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How to Surf Fish: The Point in Hatteras, North Carolina

How to Surf Fish: The Point in Hatteras, North Carolina

You nervous about taking the truck, Dad? On the sand? [Dad:] Huh, what? [Brendon laughing] Excuse me! [Dad:] Ha, what? [Dad:] Dust.
[B:] Are you worried about the truck in the sand? Uncle Bill is filling up the gas. [Erin:]–Taking out the air, not filling up the gas. [B:] Oh, that’s what I meant. Uncle Bill is taking out air. [Dad:] Say we won’t get stuck. [B:] We wont get stuck if we– if we do it correctly! There’s a chance, but I don’t think we will. … well if you don’t like it, we don’t have to do it again tomorrow. [Dad:] Tomorrow will be longer? Driving? [B:] Um, I think shorter. This is pretty soft. Your–your truck is definitely truckin’ through. [Erin:] Just truckin’. [B:] Woah–woah! What’s going on, guys? We’re here in North Carolina, fishing the surf for some big red drum, big gator blues, um, and I’ve got a special rig to show you. Check that out. That’s it. It’s a really simple rig, and basically, it’s a fish finder rig, except it gets stopped off right here, so it doesn’t keep going up, and it’s got a really short leader line. This is really great because you are able to cast out really far. Usually, when I use fish finder rigs, 1) I don’t have this on here, and 2) this line is usually this long. Right? and when it’s this long, it’s hard to cast it out because it starts to helicopter, I’m sure some of you have experienced that, Today, I’m here–today I spent the, basically entire day just watching the locals here, learning about the rigs, learning about the different baits they like to use, and uh, everyone is using a very similar rig to this. Actually, my friend–someone I met on the beach here, Santosh, he showed me how to tie this, and if you’re watching this, Santosh, thank you, I really appreciate it. It starts with a shock line, it goes to a barrel swivel, to two–to a bead right here, fish finder with an eight-ounce sinker, and another bead, and this bead is there so that it will not get damaged the knots right here will not get damaged from the sinker weight. I’ve got a 6/o hook on here, which is small, compared to the ones the guys here are using, um, we’ve seen some pretty big fish pulled out of here, um… I’m not sure if I’ll be able to land a fish today. I’m just going to let you guys know that right now. It-it’s not… It’s not like I can go here, cast my line out, land a big fish, it’s a learning process, you know? Everybody is – we’re here on this Earth to learn, we’re here, fishing, to learn and experience the wonders of nature, um, if anything, we’re going to show you a spectacular– there’s going to be a bunch of people catching some really big fish. For-for rods and reels, and line, um, I was a little confused at first, I came here and everyone’s using these really, really long rods, they call ’em– what do they call them? They call’em heavers. Heavers are around 12′- 13′ feet and they’re able to cast eight-ounce weights, which is what you need to be able to cast over here. So my rod of choice today–I did not have, um, I don’t have a heaver. I plan on getting one because they look so cool, um, but I’m using my Dad’s cool rod, he’s got a G Loomis, this is one of the old ones, Surf Series, it’s a 10’6″ heavy rod, doesn’t really feel to heavy, I like the action on this. Um, and I’ve got that paired with my hand-me-down, um, daddy gave me a Shimano Stradic and I’ve been using this for years now, it’s been great, it’s been working really well, I’ve got 30 lb. braid on here and 40 lb. shock leader. Now, if you guys don’t know what shock leader is, we just made an episode about what a shock leader is, we went to a bait shop called On 12, right next to this spot, and he showed us how to tie a shock leader, taught us why it’s important to throw a shock leader, um, a basic summary is you want a shock leader because if you’re throwing over and over and over again, heavy weights, it’s gonna wear down your line. A shock leader is there so that it can absorb some of that pressure off of your line. Um–
[Erin:] We’ll link that right up here, bloop, there it is. How do you feel, are you nervous? [Brendon:] I am not feeling nervous, I’m feeling calm and ready. [Erin:] Good. [Brendon:] But– There’s vomit on my sweater already. [Erin:] Stop it.
[Brendon:] It’s probably Mom’s spaghetti. So, the bait of choice around here is either mullet, or tuna belly, and this chunk of meat cost me ten bucks… uh, this is a very fresh cut, it was not frozen, and what he said is you don’t need a big old chunk, Oh. This should be more than enough for those big– which is surprising, you’d think they’d want to eat a big thing, but around here, this size works just fine. [He’s going the wrong way!] Little bluefish. It went tap, tap, tap, tap, tap! [Erin:] Tap, tap, tap? This is why I tie with 100 lb mono, ’cause I’m going for red drum, you don’t necessarily need 100 lb, but there’s a lot of bluefish out there too, mono is good for abrasion. [Erin:] Right. Whereas braid will just snap right off. It’s like, the same four guys who just keep landing these, trophy after trophy after big fish after big fish after big fish, and it makes it seem like it’s easy, but they know something that we don’t know. They know where the hole is, and I seem them, they’re casting it way out there, they’ve got these huge, fifteen-feet heavers, these really long rods that are able to cast it so far, and you don’t see many people using spinning reels, mostly, everyone here is using uh, conventional reels, um, my buddy told me that that’s because that’s how it allows them to cast so far. [Erin:] So you can’t get your bait out far enough? [Brendon:] I can’t get it out far enough. There’s a shoal out there. If you can cast past that shoal, that’s the jackpot. If anybody needs help with surf fishing or salt water fishing, pier fishing, um, we have a store, specializing in helping beginners learn to catch fish, it’s in the link in the description below. That was a blast, it was a– it was definitely something awesome to witness [Erin:] Yeah. Um, but let me say this, I was not prepared with my gear, I had my gear for Virginia Beach, nothing hea–no–I didn’t have my big, long rod to sling it out there far, um, but like I said, even if I had that, I don’t know if I’ll be one of these guys catching all the fish, it’s the same 4, 5 guys one after another after another, and they’re doing something different. Um, this is because they’ve been fishing here for a long time, they know they holes, they know how to work– they know how to work their rod, they know how to catch the fish. So I was not able to hook up to a fish, but that’s okay, you know why? Because I learned exactly how to do it, I came out here, I saw all the locals doing it, I learned their rigs, I saw what kind of rods and reels they’re using, so next year I’m coming back, I’m smarter, I’ll be wiser, and I’ll be ready for them! Thank you guys for watching, I hope you enjoyed watching all the other huge fish come out of the water, ’cause I know I did, I spent a lot of time just talking to them, didn’t spend too much time fishing, um, and I think that’s important, if you’re getting to a new spot, you don’t wanna just– you don’t– diving right in is one thing, but you should observe, watch, listen, learn. If you like out show, uh, think about subscribing, if you subscribe, push that little notification bell and if you’re already subscribed, thank you guys! We’re going to keep putting out awesome stuff for you guys, um, let us know in the comments below what you want to see next. See ya!

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  1. You're probably aware of this, but those 13' rods aren't worth much if an angler doesn't know how to cast them. There are several different techniques like the pendulum cast, Hatteras cast and off-the-ground cast that can put your bait and sinker out 150+ yards and past the first sand bar with a little practice. Look up John Holden and Tommy Farmer's videos if you're not familiar with these, but it'll probably put you closer to the same league as those guys catching all the fish in your video.

  2. buying me a 13' phenix and a avet mx reel ill pumping some iron to get my strength up i hope to cast 100-150 yds in a few months

  3. As a general rule for a shock leader 10 lbs test for each ounce of weight. Standard is 8 ounce pyramid sinker at the point so 80 lbs shock leader MINIMUM! And make sure you have enough to wrap around the spool at least 5 or 6 times. I have a lot of fond memories fishing the OBX. Caught a lot of nice fish there and a TON of Hatteras long tailed flounder (skates / rays) too!

  4. I live an hour from hatteras and I've never really gotten into surf fishing. Always stuck to pier and boat. Setting up a conventional for surf casting. Thinking of a 50 lb 8 strand braid to 30 lb mono and a 50 lb flouro shock on top. What line setup would you recommend? My reel holds about 475 yards comfortably and I'm ordering a heaver this week. Don't really know any surf fishermen to ask about their setup, and I stumbled on this video and figured you may have asked while you were talking to them. Also, been a subscriber for a while, love your vids and even turned my friends onto fishing by showing them your videos too. Keep it up man!

  5. I'll be going to Avon, NC in two weeks for two weeks. I have probably spent over a year of my life there and have never fished the point. Your chances of catching a large drum are much better there than other places on the island but I like to relax when I fish and that wouldn't be possible surrounded by so many people.

  6. I've been fishing at Cape Point for nearly 35yrs. You seem like a very nice guy and with your attitude, I'm sure i would have helped you too. It's even better in the Fall. The drum are starting to show back up now as a matter of fact…. Personally i like late Oct early Nov the best.

  7. I really admire your family. Everyone is into fishing which is really nice. Cool dad. Wish I could fish with my dad but hes long gone. Keep up the good work and before you know, you will have a mil subscribers.

  8. I also agree,,,, the point of surf fishing is to catch fishing while communing with nature,, , having 20 people within 20 feet destroy's the nature part no matter how many hook ups you get

  9. I fish that area as much as I can. I watch your videos occasionally. I was really impressed by THIS video. You did a masterful job of showing the difficulty of the learning curve at the point (as well as the less crowded areas near there). This may be the most beautiful and desolate area to fish on the east coast. The tackle is difficult to learn and master. The fish? They will never be mastered. If you fish the point, the crowds can be difficult to work with at times. You did an EXCELLENT job of telling the story. This is NOT just any surf fishing. The fishing can be amazing but there is so much to learn here at the point. I love the NC Outer Banks. Go to Highway 12 and turn right and drive as far as you can stand to drive. Beautiful. Even when the fishing is so so it is always an excellent trip there.

  10. Combat fishing . It is not the reel type . you just have to practice your casting, maybe you could shock them by tossing a 30gm spoon, they also catch fish. Or learn the pendulum casting method..

  11. 1) No braid. Too expensive and too hard to get unwrapped in a crowd. Pro-Spec Chrome or Suffix Tritanium 17lb mainline in bright orange or neon green. 40-50lb shock- enough to wrap your spool twice plus two lengths of the rod. Casting distance matters, but the current will make almost any sinker move there. Stand up, and move with your line as your sinker rolls. Penn Squall 12, Daiwa Slosh 20s are both affordable and have plenty of line and power. Daiwa Ballistic 40-405 is a good starter rod before moving up to the sweet CTS S7's.

  12. Your best bait you had that day was that Blue. Cut it's head off and use the head. put on a 9/0 hook and use 9 ox of weight. your leader is actually a tad bit long. The shorter the better I like the leader only 1.5 inches long. Also, trash the braid. going with 15 or 16 lb main line and 30 or 40 lb shock leader. at some places in NC the locals will really get on you for using braid especially on some piers.

  13. Nice video. You got the terminal tackle……but don't bring braided line to the Point if you fish the conga line, you will get cut off by the guys if that skinny limber line rolls over their tackle.
    No one is going to take the time to untangle that mess when it does. Mono! And flinging 8 oz with bait to hit and land on the shoal area usually takes a heaver rod with a stiff thick tip (Check on the popular fishing websites as well for fishing the point…lots of good "how to" on "Stripers Online"). Bunker (Atlantic menhaden) is a standard bait as well. Drum are biting Thanksgiving week – I just got back from Hatteras yesterday…Monday AM saw a blitz with over a hundred citations awarded for large drum. Was insane fishing.

  14. I love fishing at Hatteras! Super respectful and nice fishermen and an awesome place to fish for puppies, blues, and much much more species! In addition, sometimes if the wind isn't too bad you can definitely use 6 ounce weight on a fish finder rig using mullet, bunker, and shrimp! Love Buxton in Hatteras, NC!!!!!!

  15. Hey SS.BURKE NC.native's been years ago but I suggest booking a cabin( quite a wait these days ,so get to it now!) OKRACOKE!….Oct.Nov..same sticks & reels .plus some inshore gear for doormat flounder .lob a small mullet minnow behind the breakers w as small of a barrel weight as conditions will allow & walk with it.keep line right but don't drag it. You want line angel around 10-11 o'clock from your body.if it's to woods or

  16. Too slow or fast adjust weight accordingly.khale hook.flounder belly strip is killer too.that was make a great video.take pops of course..L8r

  17. Yea i was in va beacj last year. If you ever go to the pier there theres a short loud guy named frank you cant miss him. Great dude and hes one of those that catched big fish after big fish, at the end of the pier we had a good 10 rods out and like you said just the same 4 people were cstchimg while everyone else including myself was watching. I even bought an open face penn and a 12 ft rod but never managed to land me a fish on that rod at all even with help from the local friends i made, location location location, the bait spot placement is everything

  18. Not long rods. Standard gear for most of the world. You would need thereapy if you walked into a uk tackle shop. Your long rod would also not have the power for 8oz lead. The rods these lads are using would of been powerfull long rods designed for heavier leads.What would be known in the uk as mixed or rough ground rods.
    Cant understand you using using 100lb main line but on 30lb leader. Should be other way round!! Ylu would of got more distance using lighter line and heavier shock leader and also be safer.
    If using 8oz lead you nead 80lb leader. Basically 10lb leader for every ounce of lead. Dangerous to be using such light leader especially with it being so crowded (which looks like hell to me) I dont like it when an angler if 50 ft away from me let alone 5ft

  19. Great vid. My nephew fishes at Cape point a lot. He has more than one Hatteras Heaver. That is what you need. I go at least once a year to the OBX but have never fished at Cape Point because there are so many people.
    I've caught a lot of those big drum but I catch them in Pamlico Sound and Neuse river and Pamlico river from a boat. If you don't have a boat there are guides that can really put you on them. July, August, September and even October if it doesnt turn cold too early. Trouble is, you have to throw them back if they are over 27 inches. The slot is 18 to 27. You can keep one. They are excellent table fare. I like to blacken them. Google it.
    All of your ideas and reasoning were pretty much right. You just need a Hatteras Heaver.

  20. This is awesome I have lived here in buxton my whole life and have been subscribed to your channel for a while now then I see this so cool you guys were here!

  21. nice bull reds. It's a lot easier to learn nowadays with youtube. I think of all sorts of questions during the day & 2-3 clicks, boom I'm a KB pro.

  22. Hay freins i love realy your channel, i love feshing i wont to ask you to help me to have some matériel feshing think you for jour help i will send you my adress if you wont to help me thnx let god bless you..

  23. thats a lot of people close together.. What are the chances of your line getting hooked up to someone's line?

  24. horrible place to fish. How can you enjoy yourself with all those other fishermen so close. This is why i hate fishing charters as well as piers

  25. It took me years to learn to cast like that, lots of time with just a weight on the line. And lots of cut it all off birds nests. Cheapest set up that's good is diawa sealine x 30 sha and like a 12' Penn prevail. That's a good starting rig, after that its all about the pendulum cast and practice. You'll be in there in no time. Also no braid just mono 17-20 lbs and a 50 lbs shock leader. Hope this helps you out

  26. I suggest you get a surf rod from South Africa. Those rods in your video looks cumbersome and uncomfortable.

  27. I agree with other comments that it's not appealing (and probably not very smart) to crowd into a pack of anglers all concentrated in a very small area. I really don't understand that mentality. I like to get far away from everyone else so I can relax. Also, when so many lines are in the water so close to each other, there's a very good chance of lines crossing which means lines get tangled with other lines and it also means lost fish that otherwise could have been caught.

  28. That is a ridiculous amount of people fishing in such a small space. That would cause fights I'm sure. Not a very relaxing way to fish.

  29. Those big drum are full of worms they are photo fish only. You are sounding like a little girl walk the fuck out their and cast out past the shal

  30. Sir, you do realize that you are defeating the "fish finder idea" by tying that second swivel
    I assumed you knew this,, bhut I will say it,, with the regular fish finder rig when the fish picks up the bait and starts to swim away it does NOT feel the weight of
    the sinker,, with your 'new" system the fish will after it swims 18" the weight of the sinker and will know something is very wrong and spit out the bait
    I am going to guess that in this close to the other guy fishing there will be lotes of crossed lined if you use the fish finder the way it was meant to be

    so , right in order to avoid arguments and fights this sysytem was developed , but still you are sabotaging the fish finder concept and thus going to lose fish

  31. Awesome channel! Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    I really appreciate your info on surf fishing as most people dont have access to boats

  32. Winner of a video, I've been looking for "pvc surf fishing cart" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Wenayden Xenaylee Blaster – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my brother in law got great success with it.

  33. Can you reply the coordinates of this fishing spot? I’m new to surf fishing and want to take a trip there next month.

  34. Hope to get there in September and use my kayak if the breakers aren't too big and fish for Spanish and Kings. However if a red drum happens to hit, that would be just great. I know the reds head into the sound then to spawn but taking one is just for bragging rights since the must be released.

  35. That dude with the purple an green rod is Nick walks, he custom builds heavers. I bought a 12 ft. Off him.

  36. Funny this dude and his girl(who his retarded butt ain't asked to marry him yet) are giving surf fishing lessons when they dont know squat themselves besides what google says…lol

  37. I had two 12 footers for almost 20 years. I never put anything on it more than 2 ounces. You said 8 OUNCES?! WOW! ok gonna try that. I do sling the 2 ounce pretty good though.

  38. That lil kid in the video is my friend Shawn Stack's son look him up he was in the newspaper recently. Alot of my friends were in this video. We all fish in Sandbridge Va Beach Little Island Pier you should come do a video here of us fishing for Cobia…

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