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HUGE Fall Salmon Fishing from Shore

HUGE Fall Salmon Fishing from Shore

(country rock music) – [Voiceover]
Alright team, charge! ♪ Take me out on the water – We eat, fish eat. ♪ Way out in the woods ♪ Where the breathin’ is
easy, the livin’ is good ♪ Out in the great outdoors. – [Voiceover] Welcome
to Larry Smith Outdoors. We’re sponsored by the
Badger Sportsman Magazine, Bartlein Barrels, Warrior Boats, Lynch of Mukwonago,
Big Snow Resorts, Hard and Soft Fishing, Suzuki, Wings Over Wisconsin, Dick
Smith’s Bait and Tackle, Kmiec Law Firm, Komelon
Measuring Tools, Vexilar, Deep Freeze, Cold Snap, Norm’s Ag, and Jiffy. And remember, it’s a
great day to be alive. Holy moly. (calm music) – Hey, good morning, and
welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors. Hey, this morning
we’re gonna be fishing up here at Port Washington, and we’re actually not even
gonna be in the boat today. We’re gonna be
fishing off of shore, and we’re fishing with our
good friend Brian Settele. Brian, you know
what Brad just said? He said that I look
short compared to you. You know what, asked
me for a stepladder. You know what, I don’t think that that’s very nice to
start the morning off. Hey, besides that, tell
us what’s going on today. – We’re gonna be fishing
up here in Port Washington for Chinook salmon
and brown trout, – Okay. – And Coho’s also. The fishing up here has been
phenomenal the last week. A lot of big fish. – Yeah, you’ve been sending
me pictures and killing me. – Oh yeah, it’s just
been crazy, crazy good. The only one factor is
now we got a lot of rain the last few days, so it’s gonna push a lot of these fish in, so it should be an
awesome day of fishing. – And we’re gonna be actually
fishing off of shore, and there’s gonna be actually quite a few guys around us
too, or people around us, huh? – Yeah, yeah that’s
only a downfall, there is quite a few guys, so. – That’s okay, it’s
nice conversation
and stuff like that. So we should see a
lot of fish caught. – Oh, we’re gonna see a ton
of fish caught today, you bet. – Wow, and what
kind of techniques are we gonna be using today? You told me “don’t
bring any rods, “don’t bring anything,
I got it all.” – Yep, yeah I have everything. Basically what we’re
gonna be casting, crank baits, spoons, we’re gonna be
fishing the skein. Spawn sacks, and the
skein is salmon eggs. – Right. – So, Chinook salmon eggs. So we’re gonna be using a
little bit of everything. – And you said something about catching some bait
too, over here. – Yeah, oh yeah, also eel lives, been catching quite a few fish on the eel lives too, so that’s, – So it’s gonna be a
wide variety of baits that we’re gonna be using,
and techniques today too, huh? – Yep, yeah, and you know,
it switches from day to day, what these fish
want, so, you know, it’s like one day you’re
getting ’em on spawn or brown spawn, or
Chinook salmon spawn, or eel lives, so you
gotta switch it up, so if something’s not
working, switch it up, make little minor changes, and we should catch
a ton of fish today. – Well that sounds good, man. Let’s go get ’em,
that sounds good. – Alright, let’s go get ’em. – Hey, stay tuned and
let’s see what happens today, here up at
Port Washington with our good friend
Brian Settele. – [Voiceover] The
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Sportsman Magazine today. – [Voiceover] Kalin’s has been
catching multi-species fish for over 30 years. From our crappy grubs, to our seismic series of
hybrid swim-baits and grubs, to our jerk minnows. – You can’t see that
jerk minnow, can you? – No, he ate it. – [Voiceover] To our garlic and
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line of Kalin jig-heads. Oh, and our original
Kalin’s grub still does a pretty
good job too. – Look at that Kalin’s
in her mouth right there. (explosion) – [Voiceover] Wings
Over Wisconsin, a non-profit organization dedicated to natural resource
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private land-owners, state and federal agencies, Wings Over Wisconsin
has been a leader in the preservation of our
natural wildlife habitat, with donated dollars staying
in Wisconsin, for Wisconsin. For information about how you can join this
great organization, or how to start a new chapter, please visit (calm country music) – This is a glow in the dark, so I’m gonna charge that
sucker up real good, our light. Got a swim-bait out there,
give that a cast out there. Try that, little deeper here. It’s like a ghost, Brad. Woo, comin’ to get ‘ya. – [Voiceover] What was
that, on live bait? – That was on a eel live lure. – [Voiceover] Okay. Maybe this got bigger
than what I thought he is. – [Voiceover] Really. – Pretty good fire. – Oh yeah. Welp, yeah, brownie. – [Voiceover] Brownie? It’s a fish. Nice. This settler scores. – I can’t believe that’s the first fish we’ve
seen caught too. – Yeah, yeah. Are you kidding me. What is going on here? Settlers, God darn it. – [Voiceover] Oh, there you go. Got him, Larry. (splashing) – [Voiceover] That’s
a good fish too. – [Voiceover] Eel lives. Fish come onto it on the hook. – [Voiceover] There
you go! (laughs) – We’re here for
about half hour, and there’s quite
a few guys here. We never saw a fish caught, then all of a sudden
Brian caught that one, then all of a sudden game on. Ooh that’s a nice fish. – [Voiceover] That’s
a little bit big. Well, yoU can tell how
dirty that water got too, with all the rain. Couple days ago it was
really clear in here. – Forget that castin’,
I’ll tell you that much. – [Voiceover] Yeah,
that’s what I was saying. They bite live bait. – [Larry] What kind is this one? – [Brian] That’s
a, that’s a brown. – [Larry] That’s a brown. Why’s it so dark. – [Brian] That’s ’cause
it’s getting ready to spawn. When they spawn
they change color. – [Larry] It’s a pretty fish. – [Brian] There
we go, nice fish. – [Larry] Now that
kind you let go, right? – [Brian] Yeah. Yeah, these are the
ones that you let go. – [Larry] Interesting. – [Brian] ‘Cause
the flesh on these is gonna be that pale color. – [Larry] Right. Now as a brown trout, they only live to be four
or five years old, or? – Actually, I was
told they could live up to eight
years old is what, – So, you’re saying this
fish will go back into, when he’s done spawn,
and go back out. – [Brian] Yep, yep, yep.
– [Larry] Okay. – [Brian] Alright, nice fish. I’ll have to see if, – Boy, his mouth’s
all tore up too. Boy, that’s awesome. Look at him going. (splash) – [Voiceover] Got it out there. (laughing) – [Larry] You’re
right about that. Just, they come
through in streaks. (splashing) Now they’re brown? – [Brian] Yeah, now
they’re a little brown. – Holy moly, this
is no brown, is it? – [Brian] Ah, it could
be a bigger brown. – Big brown, oh? Brian, you got this
bite dialed in big time. This is awesome fishing. I’m loving this. – It’s got some backbone to it. – Yeah it does. (laughter)
No, no, what? Aw, carp! Brian, you didn’t tell me
I was getting into this. – Oh, watch that brine. – [Voiceover] Yeah, I saw. – Oh my God. Really, a carp? Only I would catch
a carp fishing for, – [Voiceover] No, there was
one caught here yesterday. – There was? Oh, okay. You know, I’m a firm believer
in catch-and-release. (laughter) (splash) – [Larry] Woah, woah woah!
– [Voiceover] Look at that! – Oh my gosh, did you see that? Look at that. You think there’s
some bait down there? (laughter) He was trying to
catch bait before, and he didn’t think
there’s any down there. Oh my gosh. (symphonic music) – Patrick, what are
you doing out here? – Mark, I’m going
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Dam Titanium Tip Stick is the first ice
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spring bobber, making it the most
versatile ice rod ever. Extend the bobber for
ultra-light pan-fish jigging, or retract it for game fish
or when it’s time for travel. It even has a built in rattling
handle to attract fish. It took a while to come up with an ice rod worthy
of the Beaver Dam name, but when we did,
boy we nailed it. (shattering) (upbeat drum music) – Holy cats, I’ll tell you what, this is the first
one on the skein, it feels like a, it better
not be a carp, Brian. – [Brian] Yeah, or a catfish. Got about a fifteen pound
channel cat the other day. – [Larry] Ooh,
that’s a nice fish. Holy cats, look at that thing. Woohoohoo. That was on that skein. – [Brian] Yep, told ya. Ooh, yeah, nice silver chinny. – [Larry] Wow,
that’s a nice fish. That is like pure power. – That thing just
nailed it pretty good. – It did. Boom, boom,
just like you said. – Oh, now you had
to tick her off. Comin’ your way guys. That’s a nice fish. – [Voiceover] Nice female. (cheering) – [Brian] Look at
the size of that one (laughing) That’s probably 20, maybe, – [Larry] That’s a nice fish. – [Brian] Seventeen I’d say. – [Larry] Pretty fish too. – [Brian] Eighteen – [Larry] (stutters)
Getting quite the crowd. – Genuine smoker. – [Larry] A smoker? – That’s a smoker. – Oh, that’s, hold
that one up Brian. Look at the size of that one (laughing) I gotta admit, I kinda feel
– [Brian] That’s probably – [Larry] like a wimp here.
– [Brian] 18, 19 in her. Yeah, them things
are just sheer power. – That is absolutely awesome. You know, talked about not being able to
do much with a fish. – Yeah, all you can do
is just play ’em out until they get tired, and, – Then you got eight
pound tests on here too. – Eight pound, nine, yep. – Yep, got it, Brian. – Yep. – A big fish, good fish. – Okay, I’m gonna
get this, woah, the bait’s even gone
on this one, he got it. – [Brian] Yeah,
slammed that one too. – [Larry] I better watch mine. Let me know when it gets closer. – Ah, I think we got
another Chinook, Larry. – [Larry] Guy down there
just caught one too. – Yep – [Larry] So it’s kinda
like goes in streaks. – Yeah, just like I
was saying, you know, these fish kinda move
through and stuff. And another one on the
world’s first fishing rod made out of graphene, the G-rod. – [Larry] Yeah, that G-rod. Boy, I’ll tell you that
is an awesome feeling rod. – [Brian] Yeah, this
is another big fish. – [Larry] That is a big one. – Just look at that rod bend. – Fish comin’ down
in front of ya. – [Brian] Oh, there it is. – [Larry] Yeah, look
at that nice fish. – [Brian] Yep, not as
big as mine, for sure. (splashing) – I hope I don’t fudge
this with the net, Brian. – Yeah, don’t fudge
it with the net. – This ain’t a little line. – [Voiceover] It slowed
down a couple times too. – Yep. – [Voiceover] Until you
fudged it with the net. – Right, I’m good at
fudging it with the net. – No pancaking. – No pancakes. – [Voiceover] Nice female,
look at the size of that. – [Larry] You need another, about thirty feet
on this net, Brian. Maybe I could get that fish. Jeez. Can’t believe the
size of these fish. – [Brian] Okay, go, put the
net down underneath there. Okay, go. Got it. Straight up this,
straight up there, yep. There you go. – [Larry] That’s a
long ways down, Brian. – [Brian] Yeah, was a little
excited with that one. Got a nice female. I would say this one’s probably fifteen, sixteen pound range. – Right, not quite as
big as the one I caught. – Nope, nope. – Still a nice fish. – Yours is bigger,
so far, so far. – Wow, what a ball. Nice job. – Thank you. – Nice job. (shotgun cocking) (sizzling) – Hey, Shotgun Steve
Schafer in the kitchen. It’s football season. I have, if you
look on the website for, this is my venison meatballs. I already prepared
’em, rolled ’em up. I am gonna cut an onion up, put the meatball inside,
wrap ’em in bacon, and put ’em in the oven, and seriously people,
this is out of control. My buddy Don
Kolinosky from school, right, he sent me a
picture of the meatballs. He made his kid
so mad at school, ’cause he made ’em, and
he was off to college. He couldn’t taste ’em, so, what you do is you peel
the outside layer off, cut your onion down
halfway like that, try to get the layers
off one at a time. This is the hard part here. Don’t break, only
if you break ’em, you just gotta do
a little more work in the later on
part of this meal. But, this is a
vidalia sweet onion, and like I say,
go on the website, and these meatballs
are what I’m using. They’re venison, I
ground em up already, got em all prepared, used
the seasoning in ’em. I’m gonna make like
five, six of ’em or so. You shove the meatball
inside of ’em. See, now the onion’s too big. Just take and cut
the excess off. Throw that off to the side. Take your bacon. Let me get this out of the
way so you guys can see. Take your bacon, put
the fattest part down. Put your seam
down, pull it over, roll it over real nice,
so it’s overlapped. Now turn it, come around
to hold your ends on, you can use skewers,
I’m using toothpicks. Just remember though,
when you serve ’em up pull the toothpicks out, or
tell the people at your parties that there’s toothpicks in ’em. Let’s go one more time, then I’ll prep ’em while
we’re getting ready here. Let’s see, two, four, six, seven all rolled up, ready to
go to put in the oven. I have the oven
set at 400 degrees, anywhere from 20 to 25 minutes, all depends on how
thick the bacon is. It might even go a half hour. You just have to
watch your bacon. You want to get it
nice and crispy. The meatball will be cooked. I’m gonna put this on
the aluminum foil here, put this on the cookie sheet. The only reason I did that, so they don’t stick to the pan, and I don’t have to do
so much work later on, cleaning up the kitchen. That’s our finished product,
look at them things. What I did was I took
some brown mustard, siracha, little honyee, honey, gonna glaze it a
little bit here. Let’s dig in, see what this
smells and tastes like. It smells awesome right now. Oh my meatball, look at that, how juicy that meatball is. Oh my God, you guys. This ain’t gonna
last long at a party. Kitchen of Shotgun Schafer. Bacon wrapped
meatballs and onions. Football season, go pack. – [Voiceover] Subscribe
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your smartphone. Free app available
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favorite retailers. (intense orchestral music) (jazzy rock music) – Boy, that thing
just absolutely throttled it, that skein, yeah. I wouldn’t have had
the rod in my hand, probably would
have lost the rod. – [Voiceover] Oh, like that
other one you missed too. – [Larry] Yeah, he just
he wailed that thing. Yeah, I had a decent
bite before that, just a little while before that. I can’t believe it’s
back on that skein. – Yeah, that’s what
the want, you know. This time of year, that’s
when they keep baits. – I thought the bite was over. – [Brian] Oh, nice fish! – [Larry] Nice fish! Yeah, look at that reel. – [Brian] Look at that reel. – That’s a nice fish. Hey ladies, you
brought us some luck. – Hey. (laughing) Cut that out. – [Voiceover] Oh, there he is. Wow. – [Voiceover] Yeah, look
at the size of that. – [Larry] Look at that one. That is so cool. Look at, that is so cool. – [Voiceover] No, no food. (jazzy rock music) (splashing) – Almost. It almost makes me
think that that fish somehow got a
sundrop down there. Lift her up, lift
her up, lift her up. (muttering) – [Voiceover] Oh, we got him. (cheering) – [Voiceover] Nice. – [Larry] Oh yeah. (laughing) – Nice female Chinook salmon. – Woah. That was fun, I tell ya. For a guy that gets
to fish every day, in mostly wall ice and muskies, to be able to come
and fish salmon, this is definitely
an awesome day. – Oh look at the size
of that brown, holy. Wow, that thing’s
gotta be about 20. – [Voiceover] It’s that big? – [Voiceover] Yeah,
looks like about right. You’re pretty good at judging. – It seems like the
bulk of our fish, the bigger ones have come
off that skein for sure. – [Voiceover] Yeah, oh
yeah, definitely, by far. – [Larry] Look out guys. Geese, get out. (splashing) – [Voiceover] Oh, oh, oh, oh. Woah! – [Voiceover] Now? – [Voiceover] Now just kinda
slow, go slow underneath it, go slow underneath
it, I’ll bring. – [Voiceover] That’s
a beautiful fish. – [Voiceover]
Ohohohoho. Nice job. – Wow, look at the
size of that brown. – That’s a tank right
there, I’ll tell you that. I’ll tell you, talk
about having some fun. This morning has been
absolutely ball here. – Beautiful fish,
look at that, awesome. Look at the colors on it,
it’s just an awesome fish. – That is absolutely awesome. Hey Brian, absolutely fantastic
time today, again with you. You know, them salmon, I’m
not used to catching salmon, but I’ll tell you, I’m hooked. After last time out in the boat, castin’ for them
salmon all night long. What a fantastic time. And this situation down here, I did not think it was
gonna be that much fun. This, it was a ball, and I’ll tell you, I
caught a lot of fish, you caught a lot of fish, and you know it seems like everybody else did pretty
good too, you know. And it was kinda nice, ’cause
everybody that was coming by. A lot of good
conversation today, and just, you know, it
was a nice atmosphere, and I tell ya, you know,
I’ll definitely come back and do this again
with you for sure. You know, when it comes
to fishing these parts, you know, these
lakes that you fish, the Great Lakes and
the inland stuff, you know, what’s your favorite? – Well, by far, you know, it’s like the trout
and salmon fishing is some of my favorite,
the jigging, the casting, you know, the skein fishing, and then, you know,
the wildlife fishing, I’ve wildlife fished all
over the state, you know. Pretty much
multi-species, you know. I like to fish for
everything, you know. – Right, and I kinda
always think of you as more of a salmon guy, but you are definitely
a multi-species guy. – Well, yeah, and
that’s the thing. A lot of people think
that I just strictly fish trout and salmon,
which I don’t, you know, so. – Well, you know a lot
about trout and salmon, I’ll tell you that. – Oh yeah, I know a
few things, yeah, yeah. – Well, we had an absolutely
great time here, you know. And, you know, I’m
hoping that we can get up and fish the Chippewa
flowage with you too. I know you’ve got
a pretty good bite going up there for crappies
and walleyes and muskies, so hopefully the
weather holds out, and before the fall’s up, we can get up there and fish
some of that with you too. – Oh yeah, yeah, I had some
phenomenal fishing up there. You know, there are
so many lakes up there in Northwestern Wisconsin, that are just
absolutely untouched, and it’s just some
awesome fish and quality, I mean quality, quality
fishing up there, so. – Hey, if people want
to get a hold of you, and come out and do
some fishing with you, tell them how they
need to do it. – Okay, they can
either get a hold of me through the website
at, otherwise I can be
reached at 414-559-9238. – Awesome. Hey, you know, I
hope everybody enjoys our show, and I’ll tell you,
like I always say, just remember, it’s a
great day to be alive. – Yes it is. – [Voiceover] Hey Larry,
you look really short. – Do I? – [Voiceover] You
want a step stool? – Giant. – [Voiceover] I ain’t
going to getcha. – You’re not. – [Voiceover] Hey Larry, you
should just take a jump in, see how many eel lives go. – I don’t know about
jumping in here. You know, I would, but
if you look over there, it says on the
concrete, no swimming. – It’s no swimming. – By the time I get
this in, ladies, you’re gonna be late for lunch. – [Woman] It’s
gonna be lunch time. – Yep. A happy hour. – [Voiceover] This might be
going into our live weekly feed. – [Voiceover] You have
to buy more airtime. – This morning I
felt that you were a little bit taller than me, but I think them salmon kinda
stretched me out a little bit. Now, now look at that. – Yeah, uh. – You know what, hey,
oh, hey! (laughs) Alright. – There we go, now
you’re on my level. – Now I’m down.

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  1. 40 years ago, my dad, grampa, and my uncle used to do something like this up in Manitowac, only I think back then you could snag them legally? I just remember my grampa opening up a cooler and pulling out two huge salmon that he'd caught.

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