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I Want You To Stop Using Sunscreen

I Want You To Stop Using Sunscreen

Shh we need to talk about sunscreen so sunblock and other products with SPF are one of the best ways we can protect our skin from UVB rays which are responsible for sunburns and could cause the type of damage that may lead to skin cancer but I don’t want you to use just any type of sunscreen that’s because most conventional sunscreens use certain chemicals like oxytocin or oxy no sate to block ultraviolet or UV rays from your skin when you take a dip in the ocean apply spray on sunscreen at the beach or shower off after your fun in the Sun those chemicals wash off and can end up in our water systems where they can harm plant and animal life an estimated 14,000 tons of sunscreen enter oceans around the world every year the chemicals in sunscreen can inhibit photosynthesis and the growth of green algae which by some estimates create as much as thirty to fifty percent of the oxygen we breathe seems kind of important fish reproduction and fertility are affected and fewer eggs hatch after exposure to these chemicals the World Wildlife Fund calls seafood the largest treated food commodity in the world and about 3.2 billion people rely on fish as a healthy protein and chemicals from sunscreen can have a profoundly negative impact on our coral reefs by building up the corals tissue and causing bleaching changes to DNA deformations and even death a major study backed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration specifically identified benzathine also known as oxybenzone or B p3 as a major hazard to the health of coral but chemicals aren’t the only things that affect coral reefs climate change pollution overfishing and invasive species also threaten these ecosystems but keep in mind we’re losing our coral reefs at an alarming rate and we need to do what we can before it’s too late these ecosystems are extremely valuable and not just environmentally generating about three hundred and seventy-five billion dollars annually coral reefs are a source of food they bring in money for tourism and they protect our coastlines from ocean waves without them we see a lot more property damage and fatalities due to bad weather chemicals from sunscreens can even affect dolphins because it threatens their food supply consider the fact that the chemicals from sunscreen also seep into our skin and the FDA has only recently proposed that we should be looking into whether or not these same chemicals that harm marine life also pose a health risk to humans but we do need to protect our skin from the Sun the American Academy of Dermatology suggests that everybody over six months old should be using a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher but instead of using sunscreens with harmful chemicals we can choose mineral based non nano sunscreens that use zinc oxide or titanium dioxide and use lotions that apply it directly onto the skin rather than a spray [Music]

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  1. You know, maybe you should use titles that aren’t clickbait involving people’s health.
    Buzzfeed already annoys but this made me mad

  2. Mineral suncreams are more of a safe option that are affordable. The amount of suncream needed really depends on where you're from, time of year and how much skin is going to be exposed. It's not that bad if you're not out all the time as well. Wouldn't really need suncreams under thicker fabrics and can get moneral suncreams for like £2.
    The title of this video I guess attracts people's attention but still should be changed haha

  3. Why are you using paper if our trees are dying as well? You just made more waste killed some tree when you could have made a video slide show ..?

  4. Unfortunately none of these sunscreens will work for me without leaving a stark white cast…..So I encourage you pale beauties to shop the links in the description lol

  5. lets understand this and hope that this is legit. Im sure we do not want to have 'lets stop using Plastic Straw because it harms the Ocean creatures' Campaign right? Next thing you know, organizations will boycott selling sunscreens.

  6. anyone who would like to know more about corals, listen to "ologies" podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts. seriously the best science podcast ever. the episode about corals goes more into what corals are and how the environment affects corals. to summarise the podcast though.. climate change is more of a concern to coral then the use of sunscreen does. if anything we should be trying to reduce the affects of climate change so that it doesnt just prevent the death of corals, but other issues in the environment also.

  7. i like the intended message. just wished the title wasnt so off putting. Changing the title to 'why you should stop wearing unsafe sunscreen' would prolly be as clickbaitty. maybe at least even if people don't click on the video they get subconsciously aware of the term 'unsafe sunscreens'. then who knows, on a sleepless night at two in the morning, have this inexplicable need to google it

  8. So your saying that we should burn our skin and get skin cancer , those sunscreens your offering don’t truly protect from the sun as someone who has a very high risk of skin cancer from the sun I need those harsh chemical sun screens or I will most likely get skin cancer , my family very easily gets skin cancer from sunburns and the UV rays it runs in the family and many of my family members in the passed have died from it so I really do not appreciate your obliviousness in this video and how careless you were to put out this video buzzfeed when there are people out here who pretty much have to use those sunscreens for life buzzfeed I think you truly did not think about certain aspects of this video truly I am offended with the big budget you have with this video I’m sure of you at least should have done your home work and researched more sincerely a very upset viewer

  9. This clickbait title presents dangerous misinformation. Something like “Let’s Talk About Reef-Safe Sunscreen” or “Is Your Sunscreen Reef-Safe?” would be more accurate. You’re delivering news, not shock value. The difference is important.

  10. If it's so bad for the environment, why are we putting it on our skin I the first place?! That's a important environment too

  11. TBH absolutely nothing is going to help the environment until big corporations decide to make changes. As consumers, as long as "bad" sunscreen is easily available to us, people will keep buying it. It is almost entirely up to big corporations to "fix" the environment. A handful of people (even a million people is STILL considered a handful of people in this world of 7 billion people) being cautious is not going to do much. I get there is power in numbers but videos like this don't produce as much mass support as needed. This HAS to be a GLOBAL change and the consumers will only change as the corporations do.

  12. Banana boat sunscreen is worst sunscreen you can use. It has Ingredients that can actually cause cancer and really harmful to environment. Never ever use that kind.

  13. You done lost your mind if you think I'm going to pay $28 for some sunscreen. Solve the capitalism problem that makes environmental friendly items expensive and then get back to me.

  14. Umm… i get the natural sunscreen.. also its worse for you if you don't wear any bc it can call's call skin aging and more so umm.. don't listen to Buzzfeed we all know its fake 🙂 have a good day!

  15. Okay, she’s speaking facts but do you want to get sunburned, and possibly lose a part of your skin? And there’s a simple but disgusting solution. Don’t wash off that sunscreen for a day (only for people who didn’t go swim) and just wash off the next day…

  16. OOF on the title guys. the video itself was informative, but as someone with a chronic immune illness that makes it so i have to wear sunscreen every single day of the year, it was real annoying seeing that in my thumbnails.

  17. A terrible video!
    Clickbait title, misleading imagery, not enough info about ocean-safe sunscreen and what else can be done. Some could read this is as a message to stop using it altogether, which is dangerous! Very irresponsible Buzzfeed.

  18. remember when a lot of ppl made fun of muslims for wearing Burkini, looks like its the only way y'all can save the ocean without getting skin cancer LMAO!

  19. i get the fish are cute but these chemicals def arent safe for our skin to absorb either if its killing plants and animals

  20. Physical sunscreen that sits on top of my skin like zinc or titanium always break me out no matter how many times I try to wash them off at night (yes I did use oil cleanser first). I have to switch to chemical sunscreen and ever since I have no problem with breaking out. I did try to choose product without oxybenzone but it octixalate is hard to avoid

  21. I use only mineral Zinc Oxide sunscreen and Im so glad that I stoped goin to the beach since 2012.. I have friends that keep goin and even tho theyre almost 30 their skin looks way older. The sun isnt what it used to be.. and sadly it looks like next generations will have it even worse.

  22. I just want to know why you guys talk about not using sunscreen due to harming the environment then proceed to use it in your video? Wasting it and knowing it causes damage is worse than using it and not knowing the affects. I hope you're using the eco friendly sunscreen that way when you clean it up it doesn't cause harm.

  23. sooooooo what you're saying is to use CLEAN sunscreen, not stop using it? got it, the title totally didn't mislead me or anything

  24. I havent been able to find a sunscreen that im not allergic to and im also allergic to Aloe too sooooo ya girl is either inside all summer or gets as red as a tomato

  25. Something that others might wanna know as well, oxybenzone also causes breakouts and acne when it's used more over time (especially on your face) lol, so that's another reason to stay away from sunscreens with oxybenzone in the ingredient lists :))

    sorry if i made any mistakes on my english oops

  26. The thing is physical sunscreen leaves its signature crazy white cast when apply. While it is not the problem for this girl with white skin; but for people of color, no one wants to walk around looking like a Geisha 😂😂

  27. Stop using spray sunscreens! As she said in the video, they often have harmful chemicals, and I’ve heard they don’t protect your skin as well as a lotion. Also, I’m allergic to sunscreen (I can only use a couple of specific kinds) and so it can potentially be dangerous for me when people are spraying sunscreen near me at the beach, in line at theme parks, etc, so that’s another reason why they’re not the best choice. Someone around you might be allergic or just not like it, so if you’re going to spray sunscreen, please be considerate and spray it somewhere away from everybody else 😊

  28. Ok heres the thing I'm behind this but dont use that title!! I understand clickbait is great for views but wtf! I loved when buzzfeed used to make short info videos like this but that clickbait title is dangerous

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