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How You Can Avoid Using Plastic Straws | Bumble Bee Tuna

How You Can Avoid Using Plastic Straws | Bumble Bee Tuna

Hi it’s Willow with C&J Nutrition your
Bumble Bee Foods nutrition blogger, and this month I wanted to talk about going
straw-less and how I stopped using disposable plastic straws and give you
some of my tips for how I did it that make it easier and that I hope make it
easier for you. So over the past year I’ve really reduced my use of plastic in
my own kitchen and my own house, including plastic that I bring in in
packaged foods. This kind of started with plastic straws for me because I saw that
video of the sea turtle with the straw stuck up his nose. And plastic straws are a really small percentage of our total plastic usage, but for me starting with
reducing and stopping using plastic straws really was sort of the thing
that put into motion the rest of my reduction in plastic usage. So today I’m
going to share some of the ways that I reduced my use of plastic straws. The
first one is to skip a straw when you don’t need one. And this was kind of key
for me, like there are a lot of times I was using straws that I just didn’t
really need one. At restaurants I asked the person serving us not to bring
straws with my drinks, and if there was like a glass of straws out for me to use
I just didn’t I didn’t grab one. So I would just sip through the side of my
glass instead. The second is to opt for reusable straws. If you do need or want a
straw (there are sometimes I just like drinking stuff out of straws), for
those times I purchased reusable straws to use at home and to take with me when
I’m out. So I have a glass straw that I use for things like iced matcha or the
cold cocoa that I like to make. And then I also have these stainless steel straws
that are sort of like traditional straw shape that I use for most of the other
drinks. The next tip is to keep reusable straws on hand. And so at home I always
keep the stainless steel straws – that glass straw – around in our silverware drawer so I can really easily grab the. When I’m out, I
have a bag that I keep and now at this point like I said this was kind of like
the thing that pushed me into reducing my use of plastic, so I keep metal
silverware and a cloth napkin in my bag too, but I also always keep two stainless
steel straws one for me and one for a friend. So when I’m out I always have a reusable
straw to use. Let’s see the next tip is be ready to forego a straw. Sometimes it’s
hard, sometimes you just forget your straw, or you’re somewhere you don’t have
a reusable, just don’t use one. It was a rule I made for myself right from the
start that if I didn’t have reusable straw I just wasn’t gonna use a straw.
For the most part this meant you know like I either didn’t grab something out
or I sipped it from the top of the cup without a lid on it.
Maybe spilled a little or I just stayed at the restaurant or the coffee shop, and
didn’t take a to-go cup I just took a glass from the place had them serve it,
and that which was kind of a win-win because then I didn’t use a plastic cup
either. And finally wash and replace the straws right away after you used them.
This is especially important for the ones that I keep in my purse because if
I’m out and only going to use my reusable straw and it’s not there because I used
it and I never washed it and put it back that’s real bummer. So I learned that
really fast that right when I get home I washed the straws and
put them back in my purse or I wash the straws at home and put them back in the
silverware drawer so it just makes it convenient. You know like if it’s
convenient you’ll do it. So making the reusable straws as convenient as
possible I’ve found makes me use them more. That’s it those are the the tips
that I have for using the reusable straws and reducing your plastic straw
usage. If you have any tips of how you reduce plastic straw usage or just
plastic in your kitchen in general, I would love to hear it. Leave them in the
comments below! This is Willow with C&J Nutrition your Bumble Bee Foods Nutrition blogger and I will see you next month, bye!

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