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I Went Magnet Fishing & You Have to See for Yourself What I Found! (Treasure Hunt Challenge)

I Went Magnet Fishing & You Have to See for Yourself What I Found! (Treasure Hunt Challenge)

(heavy rock music)
– That’s it. – Oh my, God!
(laughing) (water splashing)
Oh no, oh no! (laughing)
(water splashing) – All right, so there’s this
thing called magnet fishin’. It’s been around a while, but I don’t think it’s that popular. And I don’t know why ’cause this just looks so much fun. I don’t understand why
it’s not more popular and why people aren’t doin’ this more. If you don’t know what magnet fishin’ is, I didn’t know until a week ago. Basically, magnet fishin’ is fishin’ with a magnet. (laughs) Fishin’ with a magnet! So, literally, all you do, you get a big magnet like this. Get your magnet on the
end of your climbin’ rope, like this. You throw this thing into a lake. Once it’s in the lake, you let it sink right down to the floor, and you drag it back towards ya. So then, anything metal, down there, will stick to your magnet, and you’ll pull it in. There could be anything down there. And this lake we’re going to today is really old, been around
like over a hundred-odd years. I think I’ve looked online, and I can see it’s been
around for so long. So, I mean, there could
be anything down there. I don’t even know what. There’s gotta be like a shoppin’ trolley or like a basket, maybe an old. But I don’t even know
what could be down there. There’s gonna be so
much rubbish down there. But hopefully, we can find something good. It’s just an unknown mystery. It’s literally fishin’ with a magnet. That’s why it’s called
magnet fishin’, I think. So today, I’m going to a
lake to try magnet fishin’. And I’m not just gonna
be standin’ on the edge and throwin’ it in. I’ve got a boat. I’ve got my own boat! This boy’s got his own boat. (chuckles) I’ve always wanted my own boat. Seriously, I’ve saved up so long for this. I’ve bought it with my own money. I own this thing. It’s my own boat. (exhales deeply)
My own boat. – That’s not a boat.
– It’s a boat. – Where’s the boat?
– It’s in here. It’s massive! It holds three people. It holds 230 kilos.
– That’s a thingie, Thomas. You have to blow it up. You said you’re gonna us a boat. – It’s a boat.
– Oh. – Three people could get in it. It’s a boat; it’s a boat, okay? (funky electronic music)
Talkin’ about magnet fishin’, off this boat, in the lake. I posted a cool picture. It’s already on Instagram. Go check it out. I’ll be linking the description below, but my user name’s @killemftw.
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(banging tone) right next to the “Subscribe” button? You’ll open it every time you upload. It’s as easy as that! Another (mumbles). Let’s go in my boat, in my boat, and go magnet fishin’. This is gonna be cool! (dramatic drum beats) (ducks quacking)
(shoes crunching on pier) – Ha, ha!
– Hey! – (laughs)
– Jesus Christ. Don’t ruin my top.
– That’s a cool top. Where’d you get it from? – Kill’em, after you go down to link. – Oh well, that will–
(laughing) Don’t touch it!
(ducks quacking) – He left his socks.
(funky electronic music) That’s like a brown, that’s that Giorgio– – Armani.
– I think so, yeah. If you’ve lost your socks, what he got for his pond
work sock, they’re here. Oh, Moon, I forgot. I’ve got a different idea. Instead of usin’ the boat,
we just don’t use the boat. And I’ve got another thing to try. – [Moon] What is it? (waders squeaking) What’s that, Thomas? (funky electronic music) You’re goin’ on in style. (laughs) – Let’s go.
– Thomas, what is it? – What, this?
– What’s this? – It’s used for fishin’–
– What are those? (laughing)
– Fishin’ people use it, so you can get in the water. I don’t know why you
wanna get in the water– – I would not want–
– to fish. – [Moon] Oh, is it boots and? It’s one thing.
– It’s all one. Right up to here, I’m waterproof, now. We don’t even need the boat.
(funky electronic music) – [Moon] I’m still going on the boat. – Quick, come right up. – [Moon] Let’s go on boat. It’s nice and romantic. – Quick, but I think I’m gonna pass out. (water splashes)
– Is it really waterproof? – I hope so. These are the only clothes I brought. It gets deeper–
– Don’t go, whoa! – It gets deep really quick. I can only go this far.
– That’s all right. You can throw it in a
bit, and then get it out. – Let’s have a go, then. This is the smaller magnet. I’ve got a bigger one. (water splashes)
(funky electronic music) – [Moon] What’s the tactic, then? Is there any tactic to it? – I didn’t know there was a tactic. I thought you just throw
it out and pull it. (water splashes)
– So throw and pull. – Throw and pull, the good
ol’ throw and pull tactic. (water splashes)
So is it a fishin’ thing? – What’s that?
– I don’t know. First throw successful, Moon! – [Moon] Does anyone know what that is? – (exhales sharply)
(water splashes) (funky electronic music) You just slowly bring it towards ya. – [Moon] I think so, and it
should sink quite quickly. It’s quite heavy.
– It’s on the floor. But do you drag it across the floor, so it like, hopefully, oh!
(water splashes) Moon, seriously, hold that. (chuckles) What is it?
(funky electronic music) – [Moon] Is it still, better not. – Oh, I’ve got it.
(water splashes) Nothin’, it’s not goin’
very well here, is it? – [Moon] We should go out on the boat. – I think I need the boat.
– I’m on the boat. I’m on the boat. Everybody look at me ’cause
we’re going on the boat. (air pump whooshing) – (exhales sharply) Why did
we never buy the electric one? (air pump whooshing)
He ain’t come for his socks, yet. If he’s not got ’em before we’re gone, we could claim it, can’t we?
(air pump whooshing) Giorgio Armani, Moon. I bet they’re like 15 pounds.
– Pump, yeah, pump it up. Why your feet is jumping? Well, thank goodness, take your time. – Your turn, now.
(funky electronic music) Go on, there, Moon. Show me how it’s done.
(air pump whooshing) – Almost done.
(funky electronic music) – Nah, loads left.
– Let’s see how you do it. (funky electronic music) – Ahhh!
– Thomas, just shove it in. – Yee ha, yow!
– Quick! (water splashes)
I knew it. (laughing) (water splashes) (funky electronic music)
Go, Kill’em! (laughing)
(water splashes) – I ain’t got a paddle.
(laughing) (water splashes)
No! Moon, I’ll meet ya down there. – Bye.
(water splashes) – We don’t need the boat. I’m in, now. (laughs) Come on now, Moon.
– I’m not going in that wet boat, now. I said it’s gonna happen. I don’t have you on video. I should have filmed it.
(water splashes) – Bye.
– Let’s see how fast it goes. – If you’re changing video,
I’ll spend the night here. I’ll see you in mornin’. (indistinct chatter)
– Such an idiot. – It’s nice, isn’t it?
(laughing) I don’t wanna go magnet fishin’, now. Let’s just stay here.
(funky electronic music) (water splashes) The water’s goin’ way, really fast. You make me feel sick. Here we go, Moon, first
magnet fishin’ off the boat. I don’t know how steady the boat is, so if we pull somethin’ big, I don’t know if we’re gonna go over. – [Moon] I’ll just lean on other side. – Just drop it?
– Yeah, think so. (water splashes)
(funky electronic music) – How deep is it? – [Moon] You think we got enough? Oh, no.
– Wait, wait, wait. Oh, this ain’t goin’ good. It’s pullin’ down.
– Are we tyin’ the knot, Thomas? (laughs)
– I can’t escape these Moon jokes. Let’s just slowly pull her up. – Her, what’s her name?
– Takisha. (water drips)
Oh, uh, sludge. (water splashes)
Aww! I don’t know what I’m doin’.
(funky electronic music) If you’re a fishin’ magnet expert, (water splashes)
I’m probably doin’ everything completely wrong. (exhales sharply)
(water splashes) – [Moon] I should have
brought my swimsuit. It’s quite a wet thingie.
– You’re wet. You’re wet, Moon. (exhales sharply)
– Bit chilly as well, when you’re a bit wet. – Moon, Moon!
– What is it? (water splashes)
A drone! (laughing)
It’s a good one! – Oh, a drone. It’s obviously not, anymore. (laughs) – Oh yeah.
– It’s got a camera, and everything. I bet someone must have been
tryin’ to get a nice view. (laughs)
– Yeah, they got. You wanna see their videos, don’t ya? (humming and creaking) – Come on, let’s do it. Let’s do it some more. This is awesome.
– Aww! – Baby swans.
– It’s beautiful. (water splashes)
– Oh, we keep gettin’ blown to the edges. And we’ve already done this location. – I’m really motivated, now.
– Oh, come on. Let’s go around this corner. – (muffled) It’s 1969.
(water splashes) The national leader of
six-man, rowing on the lake. – Moon, Moon!
– What? Aww! (muffled) 1972. – Stop it!
(laughing) – [Moon] You don’t have to throw it. (water splashes)
We can swim a bit, now, and then drag it, after. – Oh, just like–
– You know what I mean? – leave it.
– No, leave it here. Just, oh–
– Leave it hangin’. – [Moon] You can hook it in here. – And now just–
– Now, you get– – like paddle around.
– Yeah, yeah. You got a drone, Thomas. – I can’t believe (laughs)
we found a drone, Moon. – (muffled) 1986.
(water splashes) – Stop it!
(laughing) ♪ Row, row, row your boat ♪ ♪ Gently down the stream ♪ (water splashes)
I’m tryin’ a little bit, do I enjoy doin’.
– It’s nice. (water splashes)
It’s nice, here. – [Moon] Oh now, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait. – Pull it.
(water splashes) (funky electronic music)
– Yeah. ♪ Na, na, na, na, na, na. ♪ Just be gentle with it. – I’m stuck.
– You’re gettin’ jiggie with it.
– I’m stuck. Please, please send help.
– If you want a quick relationship–
– Workshop, (mumbles) – on the thingie.
– just send help, please. – I’m alone with this.
– Missed relationship, then. – I’m alone with this.
– Just sittin’ on the boat. – I feel like there’s somethin’ on it. – Yeah, the magnet, probably.
(funky electronic music) – I’m not jokin’. That feels a lot heavier.
(water splashes) – [Moon] See, the magnet. (rope rustles)
(water splashes) Must have drawn the highlight, already. – It’s gotta be. It’s the only thing we’ve found, drone, a few screws, and a can. (funky electronic music) (inhales sharply) (metal clanks)
– A lighter. – It’s a Zippo one. It’s a Zippo.
– Zippo one. – Yeah.
(metal clanks) – [Moon] This should be good, if that’s still working.
(metal lighter whirs) – No.
– No. – I’m hoping for like coins
– (exhales sharply) and stuff, money, money.
– Gimme, gimme that money. – Gimme that money.
– That money! – [Moon] Do you think
it’s gonna look any good? – I don’t know, but it could look cool, if we put a GoPro on
the end of the paddle. (upbeat electronic music)
I’m just tryin’ to see what’s there. And we can’t see it ’til we get home, but. (mic rattling)
This is Moon, Moon face reveal. This is Kill’em, my face reveal. – Not that, oh.
(mic rattling) Think that’s a better idea?
(tape squeaking) – No. Wasp, wasp, get it, Moon! Moon, get it off, quick!
– What should I do with it? (water splashes) (water splashes)
Comin’ back, 99% just sludge.
– Sludge and seaweed. – Just fishin’.
– And a line to make their own.
– We could make, like a really good cosmetic cream with seaweed. (boat creaks)
No, don’t! (laughs) Don’t, Thomas!
– Ahh! – Thomas, don’t.
– (breathes sharply) Oh, oh. Quick, our camera, Moon, Moon, grab it. – What is it?
– It feels really. – (heaves deeply)
(water drips) Oh, get it back in.
(water splashes) – It’s just seaweed, all over, eh, Moon. It’s gonna get tangled up.
(upbeat electronic music) – I want sushi, now.
(rope whirs) (water splashes)
– Ah, I think it’s seaweed, again.
(exhales deeply) It’s pullin’ the boat down. – [Moon] But maybe the
seaweed is the real treasure. – Uh!
– Not, it’s not. (water splashes)
– We can’t find anything. I don’t. Shove over it, see if
there’s somethin’ different. – Let’s go to the left.
(water splashes) (dramatic electronic tones)
– Uh, oh no! – Thomas, no!
– No, no, no, no, no! – [Moon] It’s gone. Have you got it, yet, Thomas? – No, I can’t. It’s down there, somewhere.
– Thomas, we’re in the middle of the freakin’ lake.
(water splashes) I’m so freakin’ (bleeped
out word) off, Thomas. – Oh, got it; I’ve got it.
– I’m not goin’ home with you, anymore.
– (exhales sharply) (water splashes)
– That’s it. Can we go, please?
– (blows out breath) I need this linked to my arm. I just need chains to keep it on. – [Moon] You need somethin’ different. You need a life.
(water splashes) I’m sick of fishin’ seaweed, Thomas. – There’s just too much seaweed. (upbeat electronic music)
Huh, more seaweed. – Because it was so–
– (exhales sharply) Moon, Moon, Moon.
– Thomas, what is that? (unknown object rattles) – It’s a gun! It’s a gun; it’s a gun. (laughs) Shock!
– Thomas, keep it down! (laughing) (upbeat electronic music)

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