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I Think I’ve Got This With Chip Chapley – Episode 1 “Fish Facts”

I Think I’ve Got This With Chip Chapley – Episode 1 “Fish Facts”

[Music] science history moustaches due to recent litigation I’ve been banned from the news that’s why I’m going to the Internet I’ll be answering your comments and questions here on I think I’ve got this with me chip chap Lee hello the Internet I’m chip chap Lee and I think I’ve got this tonight we begin with you your questions and me doing a pretty good job of answering them our first question is in the category of science subcategory fish Elroy Yanni asks if we can’t see the air does that mean fish can’t see the water to answer this question I’ve brought in world-renowned marine biologist dr. dad evolve Chernobyl Stan Thank You chip you see the fish doctor I hate to interrupt but I think I’ve got this you see a fish’s eyes are vestigial which means they don’t actually work they’re just for show and to keep people from freaking out when they talk to a fish um no most fish can see quite it’s like a dog’s tail or those nubbins on a giraffe’s head they don’t serve any purpose but if they weren’t there you’d be like oh sick gross get that giraffe out of my face on to our next question Elite replies asks why do dads leave their sons or daughters when they are little because this happened to me well elite replace your dad left for two very simple reasons one because as your name seems to imply you think yelling racial slurs while playing video games on YouTube is a viable career option and two because you never bothered to learn the difference between their there and their dumb dumb it’s your fault and you’re the reason daddy left next up potato King asks is the Illuminati real well no boo a biology question riri elder god of nerd asks where is peace toward the balls riri it’s stored in the balls well one of the balls the other one contains a viscous black ink that the man can eject towards predators when he feels threatened and our final question comes from someone whose screen name is George Sanderson which means his real name is probably weed boner make Hitler 420 and he asks mr. Chappel e if you eat yourself will you be twice as big or just disappear I think I’ve got this will you get twice as big or just disappear what happened you’d take a take a bite and that where’s that where’s that bite go ago yeah well then what happened oh god what happens where what happens you have to eat half of you what happens eat more than half it can you eat your own mouth Oh God leave your questions for the next episode of I think I’ve got this with chip chat lead in the comments below want more chip chapli I know I do click on these videos to watch me chip chapli in news to me with me chip Shepley yeah that’s me

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  1. If you eat yourself you stay the same weight until digestion is done then the digested part of you is expelled. You can eat parts of yourself till you attempt to eat something vital and after that you die if you haven't already from blood loss.

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