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I got Clownfish! NEMO FISH! – Nano Reef Tank

I got Clownfish! NEMO FISH! – Nano Reef Tank

This right here is my Nano Saltwater Aquarium, I have some Corals in here as well as some Cleaner Shrimp, a Snail and
an Anemone. Today I bought Clownfish also known as a Nemo. So here we have the bag with the Two
Clownfish. They are very small and very cute. You can’t really see them through this
bag so I’m going to acclimate them to the water and then they can swim. This thing will protect the Fish, Shrimp
and other creatures in this Tank from getting out of this Tank. I also need to get these things out,
they can eat Corals. So I grabbed them like this because they
release a lot of small particles of their body that can regenerate new
creatures. They can also hide between your Corals. So lets put the Clown Fish in the water to let
them acclimate to the temperature of my Aquarium Water. How should we call these Nemo Fish?
Let me know in the comments. So I’ve acclimated them to the
temperature and to the water using a drip acclamation. Now it’s time to put them into their new home, I hope they like it. Look at this Crab defending his home. I think they’re happy.
What do you think? Lets put the lid back on because I don’t
want them to jump out of the Tank and die. I also bought a bag of Marine Cocepods they are very tiny creatures. They are great Food for your Reef. The
Corals and the Fish will also eat some Cocepods.
All these white particles you see are small Living Copepods. This was the video I hope you enjoyed! The Nemo Fish are in their new home. Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t
done that already and then I hope to see you in the next video.

25 comments on “I got Clownfish! NEMO FISH! – Nano Reef Tank

  1. Save this playlist and stay updated on what's happening in and with my Nano Reef Tank!

  2. You are my favorite youtuber and your tanks are great. Also, you give me advice, which I have not gotten from other channels. Thank you.

  3. Hey! Not to sound like a “know it all” but I believe those slugs that are eating your corals are called nudibranches. They have some cool ones that don’t eat coral, but you have the pest kind, I believe there is stuff you can dose in your water to get rid of them…I could be wrong though

  4. Just be careful with adding the bags of copepods into a nano system, it can really mess up your salinity. Remember to take out what you put in. Obviously you might of done this off camera 🙂

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