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How to stop period pain naturally

How to stop period pain naturally

Like millions of women all over the
world I struggle with menstrual cramps each and every month I also suffer from
endometriosis which is a silent and brutal health condition that plagues an
estimated 200 million women worldwide I have had ovarian cysts cause
excruciating pain during my periods making monthly visits from Aunt Flo
something I dread we need to find ways to help relieve menstrual period pain
that’s why in today’s video I’m going to share with you what I have learned
because I was on a mission to find new alternative approaches therapies and
smart technology that could be your breakthrough in terms of helping to
reduce period pain and giving you the relief that you need my name is Kavita Bouknight
this is the Match Health Youtube channel. Tip number one massage with essential oils. Ladies we all know about how wonderful essential oils can
be but research has actually shown that aromatic essential oils such as clary
sage or lavender oil really do help to relieve menstrual cramp pain now what I
want to tell you about is this company called Lola that’s created this amazing
roll-on it basically is the perfect formulation of 17 different essential
oils. I mean really who’s gonna have the time to sit there and create something
like this on your own and they’ve done it for you in this nice compact roll-on
that you can use whenever you have muscle cramps or tension I love this
stuff it is honestly become my new favorite I love the smell and I use it
everywhere. Tip number two eat ginger to reduce pain
and inflammation. It is recommended to have ginger two to three times a day
while you’re on your period to reduce menstrual cramp pain but let’s get real
how many of you are actually having ginger two to three times a day during
your period let alone any other day during the month that’s why I want to
share with you a quick and easy recipe For a great ginger tea just boil some water
then add grated ginger to a pot and let it steep for 10 minutes then drain the
water to remove the ginger and you can add
lemon juice and a natural sweetener of your choice tip number three curl up
with the heating pad to get instant relief. Research has shown that heat can
be just as effective as ibuprofen without the side-effects and what’s nice
is that it can be almost instantaneous in terms of the relief that it could
give you from period pain look investing in a good quality heating pad is a must
but let me tell you about a heating pad that you might not know about there are
new heating pads called that to go that are reusable and something that you can
carry with you anywhere you go you boil them and once they cool I drop them into
my purse when you need it you just simply snap the internal disc to
activate the heat these are portable compact and better than one time heat
packs. My kids and I love these as hand warmers. Tip number four take your
vitamins to reduce period pain. Research has shown that taking vitamin b1 and
fish oil which is essentially omega-3 has been shown to help relieve menstrual
pain. If you’re looking for a convenient and quick way to figure out if you are
deficient in either b vitamins or omega-3 then you can order a simple
at-home test using Everlywell. The company offers both a B vitamins and
omega-3 tests that range in price from $50 to $70 if you’re looking to get more
B vitamins and omega-3 into your diet chia seeds are awesome. My favorite way
to eat chia seeds is to soak them in almond milk overnight or for at least an
hour then I add cacao, dates and almonds Tip number five self acupressure maybe
the trick to less pain a recent study at a university in berlin
published exciting results in the American Journal of obstetrics and
gynaecology demonstrating that self acupressure could be a strategy for
reducing pain from menstrual cramps unfortunately the luna app that was used
in this particular study is not available in the US and is only
available in Germany but sign up at and be the first to
know when it becomes available In the meantime you can use the
acupressure heal yourself app for detailed descriptions of the points used
in the study SP6, LI4 and LR3. You need to apply pressure
to each of these points on both sides for a minute each starting five days
before you anticipate getting your period tip number six use yoga to
relieve muscle tension Yoga has been shown to help relieve menstrual cramp
pain I like Adriene a youtuber who has a
great yoga sequence with pillows listen stretching out your abdomen or your back
or honestly any place where you feel tension in your body can really be the
trick to helping you feel a lot better and relieve some of your period pain my
go-to yoga poses have been Child’s Pose and the knees to chest pose tip number
seven up your magnesium to reduce muscle cramps research has shown that upping
your magnesium can really help relieve menstrual cramp pain magnesium has a
number of roles in our body but it is known to help regulate nerve and muscle
function ladies go and talk to your doctor to get blood work done so that
you can figure out what are your magnesium levels and have the discussion
around are you getting enough in your diet or does it make sense to add a
supplement to your diet of course you should include high magnesium foods in
your diet which include leafy vegetables like spinach and Swiss chard bananas
avocados and nuts if you decide that supplements are appropriate then you
might want to consider life-extension magnesium caps. Tip number eight use a
menstrual pain blocker to zap the pain ladies now there’s a device called
Livia, it’s a new wearable that you basically turn on to switch off your
period pain the Livia device basically works off of a concept called gate
theory. It creates electrical pulses to stimulate the nerves and is on a race to get to your brain before pain signals from your menstrual cramps. Because these vibrations get to your brain first it then closes off the gates
so that no other pain or pain from your menstrual cramps can make it to your
brain blocking off those signals
helping you to feel relief. You are probably wondering does this hurt the answer is no. The other question you’re probably wondering is how does
this feel what are those electrical pulses the
stimulation what does that feel like it’s basically like having a tingling
sensation you basically clip the device onto your
waistband and then you attach two gel pads to where you’re experiencing the
most pain. In a nutshell this device has been shown to frequently reduce pain in
its users. As a stimulation device there have been no significant side effects
reported the Livia device is priced at around $150 however I have also included
a link to a device that uses similar technology but at a much lower price
point. Tip number nine go to bed and feel less pain ladies don’t fight the sleep
let’s face it when we’re on our period we’re often more tired fatigued and
exhausted that’s why studies have shown that
getting the rest that you need is associated with less period pain so I
have an app that is my go to. It is a meditation app called Calm which for me
is great because it has nature sounds like this I mean doesn’t that just make
you feel more relaxed and sleep stories that will help you fall asleep. Tip
number 10 track your period my final tip for you is to use a period tracking app
to help you plan for when Aunt Flo is going to arrive my go-to period tracking
app that I recommend is called Clue. I hope that you found this video to be
useful and that you walk away with some simple and easy tips and tricks that
will make your life easier that will help reduce your period pain and give
you an opportunity to pamper yourself and be sure to comment in the section
below I would love to hear what tips and tricks you use to help with period pain
also don’t forget to subscribe to the Match Health YouTube channel.

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  1. Fantastic tips Kavita! I love the Lola Roll on and the Hot to go Heat Pad. Can't wait to try the Chia seed recipe you provided as well. Thanks as always for the great tips!

  2. Hi, I recently underwent surgery to remove a cyst that was later found to be endometriosis. I’m in the process of trying to figure out the best treatment plan and was wondering if you feel comfortable sharing how you deal with your endometriosis on a day to day basis. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for all the great ideas! I definitely want to check out the Lola Roll on…also will be trying the ginger tea soon. Didn't know it was that easy to make!

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