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How to Use Mapping for Ice Fishing

How to Use Mapping for Ice Fishing

Going out to this hump? Yes This is a piece of structure that’s isolated and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna drive around detailing the drop off of the hump and then go and drill the key points open. So here you can see on the HELIX I have the cartography set at 24 feet. The depth I want to fish plus or minus 2 feet. Now I’m gonna zoom out and go scroll over to the hump that I want
to fish what I like here is there’s two main points and then one steeper break
that dumps off into a saddle. The neat thing about this just like when you’re in a boat you could seek out spots all across the main
lake and go around them to get the contour line draw it with your machine
I’m in a track truck or you could have a snowmobile whatever and you can go
from hump to hump really fast and all of the guesswork is eliminated so you’ve
cut your time way down and you have more time to fish and make it happen because
I don’t have this computer chip in my head I have to use my machine to draw it
and then I could go on the tracks and cut the holes. I’m gonna show you exactly what I’m doing but from above so this should be a really cool shot. Now we got the drone in the air don’t
let’s see how it’s done from the sky basically there’s a lot of little knobs
and little notches but I’m more concerned with the three main points and
you can see all this piece of structure lays out now. There it is. Now comparative to the truck you could see how big the spot is and without having this and the
drone in the air you think this is a small piece of structure in a map it
gives you a true understanding how big these structures are and on a limited
amount of time I don’t have a lot of time to go find fish so I want to find
them fast this really helps you out. Now I got a nice trail here and I’m not going to drill the whole hump open because
there’s not enough time to fish the whole thing but I’m gonna hit the three
corners and then move on. Corner number one. This is a nice little corner because
it’s on an inside turn see there’s a little hook that comes back in so I’m
going to drill right on the tip of the point before it comes back into the to
the hook here and I’m gonna get in right there. So here’s where I’m going to drill
my first hole I’m actually gonna drill it right behind the truck. The nice thing is the tracks flatten an area so when you’re out fishing you have a little
area that you can walk on especially when you got a lot of snow it makes life
easier. If one hole is productive I’ll drill a few more or if I think the contour deserves it I’ll drill more holes but just drilling a lot of holes
is not a good way to go. Start out with a few holes spread across an area then fine-tune and this way you can maximize the number of holes and time. By using your Humminbird Depth Highlight it allows you to eliminate water really fast and now you can actually see, I can see how big this piece of structure
really is in comparison to the size of the lake or us we’re just one little
spot on this giant piece of structure and there’s so many so it puts it into true perspective and that’s really neat. The key thing is to keep running
and gunning until you hit the jackpot.

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  1. Where is your tranducer mounted. Surprised it would go through the snow and ice assuming it is mounted to the bottom of your truck?

    Are you drawing the map with your g2 technology or just mapping where you are on a poplated chart already?

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