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Ice Fishing on Lake of the Woods

Ice Fishing on Lake of the Woods

Owen: Here we are. Going ice fishing with uncle Pete, Graham,
Griffin, and Emmett. What up Griffin. Griffin: What up guys it’s currently 20 degrees
below zero right now. And we’re about to get in one of these things
and head out. Owen: Okay, getting in our trailer. We’re gonna ride out. Graham: Ride out! This is exciting. (Laughing at Graham) Emmett: Okay. This is our trailer. Oh, we’re moving. Whoa! Whoa! Oh my God! Baby it’s a triple! Oh my God! What the? It’s growling at us. Owen: Alright, here we are. Getting out of the trailer; going to see the
ice house for the first time. There’s the beautiful lake. Oh yeah! Emmett: Here’s in the water. Beooop. Pretty neat, huh? Graham: What did you get? Owen: Yooo! Graham: Walleye. Griff: There it is! I see it! Graham: Okay, I’ll get it! Yeah! Woo-hoo! Nice sauger, right? Emmett: Nice one. Owen: That is a sauger. Pete: Get a picture of that baby! Emmett: Got a video. Graham: That’s a nice sauger actually. Owen: Got a little sauger here. Griff: Big sauger. Owen: Big sauger, I guess. Pete: Keeper! Owen: Come on fish. Pete: Niiiiice. Emmett: There he is. I’m standing on a chair. Graham: Wow, he was barely holding on. Griffin: Niiice. Emmett: OMG Griffin’s got a fish! Griffin’s got a fish! Graham: Not too fast. NOOO! I saw it! Owen: Okay, Graham’s reeling in a fish here. Oh! Graham: NO! Griffin: Grab it! Owen: Oh, it’s a walleye. Graham: Oh my gosh, my hook came off. Pete: You got him? Graham: He’s going under the house. Graham: There it is. Graham: Oh yeah! Owen: Alright, here’s a big one. What the heck is that thing? Ew. Owen: Eelpout! Griffin: Ew, it’s a burbot! Emmett: Get it, get it, get it! Graham: (girlish scream) Everyone: NOO! Owen: Grab him! Graham: It’s so slippery! Everyone: NOO! Pete: Was it a ‘pout? Owen: It was a big one too. Griff: I got a perfect video of it. Graham: I put my hand on it, and I couldn’t
even feel it, it was so slippery. Pete: Little guy. Owen: Here comes a fish. Oh, It’s a good one. Graham: Got him Emmett? Yeah! Pete: Nice! Griff: Got another big Walleye! Graham: You said it was small! Pete: I didn’t know! Graham: NO! Pete: So here’s the way I was gonna show you
how to hold it. What you do is, you see these fingers? You kinda do, I just learned this, you kinda
do this then it makes it look bigger. Pete: We got him! Graham: Little tiny guy. Owen: Massive. Goodbye! Or stay here, whatever you want. Owen: Looks like we got a fish on here. Think it’s a walleye? Pete: Nice. That was perfect. Pete: Ohhh, NICE! Owen: There we go. Pete: Nice set too. Nice. Owen: Keep him? Pete: Oh yeah. Emmett: Owen’s got a fish! Owen: Graham, don’t mess this up for me. Graham: if you get it to me, I will get it. Jeez Owen, you’re crazy. Owen: Yeah! Everyone: NOOO! Everyone: Yeah! Pete: Thank you Graham. Emmett: Mine’s bigger. Graham: Oh no! He lost him again! Emmett: This is what it looks like. It’s like a desert out here. Griffin: It feels weird. It’s a pike! Graham: Uh, it’s a pike. Owen: He’s biting Griffin! (laughing) Griff:
That one’s weird, and then that one’s normal. (sploosh) Emmett: Owen’s got another fish! Owen: Yee-ha! Graham: That’s a sauger. Oh God. Emmett: Get him, get him, get him. Yeah! Woo-hoo! Owen: Alright! There’s a nice one by Emmett. Graham: That’s mine! Pete: Way to go Emmett! Graham: That’s mine everyone! Pete: You’re the best Emmett! Graham: No! Guys! Pete: That is a big one. Graham: No it’s not! Emmett: I’ll Give you 30% credit. Graham: That’s mine. 100%. Pete: Good job boys. Emmett: That’s a good day of fishing. Pete: I’d say we caught 20, kept 10. Owen: Yeah, probably close. I’d say we caught 70, kept 10. Pete: Okay, wow. Griff: We can tell ’em that. (thud) Owen: Kill shot! (thud) Kill him! (thud) Everyone: Yeah! Death! (thud) (thud) Graham: You’re filming
it? People are not gonna like that on YouTube,
just so you know.

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  1. Dang nice. We are headed out to go Ice fishing tomorrow. Pretty excited, Hoping to catch some Perch, Trout and Crappie.

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