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How to use a Fish Saver descending device

How to use a Fish Saver descending device

Hi. Today we’re talking about how to use
a fish saver descending device. Descending devices can be used when fish so signs of barotrauma. This could be a bloated belly,
distended intestines, bulging eyes, or the stomach coming out of the mouth. If a
reef fish shows those symptoms, descending devices can help get them
back down to the bottom, where they can recompress and have a better chance
of survival. It’s really important though when using a descending to work
quickly and get the fish back in the water as quickly as possible to increase
its chances of surviving. So with the fish saver, it’s an inverted hook device,
and this is the way you’re going to send the fish back down with the hook
pointing downward. To have this rigged up before your fishing is a really great
idea so that you’re ready to go and can get that fish back down as quickly
as possible. You can either use a designated heavy-duty rod and reel like
this one and attach the line to the top of the device or you can use a hand line
like this one and just tie the line to the top of the device. A hundred feet of hand lines should be enough to get a fish back down, and then you’re going to set
up your devices some weights at the bottom loop here. One to three pounds
should be sufficient based on the size of the fish that you have. In order to
put this into the fish that shows signs of barotrauma, you’re going to look for
the hole that was made by the hook. You’re going to go into the hole and out
through the mouth and now your fish is ready to go. You want to gently set this
whole rig into the water and you can do the weight first followed by the fish
head first and as long as you’re gentle and careful and putting it in, the fish
should stay on. You should to descend it down to a depth of at least 40 to 70 feet or
deeper if you caught the fish at depths greater than 100 feet. Once the fish gets
back down to that depth, you can simply pull up on the line or reel in your line
and it should remove the device and the fish will slide off and be able to swim
away. The fish is a demo fish just make sure that any fish you descend shows signs of barotrauma and that should help you increase their chance of survival.

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