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How to Tie a Traditional Snell Knot | Fishing Knots

How to Tie a Traditional Snell Knot | Fishing Knots

Merhaba İlk olarak bir halka oluşturun. Kısa olan kısım üstte olmalı Kancanın sap kısmını parmak aranıza sıkıştırın Halkanın arkasını öne doğru çekin İki parmağınızı halkanın altından içine sokun Elinizi öne doğru çevirin 8-10 kez tekrarlayın Düğümü sıkıca tutun İlk önce kısa tarafı çekin Sonra uzun tarafı çekin Düğümü sıkın Daha sonra düğümü yerine yerleştirin İzlediğiniz için teşekkürler

48 comments on “How to Tie a Traditional Snell Knot | Fishing Knots

  1. amazing***👍it's just awesome I liked this vedio sooo much it's really good your way is also nice I liked it tooo … subbed !!! I have also gone through your other vedios they were also appreciable I am just waiting for your next vedio to come as I liked your other vedios😊well I have also made a vedio of my art you can just go through it on my channel##😊 subscribe if you like:):):)👍

  2. Haha, this is exactly how I've always done it. Heads up people…copy his hand movements!! Nice video!

  3. Ok, I am really disappointed…I wanted about 3 to 5 minutes of an explanation and monologue before you showed me the knot.
    Jk….well done. Right to the point.

  4. Beautifully demonstrated and the music is suitable. There are lots of “snell hook videos” but not many are of the original authentic snell. This one is. Much appreciated.

  5. I believe you are the only person on the tube to ever load this up. I can tell you I have been using this knot since the mid 70’s. I started tying flys in the later 60’s and the method I used to finish the head is exactly the same. It was economy that helped reveal itself. Cheaper to buy a box of hooks and a spool of line rather than commercial leaders. This was good, thanks.

  6. I use a baitrunner reel so these are a great combo because they set the hook>>> as soon as again, I start reeling by themselves. I land almost 99% of the fish that bite on these and always in the lip.

  7. I have just gone back to spade hooks as I only had 16s in a spade. My issue was they were coming untied while fishing with the knot I was using. ( losing fish ) I just want to thank you for a GREAT demonstration on how to Snell a spade properly. Your instruction was very clear, even where to put your fingers through the loop to start the Snell off. While practicing, I have found out another issue of where the line comes off the back of the spade. a while ago, I was losing carp as the line was breaking at the spade, I could not see why. But while practicing this knot, I put something inside the hook bend to tighten the knot and while pulling the lines found the hooks does not sit straight. this is due to the bend in the hook. If you have the line coming off the inside of the hook, it rubs against the spade, even though it has the bend of the spade towards the outside. I tied one up with the line coming off the outside and when I pulled it up the line did not touch the spade. I'm going to try and see what happens with the next carp I hook into. Regards Paul.

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