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How to Use DIY CO2 in the Planted Tank

How to Use DIY CO2 in the Planted Tank dustinsfishtanks on a Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday. I had a rough Friday. Freaking head gasket on my car has blown. It is going to cost me like two grand. Luckily I got a guy that is going to help me out, so it is not going to be that expensive, but that sucked. Anyway here is what is up fishtanknews. Doing the five part series on the five elements of a high tech tank. You rookies do not mess with this, you will kill your fish. I am giving you a warning, I am going to talk about the third element. First element being the substrate, second element being the lighting and the third element being the carbon dioxide, using CO2 in your tank.
I want to show you how I do it, I actually have a full video on how to do it, but I want to show you the container that I use and how it is done. This is just hanging here. Very easy device, you get a nice jug like this and I have a CO2 recipe that I am moving to one of my favorite videos, you guys can see it. With CO2 there is some precautionary things you really do not want to do. That is one run it without an air stone. I mean you can run your CO2 during the day that is cool, but plants do not use carbon dioxide at night. They don’t use it, they actually respire carbon dioxide so you could have really high carbon dioxide levels. CO2 also lowers your carbonated hardiness, lowers your kH so your plants will grow like crazy, but then all of sudden your fish will get sick and die, which is part of the reason I had a bad problem with my rainbows a while back. It’s risky business! The other side of it is your plants will grow sh*thouse. You can have just immense plant growth. Carbon is the backbone of life. It’s a great way to get extreme plant growth in conjunction with soil, you will have some incredible plant growth, but I do not recommend it. If you say I used CO2 and I killed my fish and you didn’t take precautions and run an air stone. and do big water changes. You really got to be on your game. You are running with high octane gas, you are running fast. Like I said you are a high tank. You are driving a f*cking Porsche around a curvy mountain and your pissed drunk. It is fast, it’s fun, but things can happen. Obviously if anyone wants to talk, low tech tank here. This tank is completely low tech. Only put CO2 when it wants for just a little while and my rainbows got sick. I haven’t a single bit of CO2 on it since then. This tank over here same deal. That tank sucks, that tank sucks as well until I get my ROU unit, no CO2 at all over here with these guys and CO2 up there. That’s the third of the five element. Carbon dioxide people! Listen, be careful okay? I mean it is great, you have some new stuff and you can like make your tank turbo charge and you can run CO2 and it is awesome, but if you don’t need to remove that thing at night or run at air stone at night counter to your lights, I would run an air stone during the day. You will dissipate a little bit of CO2. If you put CO2 on your tank you are running a line. I would recommend also, if you are going to use CO2, I do recommend using ladders and I have got one over here that obviously I am not using, but the CO2 ladders are good, because the bubbles go back and forth, back and forth and they have more contact time so you have a higher concentration of CO2 at your tank. But as you can see with this bad ass Sword here that has zero CO2 in it, you don’t necessarily need it, but again if you want your plants to go sh*t house it is an option.
So that’s what’s going on. Tomorrow is Friday people, get excited, we are having some fun.

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  1. Do you have a video that actually shows how to set up a DIY co2 system for say a 55 gallon tank? (I know people say to use pressurized for a 55 and up). I have a 55 gallon planted tank and while the growth is OK, I would like to give co2 a try. (I'm not a novice).

  2. yeah. cus my friend says the best way to die is to sleep while putting a buncha flowers and plants in your room and close the door. now that you mentioend it. im scared cus theres a plant in my room

  3. good info. a bit confused on running co2 at night…u helped me a lot…..another thing…can u give me an idea, how many 2 lit bottle should i need for my 6*1.5*1.5 feet tank…….

  4. C02 is used up by the plants during photosynthesis. Once the lights go out the plants no longer use the C02 which result in a terrible excess of it in the water thus causing problems with your fish, suffocation being one of them.

  5. What you can do is run timers on your co2 so that it switches off at night, and run another timer to turn on an air stone, ,,,, CO2 in day ,,,,, Air it Night

  6. I'm getting nervous after watching this video lol, I'm going to put CO2 in my tank to get my dwarf hair grass growin shit house ha ha ha love your vids man

  7. i think he's speaking towards the people with DIY CO2 which cannot be shut off at night, I belive if you shut it off it could explode. of course a store bought CO2 kit can be shut off on a timer with no problems.

  8. I'm experimenting with a 10 gallon right now as a planted tank. Before adding any truly awesome fish, I'm using a few Rosy Minnows I stole from the turtles tank as cheap testers to see if there's any problems with it so far. As it stands, the fish are doing okay, but the plants, which are in Floramax substrate, are turning a tiny bit brown and I've been kicking the idea of getting a small CO2 kit for my tank, just to push it along.

  9. i use co2 for more than3 years and i never had problems i use an airstone at night and a litle bit during the day and my plants are awesome

  10. Driving a Porsche on a cliff road pissed has to be the best analogy I have ever heard haha. Great way to explain co2. I am now a new subscriber. Great video pal.

  11. Using yeast Co2 is the best way to increase chances of mistakes. Man, if you want to be safe and not kill your fish than get a pressurized, controlled system. If your KH is below 2.8=50ppm. Your tank ,theoretically, could crash if you were running high ppm of Co2 and not doing maintenance, but with a KH between 4-6 it would take an insane amount of Co2 ,and other acids in the tank, to degrade the buffer. Yes, some Co2 turns the bicarbonates into carbonic acid, but not all, plus this is a gradual process and the carbonic acid/bicarbonates equalize, hence the word buffer. Most the Co2 in a heavily planted tank is being taken up by the plants or expelled via the water surface. With proper husbandry techniques a hobbyist will never experience a KH crash while using Co2. That is very rare. Killing fish is more prevalent, so go slow as you turn up the Co2 and monitor you fishes breathing.  

    As well at night a lot of aquascapers, including Takashi Amano, raise their filter outtake to agitate the water surface, but really this is bogus, Oxygen levels and Co2 levels are independent from one another. You can have a lot of surface agitation, creating high oxygen levels, in a planted tank and high levels of Co2 at the same time. Plus plants produce tons of oxygen during the day so when they expel the Co2 at night it doesn't really matter if there are high levels of oxygen already present in the aquarium.

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