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How to Tie a Fish-Finder Rig

How to Tie a Fish-Finder Rig

Today, we’re going to talk a little bit
about one of the most commonly used rigs for putting bait on the bottom. This is
used in freshwater, its used in saltwater, shallow-water, deep-water, it’s very universal.
It is called a slip-lead rig, some people call it a fish-finder rig. The concept is, you want to place your bait on the bottom and you want to have some flexibility for a small bait
fish to swim around and look natural The way you rig this is from your main line
the first thing you would do is slide on a sliding sinker. Then, attach using a
basic twist knot, a swivel to the other side of the swivel you would attach a
piece of monofilament or fluorocarbon leader material. Fluorocarbon is actually ideal
because it is extremely clear underwater and in other words the fish can’t see it
and it also has better abrasion resistance than normal monofilament line.
And then your hook or your jig or whatever your terminal tackle might be in the
situation and like said this is a great rig it’s one of the most standard rings
for fishing live bait. It also is very useful for natural bait. The only possible
detraction from this rig is that in areas where oyster bars and other areas
with a lot of snags, this rig will tend to tangle up pretty easy on the bottom but for 95%
of your fishing this is the standard way you put bait on the bottom.

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