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Ice Fishing : animated music video : MrWeebl

Ice Fishing : animated music video : MrWeebl

I’m going fishing, I’m going ice fishing I’m going fishing in a frozen lake I’m gonna catch all the things that are in there You can come too, see things that I caught “What you caught there?” Ah, it’s some sort of haddock But it’s wearing some shades, and it says it’s name’s Desmond “Now what you caught, ey?” Oh no, it’s Cthulu! What you doing in this lake, Cthulu? Get back to the ocean I’ve caught the Nautilus, complete with Captain Nemo I’ve caught a ginormous squid fishing here I’ve caught a man who claimed to be Jacques Cousteau’s ghost I checked his driving license, said his name was Brian I caught your mum, she was here, threw her back then thought again, Fished her out then dried her off cause well, you know, I didn’t want to be rude I’ve reeled in five astronauts, ten french poodles A collection of erotic doodles But I never ever ever caught a normal fish and that’s why I’m packing this in

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  1. OK, this should cover me for the next 100 years…. Thumbs up if you're watching in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031, 2032, 2033, 2034, 2035, 2036, 2037, 2038, 2039, 2040, 2041, 2042, 2043, 2044, 2045, 2046, 2047, 2048, 2049, 2050, 2051, 2052, 2053, 2054, 2055, 2056, 2057, 2058, 2059, 2060, 2061, 2062, 2063, 2064, 2065, 2066, 2067, 2068, 2069, 2070, 2071, 2072, 2073, 2074, 2075, 2076, 2077, 2078, 2079, 2080, 2081, 2082, 2083, 2084, 2085, 2086, 2087, 2088, 2089, 2090, 2091, 2092, 2093, 2094, 2095, 2096, 2097, 2098, 2099, 2100, 2101, 2102, 2103, 2104, 2105, 2106, 2107, 2108, 2109, 2110, 2111, 2112, 2113, 2114, or 2115. THERE FOR ALL THE TIME TRAVELERS

  2. "I've caught the Nautilus complete with Captain Nemo"
    You will only get this if you read 50000 leagues under the sea.

  3. What do you mean you never ever caught a normal fish? You caught a haddok, although did speak, saying it's name was desmond.

  4. Haha, "All the things that are in there" I pause at that time and look at the paper and see a Pikachu in the bottom right corner, and a Metroid at the bottom right again… But I cant tell what the others are…

  5. Well at least he was smart enough to bring a narwhal, you may never know when you run inti Cthulhu.

  6. Si weelb, nintendo y algunos desarrolladores indie formaran una alianza podrian hacer un juego basado en esta cancion

    ICE FISHING for 3Ds and WII U

  7. I translated the first two verses into Japanese, then to Korean, and then back to English and I got this:

    I 'm going fishing , I 'm going to go ice fishing
    I 'm going to go fishing in the frozen lakes
    I think I will be there covering
    You can also come to see that I get

    Catch what ?
    Oh, Haddock different kinds
    But it can wear some color, that it was Desmond 's name
    At what catch you now?
    Oh, no . It's Cthulhu
    Are you doing in this lake Cthulhu ?
    Back to Sea

    Man I love Google translate…..

  8. I saw he caught R2D2 And the pikachu Pokemon was on his list of things to catch……..piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikaaaaaaaaaaaaaachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  9. He's probably from Finland, I mean he has white and blue clothes, and he caught a fucking kraken and a fucking submarine. He casually pushed Cthulhu back down in the hole. He's obviosly incredibly strong and that makes him Finnish

  10. C T H U L H U

    "I caught ya mum- she was here. Threw 'er back then thought again. Fished 'er out, dried her off because err… I didn't want to be rude!"

  11. OBJECTION! You, in fact, DID catch a normal sort of haddock, albeit one that was wearing shades and claimed his name was Desmond.

  12. Omg…this,dude…look’s,like…The Neighbor,form…Hello-Neighbor…
    XDXDXDXD…that,was…the first thing…I thought,wen…I saw,this
    like,seriously…who,is with me…???…XDXDXDXD…

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