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Mother Hubbards…and chip butty. I’ve been saying it wrong all trip. I was saying “boutty” but they were all laughing at that hard too Hey everybody this is Randy Santel “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of! Very very excited tonight I’m finally back in North Wales I am in Wrexham, Wales at Mother Hubbard’s Fish and Chips! I’m taking on Mother Hubbards Challenge! Now this thing looks freaking delicious! I’m going for overall in number 408 I’ve got 32 ounces of fish to eat right here along with about 15 ounces of chips and then I’ve got four sides here I’ve got some mushy peas, I’ve got beans I’ve got some curry and I’ve got some gravy along with a bun which I will make a fish butty with our or botty with later once I finish some of this fish but the challenges I’ve got 20 minutes to finish this thing if I fail it’s going to be 14 quid but if I win I’ll get the meal free and I’ll be only the second person up on the wall of fame so let’s get this challenge started! Thank you to Mother Hubbards for having me and take the challenge today very excited now the winner of the one he did it in just over 19 minutes so I basically want to be 19 minutes which I hope so, but I’m gonna need some of the fish first I’m going to make a chip butty, I think that’s how you pronounce it and then will dominate the chips on the side! Alright I’ve also got to finish now they have to go with a bottle of Cola and to stay healthy just kidding I went with Diet Coke but let’s eat! 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! Still very hot so I’m going to have some of these mushy peas first Making a sandwich, or a fish butty get the rest down! We’ll even put some gravy on it! It’s buttered on top and bottom as well looks freaking delicious so let’s enjoy! Last bits of the sandwich! For anybody wondering that fish I just finished was cod! It was pretty delicious but let’s get the beans down now with, plenty of time then we’ll get the chips delicious using the chips with the gravy but very unproductive! so now let’s get the chips down! Beat 15 minutes! 14 minutes and 45 seconds the new record for the fish and chips challenge, here at Mother Hubbard’s in Wrexham, Wales! Delicious delicious meal, loved that cod especially obviously the fish was so good but the sides, mushy peas, curry, beans, gravy, chips, everything was so good, but I set the new record with 14 minutes 45 seconds I’m going to be the second person of the Wall of Fame with the new record and I will get the 14 quid meal for free so thank you to Mother Hubbards here in Wrexham, Wales, win #408 Thank you guys for watching!

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