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How To Stop Spooking Fish (What Fish Hear) | BoatUS

How To Stop Spooking Fish (What Fish Hear) | BoatUS

Wow, that was loud! Hey there, folks. I’m Lenny Rudow, fishing editor for BoatUS Magazine. And I thought we’d start today’s video off with that little demonstration because that sound right there [SLAMMING HATCH] will spook just about every fish anywhere around. Even though you and I can’t see it, fish do have ears inside of their heads. They just don’t have a hole like we do because they don’t need it. The sound waves travel right through the water and into their body. And on top of that fish also have what’s called a lateral line. That lateral line running right along there senses vibration. You put the two together, and everything you do on your boat — all the noise you make — they hear it. In fact just sitting here right now talking to you, I’m probably spooking some fish. You see, the human voice travels amazingly well underwater. You don’t believe me? Well check this out: [VOICE HEARD UNDERWATER] And that was me sitting here talking to you like I’m talking right now. I wasn’t yelling or anything. Here’s another big fish spooker. Listen to this: [SOUND OF ENGINE TURNING OVER AND STOPPING] Starting up an outboard engine. Now, once a modern four-stroke is idling, it makes very little noise underwater. But actually starting it up or stopping it [SOUND OF ENGINE STARTING UP AND STOPPING] does create some extra noise. Another major-league fish spooker: a lead weight or a lead head hitting the deck. [SOUND OF LEAD WEIGHT HITTING DECK] Yeah, the fish can hear that. Here’s another one most people never even think about. Bear with me for a minute. Let’s pretend I just broke off this jig head. I need a new lure, right? What am I gonna do? Well, I’m gonna go to my tackle box and I’m gonna take it out. And be really careful to not slide it on fiberglass. [SOUND OF PLASTIC BOX SLIDING ON FIBERGLASS] Hear that? What about [LANDING ON DECK] jumping down to the deck? [SOUND OF JUMPING ON DECK HEARD UNDERWATER] Yeah, that makes plenty of noise. And the bottom line, people, is anything that you can hear, the fish may well hear. So the next time you go fishing, be really careful not to spook them, and you WILL catch more. Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and subscribe to the BoatUS Magazine YouTube channel.

3 comments on “How To Stop Spooking Fish (What Fish Hear) | BoatUS

  1. Trolling motors make a LOT more noise than people realize too.
    Worst of all (in shallow water), is Hull slap(or Chine slap) IMHO.
    Even a Live well pump can be heard underwater for many tens of yards away.
    Sound is 5 times faster in water than air, and therefore travels much further before dissipating.

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