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100 comments on “I Try Making The Vegan Banana Peel Pulled Pork Sandwich

  1. People don’t hate vegans, people hate vegans that go on meat related posts/videos and comment like they are saints for being a vegan.

  2. I wonder how it tastes baked instead of fried? how long should you fry it/bake it for? otherwise I'm down to do it, I just have no idea where to find organic bananas, all of our bananas are from Ecuador. Maybe plantains?? anyone??

  3. Burger buns are still not vegan lol but this video is funny. Im allergic to 90% of the ingredients so it’s not on the try it list but….😂😂😂 “Don’t make eye contact with me while doing that” 😂😂😂

  4. There's actually this HUGE Buy 1 Take 1 burger chain here in the Philippines that uses banana peels to make their patties so I find Banana peel usage normal.

  5. Asian guy in the green hoodie – very very very much such a G. He is such a G in every video he has featured in. End of discussion.

  6. You're actually using a wrong kind of banana. And… organic bananas don't look like that. We had a farm and we also produced bananas. You're also doing it wrong.

  7. Hello! Just my opinion, maybe you should try to cook banana tree trunk. Some people group in my country cook it as a traditional cuisine

  8. I recently ate out at a vegan restaurant and had banana peel fish and chips. It was actually really good! I think the banana peel is like a jackfruit where the flavour is more in the seasoning/sauce than the actual fruit

  9. I don't understand disliking delicious food because it's made from something you typically waste. Americans especially overreact when someone cooks with an ingredient they're used to throwing out, like I've seen people get borderline hostile when they find out other cultures eat cow tongue and tail

  10. I mean, it ain't weird for us. We put banana peel into our cuisine a lot. (Though it might still be weird for people living in cities) it tasted quite neutral but the texture is amazing.

  11. 3:29
    “Didn’t even make eye contact with me while you did that”

    Wait so she wants him to lick food and look at her whilst doing it?? That’s hot

  12. My country is so broke that people use this like sustitude of meat they just trow soy sauce or english sauce to the bowl instead the fancy vegan Stuff

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