s pretty much a large treble
hook with some lead on it! You cast it out and the pro tip here, is I use a
steel leader in this fishery. You’re very prone to getting your hook fouled on
your line and a steel leader dramatically reduces that!… Alright guys
I’m rocking this as a solo vlog…So I’m here, you’re gonna want to have your drag
nice and tight! Don’t spout these fish! Just drag them on
up when you get them! okay this is the middle Creek that I
just casted a line in, no luck! I’m gonna head to the further west Creek. Just
behind me here! It really helps if you wear waders because you have to cross a
bunch of creeks! I prefer breathable waders. They’re awesome!
They keep you warm! Just… It’s worth the investment! So guys there’s a couple
techniques… Cast it all the way across the water in this jerk and across, if the
fish are out of your reach… It’s a great way! The other technique is
flipping… Just get the line out and close your bail…Of course out and then… Amazing technique! If the fish are
running right in one of these deep little channels… Okay! This is real life!
But it pays to be mobile… There’s a few little creeks here and… I see three fish
coming in right now! Got one right over there! That guy just got one and that guy
on the other side just got one! Scale them, rip the gal out and lead them…
This one it’s kind of small! This is a sockeye salmon! You want to make sure to
have a good solid stringer! Okay well that little flurry died off at
that other Creek so I’m going to come to my old faithful one here! Number two! Let’s see if I get three for three! Number four… Alright guys! I only need
one more fish to fill my limit! And just because I want to have fun, I got a
Barbie princess real! Alright! The Disney princess setup caught
my last fish! That’s a wrap! Alright guys! That’s a
nice stringer of six sockeye also known as red salmon… Hey what do we have over
here? Did dad limit out? Nice catch dad! Good job! Alright guys! That’s about it
for today’s vlog on snagging salmon in our hometown of Seward, Alaska. It worked
out well! We got our limit! Hit that SUBSCRIBE button if you’re into Alaska,
travel, adventure…. Our next big one, we’re driving a four-wheel-drive expedition
vehicle around the world! We’ll see you later!


  1. Hey Ben Allen Stever here I met you last year on Jim's boat. I was in Anchorage a few weeks ago and had lunch with Jim

  2. Hey fellow Alaskans this video rocks!!!! We will be back in our hometown Wasilla in a few weeks and will be coming down to Seward to go fishing. 🙂

  3. HAHAHA My daughter had one of those Barbie fishing poles when she was little. She caught many fish with it, before she decided fishing was gross.

  4. Glad to see you back. Can't wait to keep following you on the next leg of your new adventure. Safe travels!

  5. Thanks for making this video! We will be sharing with our fishing pole renters in hopes your tips can help them catch a salmon or two!

  6. Snagging Sockeye with a Barbie Princess reel — I am deeply impressed. Seriously – how cool is that! LOL

  7. My pleasure Ben. Warmed my heart to see you using the reel and I'm sure my dad is glad it's not sitting in a box anymore. Loved the Barbie set up as well. I'm excited about you're new upcoming adventures. P. S. Picked up our new TT today and hitting the Rockies this summer. Say Hello to Rebecca and Shelby for me.

  8. Thanks for sharing this with us.  It was exciting watching you guys catch those Salmon like that.  Love watching the way you guys live the Alaskan Life.  Please share more….

  9. I came to Seward, and traveled all of Kenai Peninsula and fell in love. I hope to come back but it would be tough. Is it possible you could tell me where parking might be where I can walk and hike around bear creek such as yourself. What I wouldn’t give to be tromping there 24/7.

  10. Finally a video that gives a visual on what snagging is without folks being triggered. Thanks for sharing I learned a lot here. As a fisherman I learn something new everyday.

  11. What size snag hook are you using (maybe #6)? And how long of a steel leader? We were in Seward during the run of 2018, but weren't prepared to fish for Reds. We went up to the hatchery and will be ready next time we get there (hopefully 2020).

  12. Those two guys that showed you where the fish were at were my buddy and I… You’re welcome! 😜

  13. Where exactly is this location from Seward? Also I am planning on not bringing my own gears. Any place where I can rent poles and tacks?

  14. THank you for this video.. I look forward to go in Seward.. I will go visit Seward on july 29, 2019. Do you think that will be good for sockeye ? There is a second run there ? or maybe better for coho at this time ?
    Thank you in advance and best regards from Canada !

  15. So we went last year around the end of May to this spot and had a really good time! I believe we were still a little early though and would like to hit up the prime time for the snagging in this area.. any suggestions on a good time to go? We are headed back to Seward regardless next year because it basically stole my heart. Well, the city did and Halibut fishing lol

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