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I Made a Giant Dorito Burrito • Tasty

oh man I definitely overfilled it okay we’ve got a little news I’m Kelsey and I am team nacho cheese Dorito I’m iffy and I’m team Cool Ranch now I think those are fine but I definitely am partial to the nacho cheese Cool Ranch is good because you know what products good especially in the 90s when it calls itself cool because that was that’s what is I yo I’m the coolest thing so today if he and I are going to challenge tasty producer Alex trigger to make a giant burrito with this is the base and luckily for us this giant burrito will be split in half one side is not so cheesy well we’ll soon find out which is superior hey I’m Alex and today I’ve been challenged to make a giant burrito burrito so we’re gonna see which half of this giant burrito burrito comes out on top Beto alright so I’m gonna start with the first half which is going to be nacho cheese I’m going to be making a ground beef filling because ground beef and nacho cheese goes really well together we’re gonna start with two pounds of ground beef nice sizzle I’m just gonna crumble this down and cook it until the beef is brown I’m just gonna add in my white onion now that my onions have cooked down a little bit I’m gonna be adding some taco seasoning I’m just gonna eyeball this if you’re gonna make this at home I mean you can use your own spices cumin garlic powder chili powder onion powder any kind of powder all right so we’ve got that seasoning in there it’s actually smelling pretty good I’m gonna add in a can of diced tomatoes and green chilies so I’m just gonna give this a few minutes just to like cook down any of that extra liquid I also don’t want to add too much like salt because I know the chips that we’re gonna put in the burrito have some sodium in there so I don’t want this to be too salty all right so that is a wrap on filling number one and we’re gonna move on to filling number two so for the Cool Ranch 1/2 I decided to use chicken for the filling and that’s because I just feel like chicken pairs better with ranch it’s as simple as that so again this filling is gonna be pretty simple we’re just gonna get this chicken right in here and start to cook that I really hope I can pull this half off it just doesn’t make as much sense as a burrito filling but you know what I don’t make much sense most of the time even I’m just gonna season my chicken with salt and pepper and again I’m just kind of eyeballing this but there’s a lot of chicken in here alright so my chicken is cooked and I’m gonna move on to our chipotle ranch sauce because the Cool Ranch flavor doesn’t quite fit within the ingredients of a burrito I figured that using Chipotle in the rib will kind of tie those flavors together I guess it’s not exactly Cool Ranch I feel like Cool Ranch is very mild and these chipotle peppers are pretty spicy but whatever so I’m just gonna give this a little bit of a blend all right so for the Chipotle rich base I’m gonna be adding some mayonnaise some sour cream and some ranch so I’m just gonna mix this up a little bit and now I’m going to add in my Chipotle now again these are pretty spicy the good thing though about the ranch is that the fat from the mayonnaise sour cream and the ranch will cool down any of that spice in there so it won’t be too overpowering you get a nice like red color from the Chipotle’s to spread good okay so now I’m gonna add my chipotle ranch sauce to my cooked chicken all right so now our fillings are done so let’s start wrapping eyelines this pan with foil because I’m anticipating that wrapping the burrito is going to be a complete nightmare I’m hoping that having the foil there will kind of help me seal it all together so I think the best course of action is gonna be doing a double layer of tortillas because I feel like it’s gonna be easier to wrap now for my secret hack I’m gonna be sprinkling some shredded cheese on my tortilla and I’m gonna bake it so it creates a bit of a glue so now I’m gonna start assembling the rest of the burrito I have some refried beans so the base of my burrito is gonna be same on both sides the fillings is what is going to differentiate the flavors so this half is gonna be the nacho cheese and this half is gonna be the cool ranch I’m deciding to add the layer of chips now before my filling just so the chips are kind of like encased in the middle and I feel like it’ll be easier to rap when the filling is on top rather than like loose chips everywhere and I’m gonna kind of like crunch them down too FLAC all right this is very ridiculous so now I’m gonna add my beef filling to our nacho side I mean this is kind of reminiscent of like my order at Taco Bell on the weekend it’s a good crunch off supreme I’m very worried though that I’ve already overfilled and now this half is for the chicken cool I’ve got both sides of my toppings on I’m gonna give it a little bit more cheese and then we’ll wrap this thing I’m dreading that I definitely overfilled it but you know I guess we just got to go for it oh man maybe I just gotta go for it okay we’ve got a little news I’m gonna try to flip this side in now and just heat it all the way through so we have a nice warm burrito oh-ho baby that is a giant burrito burrito all right let’s bake this thing all right so now that’s surprisingly well I would say I know we get a little bit of a snag with the filling but what’s a burrito without a lot of filling a tortilla so now I’m gonna jazz it up put a little toppings on here and we’ll give it a taste I’m shocked I pulled this off I have to say it looks really good all right let’s get Kelsey and if you back in here to try this monster of a burrito I hope I made them proud proud eat Oh [Music] we gonna eat this is so large I think it’s just best if we cut off the ends for you guys to try I’m so excited to try this so the sides are steamed okay I’m ready oh thanks good luck that was spectacular mm-hmm Cheers whoa there’s just so much but it’s really good I took a huge bite and forgot a hatches talk after so so this I would say is more of like a classic burrito flavor with the nacho cheese this is a little bit more of a curveball with a Cool Ranch yeah this will really grow just like I was just eating the classic burrito great dense some girth to it mmm I taste that ranch yes might make me convert this is good all right good night I don’t know we’re just like communal burritos yeah I’m gonna go with the ranch because I like the chicken and the crunch you know but I’m not hating on the classic cheesy side right dude you know it’s hard to choose you know a real Sophie’s Choice I think that I would actually also go with the cool rich because it’s like different and something new all right this is too big for us to get on Ernie so let’s just about yes [Music]

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