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How to Use a Lure Retriever – Fishing

How to Use a Lure Retriever – Fishing

Hey guys this is Gene Jensen. You know if
you fish crank baits you’re gonna get hung up in brush piles. You have to fish them in
and around thick cover and heavy cover, and it happens. You just get them hung up. I’ve
got this monstrous tree right here in the back of this pocket, and I got my crankbait
in it. It’s a lipless crankbait. So what do you do. Well, you break out what’s called
a lure retriever and whenever I mention my lure retriever I get tons of questions. What
is a lure retriever? Things like that, so I’m going to do a video on what they are and
how to use them. First of all it’s just a gadget that you can drop down your line and
knock your bait loose. That’s what this is. This is called a somthing golden retriever.
I’ll put the name right up here, but this is my favorite lure retriever. I have another
one, these you can buy at Bass Pro Shops. These little ones right here. These are great
too. These little chains they hook into your, you know if you have trouble getting them
out of the brush pile just keep shaking it till these chains grab hold of one of the
hooks and 9 times or of 10 you can yank it out. This one is amazing, let me go ahead
and get this bait out and show you how to use it. Get the bait our of the brush pile
by showing you how to use this. and then I’ll talk more about this golden retriever. OK
I’ve got it mounted on an old broken rod with an old old bass pro shops pro qualifier, 60
pound braided, I’d like to put 120 pound on here eventually I’ve just got to find some.
but I just push the button, lay that broken rod down on the deck. OK, you want the line
going towards you with the line tie going towards you and the hook going away from you.
I’m on the opposite side of the brush pile from where I got hung up. I put it on here
just like that so it will slide down that line. Pull my line tight, and I drop that
lure retriever right down to the bait. When I get to the
bait, I just bump it. Guess what’s happened. There’s my crankbait. OK. so let’s talk about
what all went on and how I got this bait out and everything else. Let’s talk about the
advantages of this type of a lure retriever and the other types of lure retrievers. Let
me get everything set up turn the camera back on and I’ll jump on it. Now let’s talk about this golden retriever
okay The reason I love this golden retriever. I found this a couple of years ago. A buddy
of mine, named Jeff gave one to me and about a year after that or about six months after
that I was trying to knock a lure off, and evidently it was on something metal, and it
sliced my line. That’s why want to go to some heavier braid. I really need to put some heavy
braid on here. I don’t like to use the line that comes with it because it’s so thick it
doesn’t go on a reel very good. That’s just how I do it. Some people wrap that line around
a marker buoy like the one I’ve got up in the front of the boat. I don’t particularly
like that because if you ever let all your line out that marker buoy will sink like a
rock. Because this is too heavy for it. So what you do is, Let me use the big thick line
so I can kinda show you guys how it is. When you put it on your line. You see how this.
It’s kinda hard to show the whole thing. This little spring or curlicue thing is. So basically
what you do is you run it along your line and your line goes right through here just
like that. The reel being on the side, and the bait being on this side. and you drop
it down and you do what I did on that video. You just shake it knock it loose. Sometimes
it takes a little little bit longer. you gotta change your angles and things like that, and
shake it and knock it loose. this one is amazing because this big hook right here as opposed
to these little chains, this big hook right here will get an Alabama rig or an A-Rig or
an umbrella rig whatever you want to call it. it’ll get that unhung. it drops down and
this hooks on to the main body of your of your A-Rig. I’ll use this one. Slides down,
hooks onto the main body of your A-Rig and it will pull that out and straighten out your
hooks and you get your 15 to 25 dollar A-Rig back. so that’s why I love this retriever.
another thing is I fish a lot of bridges a lot of riprap around bridges and things like
that and you are going to get your crankbait hung in somebody else is stinking fishing
line that didn’t know how to break the line off properly. it’s just gonna happen so what
I love about this is this will go down and grab hold of that fishing line that hook will
and yank it lose. this is just the ideal lure retriever. Now what I need to do with this
little broken rod is I need to put a new guide on, I broke the guide off cause this things
so heavy, but I need to change the guide to the bottom of it so it doesn’t break off next
time. And I just slide this over top of it. Reel it in and that’s how it stays stored
on my boat. It’s real easy to take out and deploy and get it all ready to go. this one’s
about $12 at bass pro shop. this one is $25 on whatever website you can find it on. not
bad. the other types of lure retrievers are there’s a long pole that has one of those
curlicues on it. and that’s ideal for a bank fisherman because you don’t need to, for instance
you don’t need to get on the other side, it helps, but you don’t need to get on the other
side of the brush you got hung into. You just extend that thing out and knock your bait
loose and get your lure back. There’s one called a Pocket Knocker. Now that’s a brand
name but I tend to just take my, break out my sinkers and a big clip and make
them myself. so what I would do is I would take a heavy weight, witch I don’t think I
have one in here but we’ll kinda simulate. take a heavy weight. This is a half ounce.
I would probably use a one ounce, a bell sinker something like that and then I take one of
my duo clips. Take one of these duo clips right here and I hook on to that bell sinker.
and then what you do is when you get hung up you get on the other side of the brush
pile, you hook it onto the line and drop it down the line and then when it hits that bait
you drop your line slack and it knocks that bait loose or you sit there and shake it.
It just gives your bait that extra weight on that bill or on the lip of it to knock
it loose. It done work every time but it does work a lot. it will save you a lot of money.
let me think. That’s basically it. I tell ya, a lure retriever is a great investment.
it will pay for itself just like that. These $12 or $15 lure retrievers at bass pro shop,
come on. you lose three 5 dollar crankbaits, you’ve lost the equivalent of the value of
this thing right here. so this thing will save you money in a hurry even this one being
$25 it has saved me a ton of money. they’re worth the investment and it’s worth learning
how to use them. Well like I always say. Introduce somebody to fishing. subscribe to my channel.
share my videos across YouTube and facebook. I ask you to do that every time because this
is what I want to do. I want to teach people everything that I know about fishing and everything
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and have a whole lot of fun. Thanks. Take it easy.

76 comments on “How to Use a Lure Retriever – Fishing

  1. Hey buddy great video as always …. I have multiple one in my boat they call them plug knockers around here in good ole Tennessee lol. Thanks for the vid…

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  6. Another great video.  I learn a ton from these!

    I love my lure retriever.  I got one after seeing Chad Hoover use it on his Kayak Bassin' show and it has paid for itself time and time again.  Mine is the Bass Pro version and I got it for about $10 at the local bait shop.  It has saved literally hundreds of dollars in baits.

    I may have to look into Tipton model as I think the large hook would work well for big musky crank baits.  The Bass Pro ones are too small and can't reach the hooks.  Saving one $55 musky plug would pay for it twice.

  7. Wow! never even knew these existed. I lost 3 jigs, 2 crank baits and 1 rattle trap to freaking under water trees, and rocks last year. Now maybe I could start getting some of those back. Appreciate the vid thanks.

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  9. Use a retractable dog walking leash.  It works the best by far!  Faster to use that way, and takes up no room on the boat!


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  24. Soooooooo your lure is hooked onto a nice branch the diameter of a roll of quarters. You send that doohicky with the hook agter it n it hooks the same branch. BYE BYE LURE BYE BYE DOOHICKY BYE BYE HAPPINESS!!! . LOL

  25. These things have been around for years. Back in the 60's we used one called Mojo. Tied it to an old fly rod line. It always got our lures back to catch another fish. We did a lot of river fishing.

  26. What do you do when the lure retriever gets snagged on the tree down there? I mean, that retriever has a hook on the end, it could easily grab a hold of something itself. I was just wondering if that has ever happened, or if that concern makes sense.

  27. Gene, the only website I've found that carries this is – and they are out of stock as of today. Do you know who makes this lure retriever and how to contact them? Thanks!

  28. My yakattack park-n-pole has a lure retriever on it- but I forgot about it this morning when I lost my new neon bluegill square bill- I was too busy cursing and spitting I guess to remember I had a lure retriever with me. I had quite the trip this morning- drove about 45 minutes and got their at sunrise to discover I had left my kayak seat back at home and couldn't launch my boat, and because I was going to be fishing from my kayak I had all my tackle in a crate- not a tackle bag, and no rod quiver or anything to carry poles- and now I needed to get all the way to the far side of the lake with all my gear if I wanted to fish off the bank and have any chance of catching anything. So I manage to drag all my tackle and gear over there walking through grass hip deep that's soaking wet- I was drenched by the time I got to my spot. But it was overcast, the pressure was falling, it was just after sunrise- so I thought I had a pretty good chance of lighting them up- nope. I threw everything I had and couldn't get bit to save my life- fished for four hours and ended up catching two on a shaky head that went maybe a pound and half.

    But hey- tomorrow is another day, and another chance- and I learned a tough lesson- don't drive off without your seat back and always bring a tackle bag just in case you end up fishing off the bank for some reason. I did learn how to fish a shaky head so- wasn't a totally wasted trip. It took some getting used to- very odd way to fish a worm to me- I've always Texas or Carolina rigged them, never fished a shaky head until this morning. It's so slow- very different presentation than what I'm used to. I really like being able to leave it in the strike zone like that- I definitely think that was why it worked when nothing else would- they didn't feel like chasing anything – even when they took it they bit so soft I couldn't tell they were there until I saw my line moving around. Usually I feel that little bump, bump- and the line twitches- but today you would just see your line start taking off and set the hook- softest bite I've ever experienced.

  29. I just got a spinnerbait unstuck in a river by putting a heavy sinker on a snap swivel and doing what you showed here. Worked like a charm.

  30. This is what we use. Go to Home depot buy a pack of shower curtain clips there cheap. Then you need 6 to 8 oz bell weights. Put the weight on the clip snap it on your line. Let it drop down to the lure bounce it a couple of times wala lure out probably 9 out of 10 times. Cheap and it works.

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