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How To Tie A Saltwater Fly for Fly Fishing (Carson Optical)

How To Tie A Saltwater Fly for Fly Fishing (Carson Optical)

So today we’re going to use a 2/0 hook for the salt water fly. So we got that. We’re gonna go with some, some white
bucktail, we got our white rooster feathers. They’re medium sized, like four
inches a pink tail today. So we got pink white rooster and then just some eyes this is just some flashing. Alright so we’re gonna start with some just basic white thread. Ah we’re just going to put a base layer down. So I like to go all the way down the hook. And then back up. So just gives it a nice little base later so that way it doesn’t slip and slide when we start to put some, some of the hair on. Go with a little bit of white hair Just take a little pinch, trim it off, pull the extra hair out. And then trim it up those whole even. So I like to start it on the bottom, so we’re gonna go with a little white belly, so it looks more like a, bait fish. You don’t have to be too neat with this cause a you’ll see at the end it’ll, it’ll all get covered up. Anything just sticking out. Next I’m going to take some of the a
flashing gonna match it up and we’re down the size. So I like to cut it just a little bit past the or around the same length actually as the is the bucktail itself and then, same thing on the other side. Basically we got a little bit of flash the Sun hits off of it in the water um to attract the fish and you know when ah we have the white, as like the belly of the fish um and it’s up to you if you want to
make like a little longer. You could add these these rooster feathers you could add just one on top like that. Or you could do two on one on each side if you were going to do two on the side I would add these first and then throw the flashing on top so it would be over but today we’ll just throw one on top see how that comes out. So I just like to pinch away a little bit of the the feather you don’t need and just really using it for the end. So now that we have like this is like the base layer of it what I’ll do next is I’ll throw some more more of this white just to cover up this thread. So we’re going to throw some white at down here at the bottom and then we’re gonna finish it off with with a pink up top. Just a little another little pinch of white. Some nice and longer hairs. We’re going to finish it off with just a little bit of pink, trying to find like the longer hairs. And then just for the very top I like to add just a little just a darker color it could be brown or black. And then finish it off I just go with like an overhand or over finger loop so you just go right over loop it around three times. Now this could be finished right here just like that you can use it you know
throw some eyes on it. But what I want to do is make it so it’s more a long and slender something like that. So we’re going to after like a bait fish. So to do that back in here, I’m gonna go with a looks like a clear thread translucent. So I’m gonna start up on the head itself see how it’s all like poofy and stuff we want to make it long and slender, like something like that. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take this clear thread and basically just wrap over the whole body of the bait fish. So that’s why I was saying before it does really matter how the base layer is because it’s going to get covered and now same thing to finish it off that over over the finger and then over the head three times that’s it. Just trim off this little I just gotta add some eyes and a cleaner
coat. You have yourself on this fly. All right and just to finish it off and
throw some eyes on it. So just a little bit of superglue to hold them.

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