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Ice Fishing and Ice Mini Golf for Bass on Golf Course Pond

Ice Fishing and Ice Mini Golf for Bass on Golf Course Pond

Tiefenthaler’s looking to line up this
putt. Does he have ice in his veins? This is for the Ice U.S. Open It’s a ten-foot putt going from right to
left He looks ready. And, oh, it looks good. Oh no he pushed it right. What’s up, everybody?
It’s Dave Tiefenthaler otherwise known as Tiefsa and I’m gonna go fishing, but I’m not sure if
I’m gonna catch any new species I’m going to a golf course pond that’s near
my house I don’t think there’ll be anybody golfing I don’t think I’m gonna
upset anybody all right wish me luck. Let’s see what’s
at these ponds let’s do it. Golf course is over there. I’m going to it. What do you think crow? What do you think? Are there fish there? Tell me, oh Don’t fly away. So I’m on the golf course.
I’m not really on it I’m in the rough I’m walking toward the pond
that’s on the edge of the golf course I wish I was good at golfing. I’m terrible
I just want to hit it really hard then the ball slices and that’s bad because
hitting it straight is really what golf is all about. I got all my stuff. Got my rods, my auger. I got my tackle box with me. It’s strapped down my back. In my tackle box, I’ve got some wax worms and stuff, too. So I’m ready. I just hope there’s fish in this
pond, you know? I wonder what’s in there? There’s a
pond right next to this golf course that I fished before. I’ve caught
largemouth bass and before I wouldn’t have thought that you catch largemouth
bass through the ice, but the last time I went fishing, I caught a largemouth
bass through the ice, so you never know All right. I’ve got to watch where I’m going. One rule of golf is if you’re not golfing, stay off the green! Look, there’s the pond, but look! You see who’s at the pond? There’s already people. Actually not people. See them? Hi, deer. Don’t scare away the fishies I got a bite. Yes! No! Darnit, I got a bite. Yeah, it is bigger Oh my god! Do you see this? Oh my goodness. Oh that’s ridiculous. So I got this guy though that hole. Now it’s time to let him go. him go. Okay. I caught a huge largemouth
on this tiny jig and a wax worm. I’m guessing that’s because, well, people aren’t fishing here. I’m probably in about six or seven feet of water just jigging a
little bit oh my goodness. That was a big bass. Now, it wouldn’t be fun if, agh, I didn’t actually go golfing when I’m by a golf course now I’m gonna be respectful of the golf
course and I’m not actually gonna golf on their grass I don’t want to hurt any
of that. When you ice fish by a golf course, you golf on the ice. Now, I want everybody to know, I’m not putting another ball into the water okay you see I only drilled my hole a
little bit so there’s probably enough golf balls in this pond already I’m not
gonna put another one in, but I can still go golfing! Get in the hole! Yes! Yes! Yes! All right. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to push all the good buttons. Oh that was fun.
Hey! That was a big bass. If you ever get the chance, try and fish on some ponds that
you think other people haven’t fished on you might get something big, and if not,
well maybe you can go golfing when you’re at that golf course pond. All right, give me a number one you’re number one thanks for watching. push out all the good
buttons share the snot out of this, YES! Yeeeah!

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