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I Didn’t Care About The iPhone 11 – Until I Used It

I Didn’t Care About The iPhone 11 – Until I Used It

– [Michael Fisher] This
video is sponsored by tech21. I didn’t expect to have to try this hard. I came to New York city specifically to go hands-on with the new iPhone. I’ve now gotten to try all three of them. I’ve shot endless sample
photos with their new wide-angle cameras,
which I’ve been badgering Apple to include for three years. The phones have slipped
back into my pockets with a resounding thud, testament to another answered prayer. Stop making your phones thinner, we said. We don’t need thinner phones, we need better battery life. Well, wish granted. These are thicker,
heavier and they promise to last longer. And most surprising of
all to me, the price point is $50 lower than last year. In short, Apple has
given us everything we’ve asked for. So why, as I walk the
streets with my friends Renee and Hayato with
a brand new smartphone on it’s very release day, why is it so hard for me to care? (exciting electronic music) I have a theory about that but I’ll save the navel
gazing for the end, because right now I want to tell you about the phone you came here to see. You’ve probably heard that the iPhone 11 is split into two categories, one of which has a pro at the end of it and comes in two sizes. How do you tell them apart? Well, the colors are different, the display bezels are thinner on the pro, and the pro also packs
many more pixels per inch on a more saturated,
higher contrast display. But the main difference
is this electric razor, fidget spinner, journeyman
project Turbo logo, however you want to make fun of it, it’s the camera module. And look, while it does
look goofy in pictures, the triple lens on the iPhone 11 Pro is actually okay in person. And really, what matters
is the camera’s output, right? The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro
each pack the same two base cameras. A 12 megapixel primary and a matching 12 megapixel sensor behind an ultrawide 120 degree lens. Many Android phones have
similar arrangements, but almost always the differences in
either sensors or lenses. or both, have meant that the
colors vary significantly between wide and ultrawide. The iPhone 11 hasn’t
totally solved for this. The smaller aperture
on the ultrawide means it can’t let as much
light in and so it does suffer in the dark. But the color matching
across cameras has never been better than it is on this phone. That applies to the third camera, on the 11 Pro as well. Another 12 megapixel sensor made into a telephoto lens for long shots. I’m disappointed Apple stuck to just 2X magnification here
while the competition is out doing 3x and even 5x optical zoom. But you forget all about that when you try Apple’s new night mode. First it was Huawei then Google then… …well, technically Samsung
but (derisive vocalization) point is, Apple has
finally put some work into photos taken after dark. And the results early
on are hugely promising. Dimmer but more authentic than Huawei. Better in all respects than Samsung. And going below for blow with Google. That’s truly astounding. After a year of falling
over myself saying how great the Pixel 3’s night
sight because it is, but Apple it seems has caught up. I’m going to talk a lot
more about these cameras in the review so let
me wrap up with a word on selfies and a word on portraits. We finally have a wider
front facing camera on the iPhone. Not as wide as the Pixel 3 can go it maxes out at 85 degrees. But it does compare favorably against the Galaxy Note 10+ in terms of quality. Look how much more
there is to the picture. Watch out. Also I’m a big pumpkin man over there. And I’m my real self over there. Video, the iPhone does it better. No new lessons were learned. And over in portrait land
the iPhone continues to just kill it when it
comes to color science. The Pixel has the edge in… …edge detection. And Samsung does do good work too, but in terms of colors and the quality of the bouquet Apple usually wins. It’s just a shame that in 2019, nearly six years after
HTC first made portrait photos a thing, screwing up these photos is as easy as having glasses, or, you know, hair. What else is new? Well Apple is finally
shipping a fast charger in the box, at least relatively fast at 18 watts and only if you buy the Pro. Face ID is said to be 30 percent faster and capable of working at
a wider range of angles but in my brief testing against an older version of iOS that improvement wasn’t consistent, either on the table or in the hand. And 3D touch is gone
now which makes me sad because it was one of the first truly new ways to use a touchscreen. The other stuff- the
longer lasting batteries, the spacial audio, I need time to test it. And yes, I’m getting ready to wrap up but don’t go anywhere
because we still have to talk about my pesky disillusionment. Right now though, in the
midst of a hectic Day 1, it’s all I can do to
remember that the 11 has glossy glass while the
11 Pro’s is frosty glass. And that glass may be the strongest ever but I wasn’t willing to
test that claim on some of the first iPhones
11’s to hit the street. So, to protect yours in case it literally hits the street, check out the new cases
from my sponsor tech21. What makes them new? How about anti-microbial
protection built into the material itself so it’s 99.99% microbe free. Or that fact that the cases are more sustainable now, created from plant based materials. And of course tech21 cases are still grown to be thrown with the best drop protection you can ask for. Keep your iPhone 11 safe and save 10%. Click the link in the description below. And use code: MRMOBILE10 Now here’s why getting
excited for this iPhone this time around has been tougher for me. I look back to how jazzed I was about the iPhone 10 a couple years
back and it’s because so much was new, from the gestures to the hardware, even the notch. It’s natural for Apple to
have a so-called S year but that was last year and I think I just expected more. On top of that, and
this is more important, the new software iOs 13.1 still won’t be here for another week. And that will enable a lot of features no one has been able to try yet, like the U1 chip inside this thing and Deep Fusion for even better photos. So it’s kind of hard to
evaluate this phone on the merits while it’s
still waiting for half its brain to get delivered, you know? Maybe most of all… …I still believe we’re on the brink of a sea change in mobile. With foldable phones just
on the cusp of release. And while I know it’s so early for those, and really no one should
buy them yet, probably, they’re always on my
mind when I’m testing out the latest plain old rectangle. I’m just eager for the next step, I guess. That’s said, if there is a rectangle you buy this year, there probably will be, these should be near the top of your list for consideration. And if you want a lot more photo samples and insights than I was
able to get into here, hit up Renee Ritchie’s videos at Vector. And also Hayato Huseman’s face-off between the iPhone 11 and the Galaxy Note 10+ at Android Central. I’ll link them both below. Thanks to both of those
gentlemen for all their help putting this video together. And for the record,
Mobile Nations purchased both of my review iPhones from Apple. They are retail units
and no copy approval or compensation provided either, of course. If that’s the kind of
tech video you’d like to see more of please
subscribe to theMrMobile on YouTube and stay tuned for that review coming soon. Until next time, thanks for watching, and stay mobile, my friends.

100 comments on “I Didn’t Care About The iPhone 11 – Until I Used It

  1. Apple has given us everything we asked for? I ask for an SD card slot, a headphone jack, a USB port, a replaceable battery and I don't care about cameras.

  2. I do like iPhones except XR and iPhone 11 but 1000$ is way too much for me to spend on a phone and in my country its 1400$ 😲

  3. Until apple can’t solve logical stuff like separating volumes from system media and alarm and very limited settings for apps and stupid placement of settings. For me who speak 4 languages it is imposible to write fluently whenever wherever I want on a iPhone. The UI that looked the same since it came CAN’T give ANY iPhone a high point, and the system itself is pretty boring, unlogical and stupid. Especially the marking of words and correcting them in the middle. What’s different about this and my temporal 6s more than the camera, what? What can that do differently more than face unlock? Everything exactly the same. And it been YEARS

  4. Dang Mr. Fisher, that cinematography was on point. I was entirely affixed on your video about a phone I care so little about. Just so pleasant to watch.

    Been watching/listening to you since you were hosting the Pocketnow Weekly. And my fellow Trekkie!

  5. It is so true though, I was so eager to get the iPhone XS! I was so incredibly excited about the 11 and in the end, I won’t get into another 24 month contract just for one more camera. They are basically the same phone.

  6. The industry needs someone like Jobs to convince the world that foldables are the future, right now it doesn’t seem like the mainstream sees the purpose for that tech in a phone

  7. If someone can tell me how to turn off the fucking track your menstrual cycle part I would appreciate it. Its annoying that Apple thinks everyone is a female.

  8. Great review. Haven’t used an iPhone since the 5. Own a s10+ which is a wonder phone however this is the first iPhone that’s made me sit up and listen.

  9. They are only "cheaper" in the USA, for the rest of the world – 96%, they are NOT. Why do the reviewers heavily focus on smartphone photograph? Average consumers don't REALLY care, because majority of people ain't Instagram activists.

  10. What I like most with apple night shots compared to any other phones, even pixels' is the sky where you can't see any grain at all. It's so important when you adjust the exposure later on.

  11. Didn't expect to be interrested in the new iphones but damn apple finally stepped up their game and I'm now really considering an iphone 11 pro next year when it will be time to live my brand new huawei p30 smartphone…Really thinking about going back to the Cupertino's phones after 8 years of android….

  12. iCrap
    Ugly Old Apple 'Notch'
    A13 Bionic Chip That Isn't Super Fast As Apple Make Out.
    Reference YouTube iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

  13. That's interesting how Michael says that the new iPhone is almost as good as the last year's Pixel in terms of photography. And I understand the point why he loses his interest. Just because this is a two-year-old phone with a couple features that others have had for years.

  14. I would only get a Huawei phone without Google services and apps and install them on my own only if it was significantly cheaper.

  15. I'm always sceptical of Apple phones, and their products in general. They ARE overpriced for what they give. I was also feeling that from the photos I had seen of this design, it was going to look disgusting, but when you see it in person it is really very nice (except that notch). The three cameras actually looks good. The colours are great, and as always they feel nice in the hands, but…would I get one? Most likely not. I am happy with my S10+, I am also wanting to go back to a Windows OS because it is so much better, so I am still stuck without MS's Andromeda device that they binned. Saying all this, my wife and brother in law will probably get this iPhone because it is perfect for them. Apple is just so annoying though, for me, I'd rather get the Galaxy Fold.

  16. I wish we went back to Nokia plastic for phones. All this glass is just annoying, too fragile, and not feasible. 99% of the time you have to cover them anyway, and then all phones look the same. Actually, the iPhones look thicker, while the S10+ feels perfect with a thin plastic clear case and Red Dragon D Brand skin.

  17. one legacy tim cook kept going for steve jobs is itunes. it still sucks ass. the one thing on my computer that reminds me of 1996 is itunes.

  18. 3:21
    You can actually see the details in the red on the iPhone while its all overblown on the pixel, especially on the lower parts of the ship

  19. I always love and appreciate when Reviewers give shout outs to HTC. They have pioneered and innovated so many things that other manufacturers have since adopted. Even though they're pretty much dead and it's heartbreaking to me being a long time user of their devices, it warms my heart when they get credited. Thanks Michael!!

  20. I've always been an Android guy (and still am) always just kinda said yeah you like iOS and that's fine.. tested most models out… Tested out the iPhone 11 pro max… Wow. It's pretty freaking awesome. Nowhere near worth the price. But it's an impressive device.

  21. The amazing thing about the p30 pro though is that you don't need to use "night mode" at night. Regular auto mode takes photos that rival night mode shots on other phones. Its quite incredible. It can make a huge difference when there is not a subject that can stand perfectly still for 5 seconds.

  22. I always thought the Pixel Night Sight was interesting, but comically overdone. Apple fixed that, and I think it's my favorite night mode now.
    It's really too bad the SOC didn't get much of an upgrade. Initial tests show the iPhone 11 is slower than the XS. Oh, and Michael, do you remember that U12 Plus you gleefully threw under the bus? It also defeated the iPhone 11 in speed tests in 80% of the functions using the SnapDragon 845. This makes it kinda awkward, right? Because either Apple under-delivered again, or you have to pull the optimization card and say Apple released an unfinished device.

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