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How to Trim Your Aquarium Plants in Your Planted Tank: What to look for

How to Trim Your Aquarium Plants in Your Planted Tank: What to look for

What’s up fish tank people
Dustin’s fish tanks bringing it to you on a Friday night. Chilling out had a great week
at work crushing it left and right got some plant orders in. Cole sorry about your order
of shrimp bro ill send you some more. I forgot to tie the dudes bag too tight and the water
all leaked out and they died. So here is what’s up I want to bring some knowledge to you,
like I try to do and I want to talk about looking at your plants and I also want to
talk about dirt, shocker! So I got an order of a bunch of swords in and I want to show
you guys couple things going on here. This is a aslogh sword and actually, its not an
aslogh sword it’s a clanibar sword and it looks like as aslogh though. Aslough have
the dots on them. But anyway this plant came in in Friday exactly of last week. I want
to show you something. See this leaf it’s withering that leaf would need to be trimmed
also that leaf back there that’s discolored plants cannot fix leaves. Like if a leaf goes
bad it wont fill out just get rid of it because its better off sending something new, that’s
very very very important to understand. If you leave plants in your tank and the leaf
start to go to shit cut them. Because a plant sends energy to bad parts of the plant when
you are better off just removing it and then it will send energy and whatever it needs
to be better parts of the plant. Does it make sense? if anyone has any questions ask me.
So that would need to be cut, that leaf would need to be cut back there. But here’s what
I’m pointing out this plant is healthy and I will tell you why. This leaf right here
and this leaf right here are all relatively new and looking good. So kill that one kill
that leaf those are coming up good because it is in a nice dirt substrate.
Now let me show you also this one also well same species. Same exact species down here.
All right now let me flip this on you this is the right half of the 5050 by the way those
Boesemani are badass. This is a plant that is been in the not dirt side you’ll notice
I have all of them as close to the dirt as I can so they can get in there. Just a little
something to point out here this is shooting up the leaves. The leaves that is shooting
up do not appear to be in as good shape. This plant is kind of starved a little bit I mean
it’s still healthy its still got good green I’m not worried about it. But it’s definitely
not getting the nutrients of that plant up there I mean that a bigger plant with not
quite as good of plant growth. See that leaf coming up there that looks like shit. All
right there that’s it so you want to look out for that stuff that’s the benefit of dirt.
This has no dirt in the side. Another example can be seen even better back here. If you’re
buying plants in the store you’re going to see a lot of this because they’re nutrient
starved. I don’t know of too many pet stores that actually take good care of their plants
or corals. So you want to look for that kind of stuff now if you see a plant in the store
that has rough leaves but you see good growth coming out of the base and it looks like those
leaves I just showed you. That’s a good plant. So this just goes to show you the importance
of dirt. I really really I mean dirt or substrate you can use I don’t want to towel other substrates
eco complete, amaro soil, but whatever you have to have a good substrate regardless and
the plants will show you. Let me show you these are like.

27 comments on “How to Trim Your Aquarium Plants in Your Planted Tank: What to look for

  1. SUPER INFORMATIVE. I've been constantly wondering about this and this clears up the issue completely.

    If the leaf is already melting, isnt it the same to just watch and let it melt?

  2. @JouninSpriggan The sooner you cut the leaf, the sooner it can start growing another one in it's place. It also doesn't waste nutrients on it while it's melting.

  3. In my experience plants with dying or withering leaves recover faster when left alone. As long as the leaf is green and attached it's sending energy to itself. I have many sword leaves that are half decomposed but still green from when the plant was first adjusting to my water. Also I've had experience trimming the dead leaves away only to have the plant die completely because it could not make enough energy to recover with the few remaining leaves.

  4. @leephysics I will say that i hardly ever trim my big swords in my 125. I think it would grow better if i got the uglier ones outta there. how big of a plant was the one that you killed? I will agree on smaller plants that you might wanna leave some so so leafs on while readjusting….thanks for watching and commenting

  5. @newyorksteelo the reef master speaks….I'm having enough fun on to last me a while. You gotta hop on there and drop knowledge on your reef in the live chat

  6. hey dustin are u interested in selling your appongeton madagascan?
    i would love to put it in my 70 gall display tank check it out

  7. Hey i have a octopus plant and i cant tell whether its good or not, some of the stems look green but some look yellowish is it going to die?

  8. Why would you label this video "How to trim your aquarium plants…" when you did no such thing?  This video should have been labeled "How to point your finger at dead or dieing leaves".  Plus, the hard cut at the end of this video is pathetic.

  9. I have plant like that and it long above my tank. I don't know it's name, can you please tell me it's name?
    I have video of my mini pond in my Chanel.

  10. Hey, I'm a beginner in planted tanks, I've done lots of research and i'm going to buy Java Fern, Java moss, and Anubias Nana. I'm just wondering how you would trim them? Like where to cut and when. Thanks!

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  12. I have been using sand in my aquarium for plants and they seem to be doing fine I just wouldn't want the dirt mixing with sand having to stir the substrate and it makes water cloudy but I guess that's a decent substrate I use root tabs and just recently started using seachem flourish hopefully that works do you have any experience with flourish

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