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You guys ready for this? Hahaha, Today, we stock the 375 gallon planted aquarium with those 200 Rainbow fish. I must admit though, it’s actually over 200 red, uh, 200 Rainbow fish. About 235. A few extras were shipped which is a good thing with over 200 fish coming. I’m probably going to have a few dead. These are coming all the way from Bangkok, so they had a really long trip. I really got to get these guys out of the bags however for right now, I will just be floating them, for the time being, to temperature acclimate them to the tank and then we’re going to get them out. Now these guys aren’t going to be incredibly colorful right now. They’re stressed out. They had a very long trip here. But man do we ever have a really nice home for them to live in, let’s take a closer look? So again their colors aren’t showing right now, but these are Red Rainbows, 235 of them. Well their scientific name anyways is Glossolepis Incisus, I believe it’s how you pronounce it. You know guys know I’m never good with those. Red Irian Rainbow or Red Rainbow, very popular fish. These guys get like 4 to 6 inches, really big. And again, I got 235 in here. You know there’s about six bags of them all floating with maybe 50 or 60 in each bag. Oh,
and by the way all of these fish, and you can probably assume that all the fish and all the plants moving forward, and what I’ve already gotten came from Jeff at One Fish Two Fish, my local fish store in Dartmouth. I’ll leave a link to his website down below for any Canadians looking for plants and whatnot. OK, these guys are ready to rock and roll. Now, they are jumpers however what I think I’m going to do is I think I’m going to remove them all from the, or, add a little bit of the tank water to a bucket, remove— separate the fish from the water that’s in these bags. I don’t want that water in my tank. I’m going to net the fish and put them in the bucket of tank water. And once I have them all in we’ll dump them all in at once. You know and truly the main focus is just to get them out of these bags as fast as possible. See, what happens in these bags during shipping and, what a lot of hobbyists don’t talk about— Oh wow these guys are beautiful. Oh wait till you guys see where you’re gonna go. What happens during shipping, especially during the very long trips that these guys went through, is as they deplete the oxygen in the bag, the pH of the water drops. And while these guys are in the bag, they’re still breathing, they’re still producing ammonia but in lower pH’s that ammonia isn’t that toxic. However once we pop this bag open and release all oxygen into it, gas exchange occurs within the water the pH is going to shoot right back up. And at alkaline levels, ammonia is much more deadlier, which is going to cause a problem. So you never want to open the bag and float them or anything like that. You float them in a sealed bag, temperature acclimate them then get them out of this water as fast as possible and back into the proper tank. Hopefully this technique works with this many fish. I have a feeling that a few of them are going to want to jump around and jump out of this net but we’ll see what happens here. Probably use a bigger net. Oh I have a bigger net. Having a 2,000 gallon aquarium comes in handy. I forgot all about this. We’re laughing now. Let me see here. I wish I had another set of hands here. Aww, look at them. They kind of look like sardines. Look at that. Isn’t that crazy? They look like they’re already darkening up from above. Now, the males will be really red and the females will be more silvery. Looks like we have a nice mix. You don’t want all males, even though they look better, because if they don’t have females they won’t display to those females, so they’ll always you know look kind of drab. I can’t wait to see them in the tank. Let’s do it. You guys ready for this? Hahahaha, oh man. Here we go. Oh boy, this is insane. I love it. I mean look at them, they’re all throughout the entire tank kind of ideal. It’s exactly what I wanted to happen. It almost feels like there’s too many. I mean on camera, I don’t know if it’s capturing the sheer volume of fish in this tank. But let me remind you of two things: one, these guys aren’t colored up yet clearly they’re still a little bit silvery in color which is fine for like a female for example, but the males are going to turn a dark red. Go ahead and look up Red Rainbow Fish on Google after you’re done watching this video, and you’ll see what I mean these guys are absolutely stunning. I mean these guys are only about two inches, two and a half inches something along those lines and they grow to four to six inches long so I mean clearly I probably have too many in here, but again, I could always dwindle the pack down a little bit and you know once these guys settle. I mean this tank is going to be absolutely amazing and the plants start growing in. Dare I say, do we even need anything else on the bottom? Do we need any other fish? I mean, there’s already over 200 of these guys. Oh look at this, a couple of them are starting to kind of color up. You see this guy right here. You know, I love Rays and Arowana, Discus and you know all types of big monster fish, but I can see this tank quickly becoming my favorite. Absolutely stunning. Don’t let the color of them right now, you know, depict what you think they’re going to look like long-term. Especially, I’ll switch lenses eventually once we get some color in them, and you’ll see what they’re actually going to look like. Again they’re just kind of silvery right now. You know some iridescence to them and whatnot but they are swimming throughout the entire aquarium. They’re picking around and enjoying it. Some are over in the Val earlier. They kind of do follow me around though. But I’ll show you something extremely interesting that I was just playing around with a minute ago. This is going to be a…I don’t know, coincidental? Or just plain interesting? Watch this stuff. Okay, so you guys know I can control all of the equipment on this tank through this the Ecosmart Live app as well as my desktop, but you know that’s not what we’re going to get into. I have all of my lights as well as pumps connected. That’s the 2000 gallon tank. Here’s the 375, watch this. Now again, I was only kind of messing around with this earlier. So right now everything’s at 100% and it’s kind of bright. Notice the fish okay? Nothing’s changing. I’m going to go ahead and turn down the blue. Nothing changing in the fish. I’m go ahead and turn down the cool white. Go ahead and turn off the green. Now we’re left with red, hyper red and warm white. Now watch this. This is just insane. See how they’re all just throughout the tank? There watch. Watch this. Just red. Watch what they do. They all school together and go to the end of the tank. I’m not doing anything differently. Look. They’re all over there. Now watch this, turn the green back on, give it some white and blues. Isn’t that insane? I don’t know why they do that, with the red coincidentally because they’re Red Rainbows. We’re still about midday with these guys though so I think I’ll probably end up turning the lights down quite a bit just to let them acclimate to the tank. No sense in having a too bright. I’ll probably turn them back up here in a second just to capture some more video, but oh we should feed them. That’s what we should do. I don’t know if they’re going to eat, but I’m certainly going to try. This tank is certainly going to become one of my favorites, but I think that’s going to be an ongoing theme. Me saying that, we still have 10 big tanks to go. I can only imagine what we’re going to come up with. I hope you guys like this. I hope, I hope you’re as excited about this tank as I am. This….I can’t be the only one. This is absolutely amazing. I love it. I love it. I love little fish again.

100 comments on “I ADDED THE FISH!!!

  1. Your tank is beai, how long did it take to condition your tank? Also, sorry if you already said, but how many gallons is that tank?

  2. 2:35 hmmmm if you know this stuff and spitting it off the top of your head why are you having to look off and read what your telling us as you are telling it to us hmmmm

  3. Definitely should turn off the lights in the tank for the first few hours or so after introducing the fish to the new habitat. Reduces stress.

  4. Why so many so it be so full of fish, give them the respect an give em space if your gonna trap em.

  5. 1 inch per gallon maximum. unless divided by swim range. volume / bottom dwellers + mid swimmers + top skimmers. beyond that it's a lot of work to keep the water safe. be it manually or electronically. good thing it's planted. with that kind of density i would seriously plant down that tank especially with that much realestate.

  6. By red light they hide. Because in nature the sunset means, that night is comming. And with the night the predetors are comming too.

  7. sorry if my English is bad.
    but I hope you still understand what I mean.
    one day I was given a suggestion from my friend to quarantine new fish in a sterile tank that was given methylene blue before being put into the main tank.

    Is this sugestion from my friend the right way?
    or any other way to make sure that new fishes is steril before get in to the main tank?

  8. Wow!! From Bangkok!!?? You got thier from Chattuchuk market right??? . (I m from bangkok)

  9. The reason the fish are attracted to the red light is because, the cornea in there eye can only identify the color red hence why you don’t get a reaction from them when other colored lights are on, also the enviorment they originally come from is located on the northern side of Bangkok where there is only natural lights with reddish hues so they just adapted and evolved to it over time, also I have no idea what I’m talking about and you just wasted your time reading this nonsense.

  10. Educated guess : In the wild, red lighting coincides with sun-set. This is when the predators come out, and your bite-sized pets instinctively gravitated towards the darkest, safest corner.

  11. Channel is called DIY King and the guy is having 375 gallon planted aquarium – WTF?! People who are DIY are generally doing it to be CHEAPER!

  12. You should really listen to your viewers. When you said "Are you guys ready?" I said "Wait. I am going to grab some coffee" and when I got back you had already dumped all the fish in and I missed it.

  13. The red light simulates night as most non complex eyes don’t have enough photoreceptors to see red because it’s to low on the electromagnetic spectrum

  14. How about your fish now….i need to know when u put to much fish inside the tank and they can live or not…

  15. 4.29 is the actual video if what u came for!!!
    Don't understand y ppl like just talking talking rather getting the job done!!!

  16. I love big fish, I do but, the little guys school together and create so many patterns. My arowana was cool but he was more like having a confined old dog. He died at over 3 feet. Rest In Peace Scar. He was cool but I couldn't have anything cool that contrasted him aggressively in color and size. Convicts. That was pretty much it.

    A side note….

    How many of us didn't predict exactly how easily convicts breed and and their fry get past safety guards into filters? How many of us have opened a filter to find Convict Fry at the bottom of that Eheim bucket? 🤦🏽‍♀️😆😂😆🤣

    But…. The smaller fish. They can be surprisingly fun too. They are so dramatic in their fighting sometimes. Taking not just females from each other but things. Lol leaves, bits of sand, small 🐌. It's hilarious to watch sometimes.

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