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I HATE FISHING | Fishing Planet

There are certain things in life which People enjoy that I just don’t understand you know like like knitting you know What why do you want to do that but one thing? I really will never understand, and I absolutely hate is Fishing today. We’re gonna see if somehow this game Makes me like fishing a pallet. This is the ultimate the ultimate ultimate fishing Simulator so if this can’t make me like fishing nothing can jokes at any of you that fight I was actually gonna go outside and fish for this video. I don’t care that much approach the shoreline throw the rod at the water wait for a fish to bite I I’ve been waiting for about five minutes, and nothing’s happening Oh Fish there’s a fish reel in the fish, let’s go come on come on oh Good god damn bluegill. Why do I have to release it? I want to eat it. Oh hi it Lets it go. If you like I’m gonna eat it. Why can’t I click the keep button is not let me click it What’s the point of catching it? I’m gonna catch tuna one it better. Let me keep this one. Oh, we got a fish Strike yeah, and then we old this down What a golden shiner that I have to release again, Oh You press a button to throw it out, then you press a button again to Reel it back in And then you’ve got a fish, and then you do it again intense non repetitive gameplay. It’s a grief Are you inches eight point six inches No contact time for a real catch oh oh that was not that was not real this is the real gameplay so while we sit here and Wait for this fish girl explain to me. What’s exciting about this now you could remember? I quite happily add it to my videos so you’re not having to sit through this, but this is really boring I’ve got a fish. Why is it going further away? Why is it going further away? Get over it there you going he’s having a bottle in the air now. This is on come on Nate No, fishy strong enough to stop daddy Furyk. Let’s go come on. Oh yeah, that’s what I thought a trophy White-majority levels They should just a meme these Fisher’s than me And I’m not gonna make any jokes here because then I don’t want to get any monetized so you can read it instead Let’s fish next up palo verde mate This guy next to me. He’s just catch you just caught like free fish, and I’ve even caught one yet This is unfair game mechanics. We got a green Sunfish of course, I’m gonna keep it. I marred me. Let’s get another one come here come here come here nope Oh, you’ve got a bluegill a trophy bleep bluegill nuts Daniel bluegill Riveting gameplay nine point six inches get him better get him better right, but I can’t take this fish well I got a hundred dollar fine, or I can try my look. I got fined alright You snitched on me that you snitched on me stealing the fish I’m not allowed to take was it you mate was you Palo Verde thought we were friends Who else was it was a humane was it you Brian? 1971 thanks for telling me your birthday may online cybersecurity kids don’t put your birthday in the username I just don’t know how this is like. This is some riveting game players Give it to just throw the line out you wait til someone comes for you You hold down the button you get the fish, and then occasionally well shock ya find This is it. I’m gonna use all my training so far One last cast this is on my line. Let’s go come on Reel it in reel it in reel it in this the ultimate final fish. What’s it gonna be? 10 over 10 inches it’s a white That’s it we’re keeping that over 10 inches 10 inches. I mean having anyone be impressed with over 10 inches overall Do I now enjoy fishing do I think I’m ever gonna go fishing no, but I got a video out of it So thank you all very much for watching. Please don’t forget leave like and subscribe if you’re new around here Don’t forget stern notifications on if you you know so you get my video straightaway, and that’s about it See you all in the next video

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