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How to Use Alaska Fish Fertilizer

How to Use Alaska Fish Fertilizer

Today I’d like to talk about Alaska fish fertilizer This is a wonderful organic product that works great on vegetables perennials shrubs and trees it’s a 5-1-1 fertilizer and what this means is as five percent nitrogen one percent phosphorous one percent potassium. It delivers all the primary and secondary nutrients the plants need to grow healthy and strong and it also nourishes the beneficial microorganisms that are in the soil the right nutrition delivered at the right time is so important for the health of your plants and remember that healthy happy plants also are more resistant to disease and insect pressures Tomatoes that have been fertilized with Alaska can grow up to two times larger than non fertilized plants Applying Alaska 5-1-1 is easy just use a watering can and mix two tablespoons of the product with everyone gallon of water apply Alaska 5-1-1 every three weeks during the growing season Remember that Alaska fish fertilizers are 100 percent organic and they’ve been certified by the organic materials review Institute Find Alaska 5-1-1 and other great Alaska Fertilizers at your lawn and garden retailer

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  1. This significantly lowers the PH of your water. It dropped my gallon of water from a oh of 7 to 4. If you need a specific ph or your plants don't seem to be growing as expected you should check your water after adding this. Other than that great product.

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