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Huntington Beach Sancho’s Tacos: Family Travel for Geeks

Huntington Beach Sancho’s Tacos: Family Travel for Geeks

[shoo shoo shooshooshoo] Hey my friends
CA here. And MTK. And it is MTK. It is indeed MTK. I have to admit Huntington
Beach is one of my favourite places to visit in Southern California and food is
one of the reasons. There are some favourites even outside Pacific City and
one has to be Sancho’s Tacos. and shows Sancho’s Tacos. Even with the expansion of Pacific City
which opens a lot more food options. There’s still some good local
restaurants. Not too far from Main Street and the Pier and from the outside it
doesn’t sort of look like much. It looks like a little shack. There’s seating
outside which is great right along the Pacific Coast Highway. When you walk in
the opening really is filled with kind of the counter and the kitchen area. The
surprise is down a hallway is a really fabulous indoor seating space. Yeah.
There’s lots of paintings and drawings and prints everywhere. A lot of sort of great
graffiti-ish like style art. And like the really deep red. In Huntington
Beach you’re airy and salad and surf and sand. Like that’s where you’re at but
this is like a rich southern Mexican, you know, feel to it which I love. Like I really
love the space. And the food. The food is excellent. Great. You can get open-faced
tacos. They’re open for breakfast which is really nice too. Go for their breakfast tacos and breakfast burrito. With a little spicy salsa. It’s amazing. Buy stuff here. [laugh] Good? [mmmmmm] Good. The chickens really, really good. And their burritos are like …..a football field long. [laugh] They’re not that big. I wouldn’t bet on it. The burritos are
pretty hefty. They’re shareable. Those burritos are pretty shareable. Whenever
we go to Huntington Beach, not as often as I would like, Sancho’s Tacos tends to be one of those places that we go, we go back for. We, yes, we go back often. I
love the people, I love the food and the atmosphere. And then to work off that taco you
just walk along the pier, along the beach the boardwalk on the beach. There are a
few other places when we went to Southern California we visited. I’ll include links to
those videos especially the LA coroner’s office which was really cool. A side trip
to LA. I’ll include a link to that below. I’m sure we’ll have more videos to share so
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