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Huang’s World – LA – Part 2/3

Huang’s World – LA – Part 2/3

The people you
talk to in LA, when you come on business
anything you ask them, they’re gonna tell you
it’s great, you know. You get, oh, we should go do a upper
decker right now. That’d be fantastic you
should definitely do the upper decker. Right now,
lunch time upper decker, who doesn’t like that,
you know? I’m like no really, like,
that’s not a good idea. Like, stop me, somebody
you gotta stop me. [MUSIC] [MUSIC]>>You I’m drop the ill
disclaimer on you here, that midsummer nights
dream if we shadows have offended, blame Vice
[LAUGH] because. We’re here, since it’s
a cheap ride from San Francisco to L.A., two episodes, one plane
flight you already know. The saving grace is that
I’m introducing you to my dude, Roy Choi, and
we’re gong to East L.A., which is actually a very
charming ill Mexican neighborhood and
we’re gonna have the best tacos you’ve ever
seen at Guisados.>>What’s up, Roy? What’s up man?
>>What’s good, how’s it going,
how’s it going?>>Welcome to East L.A.,
Boyle Heights.>>This is not
Hollywood kid.>>It’s not Hollywood,
but it is the real L.A.,
you know?>>Definitely. I’ve been to L.A.
a few times.>>Uh-huh.>>And I really,
it’s suspect to me.>>Yeah.
>>You know what I’m saying? Everyone I come visit
is just trying to show me like,
another pool deck.>>Yeah.
>>You know, another roof deck.>>This is the real deal
this is East L.A men.>>Oh, wow.>>This is a piece of culture you don’t see
much on the East coast. You know, because,
you don’t get a lot of the same immigration
to New York from the states of Mexico
that you get here. So, this is chicharon,
you know.>>Yeah.
Just so, just so you ll know, usually
I give you a lot of the food technical
aspects, but this is chef versus chef,
spy vs spy today man.>>Yeah.
>>I’m gonna leave it to Roy,
you know what I mean? Mean it’s his town. It’s always ill to
meet other Jedi’s, and Roy is definitely
Jedi master. [MUSIC]>>So
what are we getting, Roy?>>We’ve gotta get
anything here. The cochinita
the mole poblano. I don’t eat meat anymore,
so I’m gonna get some
of the veggie stuff.>>Oh, for real?>>Yeah. Armando, you gotta give
him some of your best.>>Yeah.>>Probably
the cochinita, right?>>The cochinita.>>And-
>>Today’s special we have costillas
in mole negro.>>That’s probably
good for him. [INAUDIBLE].
>>Okay. [MUSIC]>>Thank you so much.>>Your welcome.>>[INAUDIBLE].>>Where do you
live in L.A.?>>Korea Town.>>Okay, did you
grow up out there?>>I moved around a lot. My parents came
in the early 70s. For any Asian
immigrant at that time, you couldn’t get a job, cuz you looked at as
a brown, slanty eyed. Dark-haired motherfucker.>>Yeah.
>>You know, like, you could not get-
>>You washed clothes and you cooked food->>You wash clothes.
>>Or you drove cars.>>Or you’re a janitor.>>Yeah.>>Or with the Koreans
coming in the early days here in LA, you opened
your own business. During my main period
of elementary school, I was mainly in
a restaurant. You know.
>>Yeah.>>That’s where a lot of my whole understanding
and level. Came from.>>Yeah. I came back to food
after doing the law.>>Yeah.
>>Trying to be a journalist, doing all these things
because I realized that I would be given a fair
shake in food.>>Yeah.>>But I wouldn’t be
given a fair shake in a lot of other. People expect us to
be good at food.>>Like for me, a lot of my cousins
are really smart and do really well. And I was always like
the black sheep. Can’t
>>Yeah.>>Like fuck, man. I can’t sit in this,
like, laboratory and split cells,
I just can’t do that.>>Yeah.
>>You know? And then it started to wear on my whole
consciousness of like, I’m a fucking loser,
I’m a, I’m a failure.>>Because you
didn’t finish, a lot of minorities
>>I didn’t finish, you know, and I think
it took this whole like generation through
the 80s and 90s. For us to kinda
mutate and evolve.>>Yeah.
>>And then and
now it’s just coming into fruition where like we’re
doing it with expression.>>Yeah.
>>In our own way. This is homemade masa for
tamales and tortillas.>>Uh-huh.
>>Come on in.>>Cool. Oops, I’m sorry
especially for you East Coast guys,
you know, like this, this,
this stuff.>>Yeah.>>Is this stuff
is new to you all.>>This is
the dried corn, it comes in a dry state. And it doesn’t
actually boil, it doesn’t cook
we just steep it. After it’s rinsed it goes
into the hopper right behind you. I’m sorry.
>>And the, the smell is so strong I’m like
sneezing in here.>>This is brown corn. At this point we
can take this and add lard, shortening. To it and
make masa for tamales. At this point it’s
good for tortillas.>>Delicious. We don’t usually
see this process.>>No.
This is, this is the West coast pizza
dough right here.>>[LAUGH] [MUSIC] Here’s the mole negro. Cochinita pibil. Calabacita. Hongos y cilantro, mushrooms in
a cilantro sauce.>>Amazing. Thank you so much.>>Hot sauce?
>>Yeah, let’s get some
on the side.>>The things
about guisados is, guisados means stew. This is stewed
style of taco.>>Yeah.
>>But, I think you’ll enjoy it.>>No, I tell you what.
Unless it’s a high heat broiled, I, I really
think, proteins should be slow roasted, braised,
something you know?>>Yeah.
>>Something to get the glutamates
out in a slower way. This is kinda like
the L.A. vibe you know? When you eating
there ain’t no where else to go. There’s no before
theres no after, it’s just right now. [MUSIC]>>I’ve never had a tortilla like this,
this good.>>Right.>>Anywhere outside
of east L.A..>>In America, you don’t
see tortillas like this. You know,
I grew up in Orlando. A lot of Mexicans
in Orlando.>>Yeah.
>>And they made great tortillas. But they were
the white ones, the flat,
they were more flimsy.>>Yeah.
>>This is like toothsome. This is like al dente,
you know?>>Yeah.
Fucking salsa is so spicy, man. [LAUGH] How are you,
all right?>>Oh man. Oh yeah. That chili sauce
is en fuego, I’m not doin’ that. My ass would be on
fire by like 7 pm. [MUSIC]>>The last two
generations of American kids. You wake up and you
have fuckin’ Pop Tarts.>>[LAUGH]
>>And then, at lunch->>Yeah.
>>You have a fuckin’ Hot Pocket. You know. And then at dinner. You know, you’re having
fucking hamburger helper.>>Yeah.
>>And none of that shit is at a table. None of that shit is
with other people.>>Yeah.
>>You know? On the daily
fucking basis, that shit is just
fucking like, corrosive.>>There’s people who
eat microwave meals and Pop Tarts.>>Yeah.
>>There’s us who eat homemade.>>Yeah.>>We all do what we do,
because of the environments
we grew up in.>>Yep.
>>And we just want people to get
the whole spectrum.>>Yep.
>>And you make your own. Decision.>>I wanna make food
as cool as, you know, Monsters, and, and
Red Bulls, and Pop Tarts. I wanna make it as cool as something
>>Yeah.>>So that way, food is
a part of their life->>Yeah.
>>And they can make a choice.>>Much respect, dude.>>Yeah, yeah.>>Much fucking respect.>>Yeah,
you gotta pay homage [MUSIC].>>I really don’t hang
out with that many chefs. And Roy is one of
those people that, that transcends
being a chef to me. He, he understands
things in and outside of the plate. He takes it beyond. And he’s really trying
to tell a story with his food, with his actions,
with his business. And I really relate
to that a lot man. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Next up on
fresh off the boat.>>Back then, the guy riding shotgun
had a shotgun.>>Yeah.>>I said,
the person sitting in the passenger seat now. Is my kid. And I don’t need
nobody shooting at me, because of old beefs.>>Yeah.

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    I ate them many times at a restaurant in Fairfax,CA in Marin County.

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  4. EPIC ………..EDDIE CALLING HOMIE A JEDI……………….KUDOS TO YOU FOR FILMING………M……….great learning tool STAY SMART AND SAFE…………. shout out from Santa Paula CA

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