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Ice Fishing For Lake Manitoba Walleye – South Basin

While without a doubt Lake Winnipeg gets the most publicity for walleye fishing in Manitoba There’s a sleeper. There’s an up-and-comer just to the west is Lake Manitoba Just one hour from Winnipeg lays Manitoba’s third biggest Lake spanning over 4,600 square kilometers Lake Manitoba is an ocean while the lake has had some ups and downs over the years It’s definitely on the upright now after hearing so many Wally reports from local fishermen. I decided those time to investigate for myself So we decided to split our trip into two portions the South basin in the north basin. This was our trip to the south Look at this guy with the lawn chair all ready to go we got Kievan we got Marcel guys Lake Manitoba is a very interesting Lake it it’s had many ups and downs over the years and I never hit it on its ups. I was a little too young not into ice fishing at the time and now It’s on its way back up and this is no secret spot. There’s there’s aren’t secret spots on Lake Manitoba These fish are roaming pretty much any access spot. It’s a good fishing spot. We walked out about 75 yards Not too far ice is kind of interesting. It’s kinda like the surface of Mars right now, but there is lots of ice There’s a truck out there. There’s commercial fishermen out there and we’re just like we’re just touching the tiniest bit of this Lake This is my first time ice fishing it this is Marcel first time ice fishing it this is not kievans first time keeping us from the inner lake and he’s frequented this area for Many many years for now. We’re just gonna split up and jig How’s the bait over there boys how deep for you? Just nice being out of your boys Love this Lake. I know you guys want to stay there, but I think we should move deeper a lot of boats out here Yeah, we found this nice clear spot here, you know what that means Son yeah, there’s probably a big weed bed there lots of Sun coming through working on that photosynthesis No, we’re just bouncing around. There’s no rhyme or reason. It’s about finding those roaming fish finding the pods. They’re moving around There’s been lots of studies. I don’t like Winnipeg I’m not sure if there’s been as many done on Lake Manitoba But Lake Winnipeg the fish circle They go from the north base to the south basin and they move a lot. So as anglers, you got to move yourself and Find these active fish could be a time of day. It could be a certain depth But I think we’re going to set up a little deeper here and and and by deeper here We mean like 7 8 10 feet of water like deep deep on this lake is what 15 feet You can’t even find 15. Yeah, so we’ve been doing our fishing in like four to four to five feet this morning now we’re pushing up to six feet, but Yeah, hopefully some activity turns on Oh He’s on Excel son Take your time when he go nice Sun’s getting lower He crushed it We don’t work for our first bite Like it is gone for more He crushed like I marked him for a split second and he just charged up and destroyed though calling perky that fish is just unreal That’s what you want. Every wall. I don’t like are we keeping fish today? I don’t know. He’s got and go back It’s pretty late in the day first Blake Manitoba relied on The medium dinner bill their pink and silver. I would tell him it wasn’t tipped. No. No, I grabbed stuff there naked Alright, so I hope we’re gonna fish into the dark work. We’re staying pretty close by here at MTT It’s like a minute drive from our rat so we can fish into the dark Always on again I so thought again, where’s the camera? Marcela fun Ourselves on the Sun just set Fisher moving in come on Come on baby you baby. Come on baby with that small little bigger than the other one. Nice There we go, Suns going down behind me and we got this big perky walleye here. Nice average. That’s pretty good Yeah, it’s even bigger than the other one She just wanted going back She goes, alright, we got two. Oh look at that sunset slide in there Marcel. Yes Dead stick to the bottom any minute just drop and all of the prime time. Nice beautiful eye He doesn’t want to perform like Marcel’s but now good shoulders Nice stunner stunner See you later Marcel work on his Instagram game Keevon Another mark another mark Easier easier there’s no time another water and I Need to switch to whatever you’re doing choked it never sorry for me number zero for G. Come on baby. Here we go Paul they are oh they’re just such B’s look at the shoulders. Look at the shoulders. Hey, this guy’s going right back All kidding aside though. They are pretty healthy news shallow waters Pretty cool doesn’t give you a super long fight always but it’s a it’s an angry fight ten feet of water eight feet of water I’m gonna switch to a jigging spoon because I have not caught a fish yet and We’re gonna continue to watch the Marcel show. I’m just expecting to catch another one a little bit of color left in the sky Come on just eat it like just yeah Just like that just like that Chunky monkey chunky monkey Marcel has the hot hand from the eighth Dinner bell comes right out. You’re not even tipping the jigs that look is not just such a gorgeous fish how gorgeous so gorgeous. I Came good in it. I’m going to hold beside you. Come on join the party. I will join the party. I’m looking for thin 14 Extra baloney, please. Oh I’m Markin I’m marking. Here we go. This is it Come on Yes finally We got us a wall light Oh Everything’s spinning. I can see it under this clear ice We got an ice wall like that. These are nice Man, it took a while to get my first fish Marcel show me how it was done had to move into his area use exactly Who’s using? It finally happened. Alright, well, I thought the bite was done, but it seems like still going so I put this guy back There she goes so something I’ve noticed is these fish are so aggressive I’ve only had two marks both of them Hit me and that one just just full commitment We’re out of using bait on the jigging spoons like that. Just shows you how hunger these fish are these fish? They don’t see a lot of angling pressure and it’s a massive Lake I don’t even I could how many walls you think are in this lake even like a couple hundred maybe 500 I think I’m marking again. I think I’m marking again. This is gonna be good. Oh my dead-stick popping or am I imagining things? I’m definitely marking What to do I think he’s on the dead stick Yes, look at that a couple while I just moved in Decided to say a little bit later into the dark. Oh Whoa. Oh, it’s moving some water Man I love when you can see through the ice. It’s a good fish That on the jigging a minnow dead stick To a skating rink here, I’m pretty sure there’s another fish right now guys look at this Look at that dorsal, but I’m serious on the southern rod. I think there’s another fish Can you dig this one even over? Watch catch one? Oh, let’s catch one Just take it on the spot. Oh This is amazing All right. Look at that three fish in 30 seconds Lake Manitoba, baby. It’s happening All right. We’re not keeping a fish. Maybe tomorrow. We’ll keep a couple Tonight they’re going back Keeping promising poutine with the MTT the best poutine around What’s your favorite type of poutine I For one like the Vilonia poutine the MTT special You know this the MTT poutines are the best around that’s that’s a fact When is MTT stand for? Meals tastes terrific. It’s not a lie Did you endorsed by them I am not endorsed by them, but if they’re looking for Pro staff Routine tester, yeah. Oh That’s a mark. Oh, we’re marking. We’re marking. Oh, we just destroyed the dead stick Hey, yeah Do you have light? Oh I just tripped over the other. Oh my goodness. Oh, I just tripped are you? Okay is everything okay? I tripped over the auger. It comes from look at the shoulders on this beautiful colors We haven’t got any small ones yet all kidding aside that’s actually a thick fish how many C’s Four C’s, there’s no case here C’s no case nice Manitoba I’m gonna take a picture Okay, tomorrow this is gonna be lunch cuz we have a special guest coming out but tonight It goes back Later okay. Well, what time is it say the six o’clock, but it feels like it’s midnight It’s been dark for two hours, but we’re still catching. So we ain’t going nowhere. Oh Did not mark that fish did not mark that fish at all That that fish came in so hot we will play back the flasher footage Yeah, that’s one of the nicer fish the D no bait on the jig spoon, which is just ridiculous normally you tip that a little bit middle, but We’re gonna keep going into the dark suite. Just when you think it’s done. Another one comes in and just kills it All areas. He’s coming to eat it God Well, I told the guys I said if we didn’t see a fish in ten minutes We’re calling it a night, but we saw another fish and Yeah, probably like three hours into the dark we’ve been fishing now and the fish are still biting That’s something you never really know until you spend the time. We’re very blessed with amazing weather right now So we’re able to stay couple hours later if it was cold We would definitely be off the ice, but it’s yeah, it’s not our line isn’t freezing. There’s no wind so we’re taking advantage of this and Lake Manitoba is also known for a lot of bourbon, which We may tap into you’ll see how much longer we stay. Oh Nice mark, nice mark coming up coming up. Oh Oh, I just missed him. Oh, he slammed it so hard. Come on. Give me another chance. I didn’t sting him So either he’s gonna hit the dead sticker. He’s gonna come eat this again. Oh, He’s back he’s back he’s back yes Pull pull pull guys, I don’t know we might be staying here all night Everyone’s a little football If you are looking for action Close to Winnipeg Walking access you don’t need a snowmobile you don’t need You don’t even need a truck. You don’t have to drive out here We walked out a couple hundred yards, you know, you could fish even closer to shore if you wanted like So easy It’s just easy. He’d beat apparently It’s just nice to be out here. Nice colors almost fish. Okay, guys, we’re packing up I was impressed first time ice fishing Lake Manitoba for Marcel and I it took a little bit to get into the fish, but Probably eight nice walleye. We got a full day tomorrow. Probably the start kind of where we ended today but first we’re headed for some fine dining in Saint Laurent and Yeah we go over like back is this what you’ve been thinking about I’ll take even the poutine yes, I know sir What’s up my bed how much yourself just waiting for some poutine the saloon doors? This is good. What type of poutine you thinking bacon? Could I do the chicken finger dinner with bacon poutine, please? Did you make the bet Good job. This is great. All right guys, awesome accommodations, but now We’re off to the lake it is day two Yeah, we ended things on a pretty high note last night and we’re gonna go back to where it was happening and see if see If they’re still couple wallets, I grabbed Well, a snowmobiler atv probably would have been ideal for exploring the South Basin on this trip We decided to stick to foot travel and that’s the beauty of Lake Manitoba is there are so many accessible spots along the south shore From Delta beach all the way up to Twin Lakes Beach where we focused on any spot you’re able to walk out 50 100 yards you can get into a hot walleye bite Back out here guys. The hole isn’t even freeze from last night That’s how warm it got we got lucky when we ploughed up on this warm spell I’m gonna show you guys rods reels reason. This was the killer yesterday This was it. This is the dinner bell, which you’ve heard lots about This is the this is the second biggest size and the part that just blew me away. Is that We didn’t even have to use bait. They’re just biting the plane spoon and This lure has a cool little piece of metal that Dingles dangles on the inside of that adds a little bit of noise a little bit of flash So with a dinner bell with jigging spoons rattle bass, I like this rod. This is the 38 medium It’s called the true grit in the Frostbite series, and it’s just it’s a good all-around Walleye rod greenback rod. It’d be maybe a little on the lighter side for lake trout But it’s it’s the second biggest rod in their lineup and it’s perfect what we’re doing here eight pound braid This is 1/12 Powell floral leader second autumn using you’ve heard me talk about it before it’s the dipstick It’s a 39 light just the perfect dead stick rod Supersoft tip using just a small lead jig with a salted minnow. Hopefully the Fisher where we left him We’ll see if it was a prime-time biter if it was just a better area we got into but we’re about nine feet of water boys and I are gonna spread out and They’re fishing You have to be one of the like the worst activities Special guest Josh McFadden say aye. Hey guys That’s a big toboggan it is. Yeah, we made it out here. Love it. Welcome to Lake Manitoba Exactly oh There’s a fish look at me fish look at me oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah, he’s gonna eat big mark big mark Come on he’s gonna eat it right now Yeah, you’re good luck Josh Nice walleye first of the day we got Josh who’s gonna land and prepare this fish for us. Yes. Oh, Nice that’s that’s a perfect eater the new uh, Secret whippersnapper, it’s called yeah Number one look at that chunky guy that’s gonna feed it’s gonna feed Josh and myself. I don’t know what the rest of the guys All right, we got number one Josh this is a gift to you. What are we doing with the fish? You’ve a stringer you said? Yeah so typically like I like to keep him really fresh because we throw them on the ice and then they get frozen up and they’re a little Harder to fly, so you’re not joking about the stringer I’m honestly not joke, like I never do this, but I did it last week or the other day and it worked amazing so I’ve got this whole stopper thing and I’m doing it and I’ve got this old-school stringer for my grandpa. This has been in the family since the early 1800s got the history You can see that rust on there that natural patina and will keep them Fresh until we yeah, and now they’re just so much easier to cut up amazing and if you’re lucky a big pike will come along and That’s great Real nice. Yeah, it’s great 80 bucks for the three of us. That’s pretty good like Too bad, yeah, I slept with Marcel is nice. Is he selling you? Your board to catch him. Oh, I’m marking. One two I’m marking one And I wasn’t had a mark on my screen. Oh I got officially my dancing Oh Things are happening big things are happening. Oh Oh, you just ate it yes, yep a dead stick. Oh That’s a nicer fish. Oh That’s a good one Nice let’s play your biggest one yet. Well Just such a fat fish this guy chunky. We got a release. He’s he’s a little too big We’re looking for a little smaller fish. Nice joins. Oh, he could dig me back. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Nice back stress guys We got Josh long today and he’s gonna what are you cooking Chris? You know what? It’s gonna be a little nod to something that we experienced Marcel and myself actually in the northern region of Manitoba and I’m adding a little bit more flair to it, but I don’t think we got any footage of that So I think we’re gonna do that today. It’s something that everybody can make at home surprise just it’s a total surprise What is it? Oh, it’s a it’s like a water like a wall. I want on popper with jalapeno and some bacon and There’s a lot of buildup. Is it even just like smiling? Yeah. Sorry. It’s up I thought we were gonna like get into that part later Josh’s and anglers. Well, he’s not just a good. Yeah, but I came out here to cook while there may have been some wells in the action when the fish moved in they were aggressive pods of two to four fish in shallow water Absolutely crushing our jigs every fish coming out of the hole with that perfect perky dorsal. Nice plump fish It was a blast Well Josh, she reeled that one in before I could come with the camera. Yeah. It was really quick How many do we need for this dish dude? We only need like two fish and we have three. Oh, there we go So we’re cooking right away. Perfect. As soon as I catch like six more once we’re done setting the hook. Yeah So I’m gonna put this guy on my string. It’s the thing that we talked about earlier All right, so what we have going on right here is This is the start to the wonton wrapper poppers walleye poppers so what I have going on here is I’ve just got some oil heating up and I’ve got a pan so this pan is getting our maple Flavored bacon, hopefully, there’s real maple in there. And once that Bacon’s cooked up we’re taking these wonton wrappers These are super cheap and available at any grocery store so we’re gonna take off the sheets and we’re gonna fill that with cream cheese bacon a good chunk of walleye and a Massive chunk of jalapeno as well and that’ll get wrapped up throw in the hot oil those wontons are gonna crisp up and puff up and get all tasty cook everything inside and we’ll have these beautiful little crunchy snacks to eat that are full of protein and spicy things and on top of that we are doing these we’ve got Chipotle’s and They’re in like an adobo sauce so we’re gonna mix this up with some sour cream and make a dipping sauce to go with it and That is all going down right now Without a doubt my favorite meal out there is fresh caught walleye and to be able to share that experience On the ice with my buddies and to try a new recipe by my buddy. Josh McFadden was absolutely amazing cream cheese bacon jalapeno peppers deep-fried and wontons Amazing. What a cap to such a good day Thoughts Omar Unbelievable, yeah, you had one. Oh, yeah. That’s all right. You’re the best part there every bite you get something a little different. Yeah Yeah, yeah. Yeah one is a little bit more cream cheese a little bit a little more jalapeno a little more bacon I’m so glad you could come cook for us. I mean fish with us Yeah, eating fish on the ice is just the best kind of helps fill out the lull in the middle of the day Hopefully we get a night bite pick it up again. Regardless. Well, we need it for a nice meal Oh, yeah sauce me don’t forget the sweet chili sauce. Oh Yeah You almost poured off my face I don’t what I was all right guys it is Uh, it’s getting into that magic time of the day. Do you know time of day that it’s even prime time prime time? a Little shallow or things not look quiet there after dinner. Oh Well a little bit of a low but another chunky Lake Matsuo all I Going back unless you guys are keeping any No, Josh This one’s going back. He’s lucky today. This would be a perfect eating size So there’s a couple things I’ve learned During my first time ice fishing Lake Manitoba for one. There’s like no pressure out here. It’s just us and some computer I mean it’s not it’s not as populated is like Winnipeg can get a little more out on your own and this is just within walking if We had a TVs or snowmobiles we could get so far off the beaten path. It’s only an hour from Winnipeg It’s it’s like less than an hour from the perimeter. So if you’re looking for a quick little day trip Awesome. Awesome option angry wall is in shallow water. So thank guys for watching. See you guys next time

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