Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


hi guys welcome back to the episode
today we are in st. Louis Missouri in a shallow Creek I’m here again with
treasure fictions we’re gonna walk down a shallow creek drop the magnets so we
can’t find anything today oh I got something big all that love shallow
Creek magnificient I don’t know no I don’t think so
Oh check that out guys got a shovel look at that guy’s shovel Oh got something
Oh what is that guys check that thing I’ve never seen one of these before
frost King still-frame anybody knows something like this is definitely let me
know down in the comments that’s pretty cool-looking look at that look at that
old piece guys definitely I’m sure what that thing is good we old window
regulator baby freakin sweet guys look at that Matt’s
got a fork his mouth pork dinner tonight on me okay guys you just found something
huge she’s reached an Arab it Oh check it hell what the heck is that I think
it’s freaking crazy guys yeah thanks freakin huge that’s crazy-looking it’s
got like a old wheel right there and like some blades or something who knows
what that thing could be definitely old it’s been on it for a while definitely let us know down in the
comments everybody knows what this thing is
ooh got something guys keeps falling off what is that Oh another big piece of old
pipe little cast-iron pipe right here Oh Oh check it out little walkie-talkie –
like a police scanner radio or something check that out I really got it – oh is
that oh look at that Oh check them out guys another garden
tool today we’re gonna shovel and a rake look at that pretty cool stuff here
I got something Oh check it out Oh lock Oh combination lock pretty cool
I like that check it out guys got me old soul with that now the pipe guys not too
bad hi guys see this hook on something big
right here well yeah let’s say old sign probably that is definitely old sign I
got something again oh it came off look at that guy’s another piece of wire old
piece of rebar probably oh oh that bill peace guys another day
old piece a lot of rebar out here oh holy lads just dropped it right there
found that my guys found another piece another piece of rebar I guess I know
where you see that big old piece don’t let me find a lot pipe down there I’ll do that a whole bunch more stuff
that guy’s old flat metal some weird piece of metal and another one he’s ring
things pretty cool Oh what is that another piece of rebar
what was a big piece of metal definitely not for sure what that is I
think that might be like an old motor or something

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