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How to use soil in your tank: Planted Aquarium Substrate Change, Part 3

How to use soil in your tank: Planted Aquarium Substrate Change, Part 3

Alright so I’m going to take my time on this
one. Even though its 7:18 and I got 20 minutes left. This is what’s its all about people.
I have put the dirt, this was in my bucket, and now its out. You can see this dirt has
a little bit of white specks on it. It’s from the crushed corals that I had. You can also
see chunks of red that’s the clay I got in there. This is actually from one of those
tanks in the back. I’m just reusing this dirt. It was only used for half a season. I got
a little bit of miracle grow underneath. This is actually juiced up pretty good. You got
the clay in there. You got the sand to keep the KH high. I’m really liking this. I also
dig a trench in the front here just because. Now I’m going to cap it and slow slow slowly
fill it up. I might fill it up half way then I’m going to plant the piss out of it with
a bunch of plants I got upstairs. So get excited about that. The fish are fine. I haven’t put
an air stone in there. I probably will put one in there but the fish are fine for a half
hour in the big tub. That is what I’m doing. It is going good. We are on schedule. So mixing
it up, Lets do it. Dirt your tank folks. SO much fun. look at that down in there. Loving
it. I know that plants are going to grow. It’s going to be awesome. That’s fun. I love
dirt. This is great. Get your hands up in there. Get yourself all dirty. Its just fun.
Its part of the whole deal. You make this big ass mess, you do the work and it really
really pays off. I have a bunch of crap in here and I don’t really care. I’m going to
cap it and fill her up. Wife wont even know. Because that’s how I roll. Friday night special
edition. Dirting the other half of the 50/50. And I can’t wait to show you all these plants

32 comments on “How to use soil in your tank: Planted Aquarium Substrate Change, Part 3

  1. @LethalResistanz capped with black gravel….don't worryy about oxygen or water flow. i haven't had any problems….

  2. just did a 55 dirt (organic soil) and now I have HUGE gas bubbles under the soil. What caused this and how can I avoid it again?

  3. I cannot begin to tell you how annoying it is to be sitting beside my little kids watching youtube vids that you think are benign enough, to learn how to plant out their fish tanks, and then to be inundated with sudden unexpected  profanity left and right in the process.  Over a fish tank. Why?  God.

  4. dustin i need your help!!! i have a community tank a 90 gallon i want to start a planted tank but idk what soil to add that wont kill my fish i would like to add soil a flourite substrate and sand on top to keep soil from leaching up but every forum i go to tells me i cant add fish for 3 weeks so that the soil can settle is there any way i can avoid this 3 week expectancy and add fish immediately? 

  5. i just dirted my aquariam and used too much dirt and gravel as a cap will it be ok its a lil 10 gallon low light and going to get an air pump

  6. What's up Fishtank People? I am doing a bunch of
    30 second videos on Instagram- Follow me for more shorter random videos CLICK

  7. In my 125 I have some reg. aquarium rocks; sand; and Walmart river pebbles. Will plants grow in this kind of substrate. My fishes are great with it…I was just wondering if plants would be?
    PS- My tank's been running for about 5 yrs.

  8. Going to set up a 10gall

    I am going to use some cooked like crap compost i meant baked
    As base and on top some river gravel washed for ever….

    Going to plant some rotala
    Crypt water wisteria
    And 3 plants that I dont know names of

    A diy led light 10*3 watts
    And an internal filter
    No co2

    And hope it will come good

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