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I Båten med – Gäddfiske med Alexander Lexén

Welcome back to “In the boat with” Today we’re going to meet one of Swedens top Sportfishing profiles. A hugely talented and competitive sport fisherman ,that we’re going to get to know. He is no other than , Alexander Lexén Mr Big Pike And that’s what we’re going to attempt to do today. You and I haven’t fished together in three years. The last time we fished we came in third place at pike open in Västervik. A really fun competition. This is going to be a lot of fun. We have travelled a long way to get here. We’re really cutting it short because the ice has already formed So we can just about launch. So without knowing I would say that the water temperature is around two and a half degrees. And minus two in the air. We only have a few days so we just about made it. Join us because this is going to be a lot of fun and hopefully we’re going to catch us some big ones. Let’s do this. It’s going to be great.-It’s going to be awesome. Today we’re fishing on Alex’s water I’ve never fished here and it’s going to be really exiting. Today we’re going to fish in a river system . Tell us Alex, what’s the plan? I don’t usually fish this time a year I’m normally here in summer and early autumn. It’s a bit colder now so the first thing we’re going to do is to find out if the fish is in the weeds by the shoreline, or if they are standing deeper where there’s shoals of baitfish. We passed a deep areat earlier where there was loads of baitfish with perch at the bottom which means that there is pike there as well. The question is though if the majority of the pike are there or not. That’s what we’re going to try and find out. And there we have a nice echo. It’s going to be great, let’s do this. Hold on! The drain plugg. What normally happens when I drive is that we forget the drain plug and that’s exactly what’s happened now. So we have to speed up to get rid of the water Get closer. One is a little to eager to start fishing and then you forget the most essential part to keep the boat afloat. Not to have a hole in the boat. It’s ok now, no harm done. At least since we had to go back we had the chance to collect the big fish bait zombie perch from the car that we had forgotten. With it’s 27 cm it’s going to be my first bait of the day. And you’re using a 22 cm. Let’s see who’s going to win. You want to hear something funny Björn? -Tell me. I’m wearing the Jiggar beanie . The last time I wore the Jiggar beanie I caught a 120 cm in Rugen. This one’s got a bit of Mojo. We’ve got Mojo on the boat as well. It can’t get any better then this. How long have we known each other Alex? I don’t know. Since 2001. When did we meet for the first time? It must have been around 2001, 2002. I think it was at your place, when you lived in that flat in hägersten. The party king, Alexander Lexén. That how I remember you back then. Alkohol TGI Fridays And what not. What did you do before you started with Sportfishing? I know that you’ve always loved sport fishing but what did you do before. Since youth I’ve always played in sports. I played a lot of tennis. and table tennis but I quit when I lost my first game. It wasn’t fun anymore. And you didn’t get any girls by playing table tennis. It wasn’t a status sport then. it was the same with the fishing back then. You were embarrassed to say you were fishing. When you were young. Is wasn’t a cool thing to do for sure. Now all the smart guys are fishing. There’s a shadow there. Keeping away from trouble. Not a lot can happen out here when you’re having a nice time. One thing that is great with fishing is that you socialize,. You put the phones away and actually socialize. There are icicle here and there. Look , my ring guides are just getting smaller and smaller. You can feel it in the crank. It feels like a constant nibble. Where not fishing with finesse now that’s for sure. Strike,strike,strike. I think we’re going to catch a lot of fish. It’s just not going to happen throughout the hole day. It’s going to happen during a strike period . When they decide to eat. It’s going to happen around midday. We’re going to attempt to fish in a backwater now. The current goes through here wich creates a backwater so the pikes can rest. The important thing to think about in all kinds of waters with currents is that the fish is not standing in the current. It’s standing behind a rock or in the water next to the current. Just think if it was you. If you’re going to eat , you don’t want to do it whilst on a treadmill. You want to sit down and take it easy , it’s the same for the fish . If you have that it mind it makes the fishing easier, and you’ll find the predator fish in those locations. Now we’re going to find them. The first little pike. It’s has a few worms which means it’s just standing waiting It’s eaten but it’s pretty thin. It’s not the kind of pike we’re after but First fish! On the left there. -That’s definitely a fish. We must’ve had followers. A little one. Fish number two. Two followers and 75 kilo, roughly. It’s so much fun pike fishing, even though it’s freezing. This is not a really big bait . It’s a big bait but not a big fish for the pike. A 60 cm pike would strike on this bait as well . One of the best things about pike fishing is when it strikes on the ones that you’re after and of course big fish When you’ve nailed the counter strike you have that uncertainty for a few second not knowing how big it is. You always think it’s big. It’s even worse when you’re filming a competition like fly vs jerk and you get a strike. The first three seconds you can say to much when it’s a small fish That’s true but sometimes they can be hooked awkwardly . If It’s hooked on the side and it’s not fighting back. When you lose a fish during filming .-That’s when it’s always big. that’s when it’s like the heart breaking moment. It’s like the end of the world. You’ve prepared yourself and done everything in your power to perform and when you finally have the chance you blow it. You feel like crap. Bigger? Maybe a meter…no. I wasn’t going to say anything to Alex but real men use big baits. What size did you say you were using? I was going to do a cool thing and unhook it before I grabbed it . The big 27 cm gator. For you who want a little bit more. I just have to say, your giant bait it’s such a casting cannon. It’s a lot more fun to fight the fish. It gives it a more deeper action. I normally prefer fast tip rods but I’ve really come to really appreciate this rod. Most of all because it has so much power behind it but you still get so much action out of it. I really like it. And of course I’ve got the worlds hottest reel.Revo Beast with a big knob. That I bought separately . It’s really nice, a power reel. It’s a fighter. Are you sure? It’s swallowed the hole jigg. That’s a 90 fish.- Yes it’s bigger. I’ve caught a small one. But it’s like you say .. Big baits, big fish. That’s a fatty. This is how it looks like when they really want the bait. I don’t want to show my pike. Shall we compare them? This was the baby, I’m going to put it back in so I can help Björn. A combination , it’s little bit like me . Pretty short and chubby. Time to let you go . Check out it’s side it’s like a salmon. Those are the ones we want.. a little bit older. This is so much fun. It’s striked just where I casted by the current line. I think there is another one there. I think there are more. What would you do if you didn’t have a zombie perch, you might as we’ll go home. A little 75 cm . Look at the beautiful colours Really white bellys and really nice colouring Really fit with a few worms . This is fun fishing for real. And to think that it’s below zero degrees, that’s really cool. We can’t see it . Do you have the landing net? Just lift it in. -It’s not that big. It’s a nice one. Can you see the bait?-No. It striked on a 27 cm spotted bull head which is a special colour from the stores of Pike Five. You deserve a hug for that one. You’re slowly but surely working your way up, do you feel it? The first cast with a 27 cm. I told you. Real men fish big. You can tell how popular it is. If a bait looks like this, it’s got a lot of mojo It’s just a matter of time before they strike . Bigger? It’s not doing anything. That could be both good and bad. It has totally engulfed that bait. Bigger? -I don’t think so.. it feels to light. A chubby pike Well Alex …. I’ve known you for a long time now so I know why you are so competitive. but tell the ones who don’t know. What do you mean? Competitive against myself or? That’s the most important person. That’s where I am. I push myself hard. I’ve learned one thing if you aim high you might not get there but if you like me reach near enough to your goals You’ve still done ok. I can give you an example. I decided to take up golfing, I met a girl who played golf, and I was like I have never tried it but I started to play golf. You’re exactly like me. If the golf course has par four that’s what I’ll do. It doesn’t matter what my handicap is, I will go with what the course has. And If you managed that you’ve played ok but if you don’t do it then you haven’t played well. It took me nearly two years, self taught without a golf instructor . And after two years I managed to go under par even. A lot of people are like , I’ll just lower my handicap. It’s the same with fishing. I’ll just go out and fish It works for some people but it doesn’t work for me. You have to have a goal. and when you’ve reach that one you set yourself another goal . As soon as I’ve reached my goals that’s when I quit . But your goals is what makes you succeed as well . Here’s the weed Yes I can see it. To sum it up, set your goals high. The saying goes , if you at least try you’re nearly at the finishing line. I often say, nobody remembers a coward. That’s true. If you’ve done everything in your power. then at least you’ve tried. On the other hand if you just come up with excuses like oh it’s snowing outside or it’s a bit to windy. instead of just accepting how it is and make the best out of the situation. That’s what I’ve always said. I’ve always wanted to do something I’m 39 years old . and I play the Xbox. Playing video games is a lot of fun as well . Why do I do it? It’s another small one. It’s like a nursery. and we didn’t have any strikes where the big fish were. I had a fish. Pretty decent. Not like the once further up but. About 90 cm. This one is going back in. Another thing is . I have kids, an 11 year old and a 13 year old. Will you ever let your son beat you in anything?- Always. That’s where I’m the opposite. But he’s going to have to work hard for it. When I think he’s earned it. I hope that he will beat me which he probably will. I never dared to win over my father. Both of my sons loves to beat me. I wonder how many people that are watching us right now and are thinking like.. Look at those idiots? Can they not see that it’s snowing outside. zombie perch. 27 cm. The manly bait. I told you they would strike. It’s little bit funny as well that I got to steal this pike from Alex. He didn’t want my bait. He was there and was like -No thank you. Didn’t feel like striking. It looked a lot bigger in the water. Chubby. It striked on a gator gum, 27 cm. We’re moving upwards. Your on heat now Alex. Remember what I’ve said when you catch fish on soft baits. If you catch one they’ll just keep on coming It’s like a blood scent in the water. I truly believe that. Bigger? That one really wanted it. This one striked similar to the bigger one over there. We’ve covered this area now so what we’re doing now it trying to locate baitfish. They tend to gather together this time of year when it’s a bit colder they go down deeper and we’ve found a deep area here. If we look here we can see baitfish. If we look here on our side scanner or side image we can see baitfish on both the left and right hand side. We’ve driven over the hole shoal. A really good tool so what we’re going to do now is to take the opportunity and fish here. To see if there are any pike here or if there’s just perch hunting here. Sizewise it looks like small white fish Fun. Really fun. Let’s see. Shades on. We’re going to swap shades. Thank God. It make you happy. It makes you happy to put these on. The weather is actually great. It’s nice and bright. Alex , explain to the people at home why they should have yellow lenses. Very important. When it’s weather like this, you need sunglasses because you need to protect your eyes from hooks and your out on the water where there is double UV from the sky which reflects in the water as well. UV protection and fish hook protection. But with yellow lenses you can see so much better. People are not buying enough yellow lenses. They don’t understand how affective it is when it’s overcast like today to be able to see followers. I strongly recommend that you buy yellow lenses for autumn fishing and for when it’s overcast. and darker fishing. It feels like they highlight contrast as well . You can still use them when it’s sunny as well . I had a fish. That was a bigger one. -yes it was. That’s a meter fish. It was a good one and I only saw half of it. It just stood there and slowly descended. They are here, we’ve got followers Your a bit mean to me right now. You put on a cheat colour. What a strike. Is it a good one? No it’s to light. It’s not to bad. You want the landing net? It’s pretty long. Dobb Daddy is the one right now. I have no idea with this rod. It could be a 90 cm fish. First cast?-Yes on the first cast with a Dobb Daddy. I’m in the game now. I wanted a slow moving one which it did. It was so calm the hole time. Seriously, is it the same pike again?! They’ve just nibbled on the 27 cm so I put on the same colour that I had but the 22 cm and they strike harder. It pretty cool, you just change the size and it makes them strike with more power. Is it a good?-I have no idea because I have this rod. Back up. Strong. Dobb Daddy Yet again black pike. This was a fat one. Look here how much it’s eaten I currently fishing four to six meters with Dobb Daddy I’ve put on a jig head I can go down so I can fish at six to seven meters. No problems. A good tip when fishing with Dobb Daddy. Because we are both really competitive let’s say like I know that I’ve been better then you throughout the day so not to make you feel to bad. The one who catches the next fish, he’s the best. I’m in, and the loser has to buy the pizza tonight. Let’s go with that. I only need one cast. He think he’s all that. I’ll show him how it’s done. I’m really going to enjoy that pizza. Well I’m going to order two. You’re even going to eat one just because. I’m going to use one as a frisbee . It’s a small one. Get rid of it then. Stop playing. It’s not that small but it’s a fish. Well Björn.. I’m having double pizzas today. It’s going to be really tasty with a pizza. I’m going to order extra everything Let’s call it a day. It’s been a good day. Not any proper big ones fun fishing. Great fishing but I’m a little bit bitter though that I lost the pizza bet. Not me.- But tomorrow.. You want to have a new competition tomorrow? Biggest fish wins. Tomorrow, that’s when it all happens. We’re off to eat some pizza now and rest . I’m having two pizzas. -I know. New day with new opportunities and new waters. It hasn’t been easy We’ve had problems with our trailer which has frozen. The trolling motor has frozen, we’re freezing as well. We can just about manage. The outside temperature is minus three so everything is frozen so I brought along a spinning rod as a reserve. It’s going to be harder today but we have good faith. We’re not going to catch a lot of fish today but hopefully big fish. That’s our aim for today. -Yes today we’re aiming for big fish. Let’s go! Are they standing just by the current flow? The old current flow runs over there and the new current flow runs out there. There’s a reef line there we’re going to be drifting out that way. You can litterally cast anywhere around here. The water is so clear. Small?- Yes. But it’s a fish. It’s started to fatten up . A small maybe around 65 cm They are so beautiful. Really beautiful. The water is extremely clear. You can probably see down to about 4 meters. So we’re going with what we think looks like the real thing a white fish variety. We think this is the one. Let’s see if the sun will show it’s face today, it’s a little bit of a blue sky.. It much colder today. My hands are freezing already. That’s nice fish. Good work. Jiggar are in luck now that they strike on their colours. I just changed back to this one. I tried a few others but.. 5,7 degrees. What was it yesterday. 4,5-4,7 degrees roughly. One degree warmer up here. You would think they would want to make their way up here then. Another plus 90 cm . No it’s not, but it’s a fish. It’s hardly on. It took the bait just. It’s another chubby one. Not a 90 cm fish but around 80 cm. -Roughly 85 cm. They’re chunky. They do weigh a bit. How long have you been using Gator Alex? Three years. but it’s just been like a hobby on the side. As the same time as your business Leech Eyeweare of course. I do fish a lot and when I’m out fishing people started to ask me what I fish with. I had rebuilt my st Croix rods I changed them to fit me better And the guy who built my rods got a lot of request for just those rods. So a lot of people started to do it which made me think. maybe I should make rods. I started to look in to it and during that time Gator Gun came on the scene as well. I was with you fishing with the jig. I fished with the blue pearl jig only for over two years What should we look forward to in the new year when it comes to your products? That’s pretty interesting. I’ve had my 1-piece rods now for two seasons Your Black Titanium series . So you’ll see the new Elixir series next year. Once I finished with the first series. It’s taken two years to develop these new ones. I’ve been working on a jerk bait. That’s being released next year. A little bit late as it should’ve been ready this autumn. I’ve used it, it’s a really nice.. side to side bait. Shame about the delay . Well you know, if you waiting for something good you don’t mind. Something I’m really excited about is my new fluorocarbon Leaders. It’s the same as what I have on now. Are they 1.2mm? -1.28mm I’ve been using this one over more then 30 times. and I haven’t changed it once. It’s really excellent , expensive but excellent . You’ll also see some new perch twitch baits. It’s like a jerk twitch bait. It’s a fighter but fun. I think it’s a 90 cm fish. But it’s skinny. Skinny for sure. You think it’s skinny but it’s not. What do you reckon? Closer to 90 cm? Not the one we came here for, but a strike is always a strike. Especially in a place like this. It’s going to be warmer next week, of course since we’re leaving. I think it’s pretty cool though. We’ve been fishing in minus two, three degrees. Out conditions haven’t been great. I think it’s milder now, it’s started to thaw. It’s getting warmer, I can feel it. That was close. Don’t knock the short casts. My bird or my now wife always say, there is only one person I know that is more arrogant then you and that’s Björn Boström. There about a million arrogant people in Stockholm And the most arrogant one lives in Järna (Björn). I think that we should change water. This is a lake but it has currents on the north side. So I though we should go to my water instead. A river that we know baitfish has entered the backwater and try to find the big ones. That’s what we’re going to do these last few hours of the day. What do you think? Let’s try it and see how it goes. . We’re moving on. We’re finally here. It’s after lunch , we’re at a new location . We’re hoping to find some big fish here. It’s a bit warmer here as well.-That’s true. No snow here but we have travelled 140 km so .. but we haven’t seen a single bait fish which is a bit worryingly . We’re not giving up though, we just have to wait and see. Let’s do this. Hollywood ending. Let’s get this mother of a beast. I’m releasing it back in, there are bigger ones. This colour is actually works really well especially when you know that there’s bream in the area. that’s when this colour really works. It’s called Dirty Pike. It’s important to have the right gear to keep warm but most importantly to stay dry. Your gear Alex.. you’ve used it for a long time now, are you happy with it? It’s works really well .

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