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ICE FISHING PREMIERE – Fishing on Crystal Clear Ice For Pike | Team Galant

ICE FISHING PREMIERE – Fishing on Crystal Clear Ice For Pike | Team Galant

Ice fishing premiere this year!
– Hold up! It’s still December Tobbe, so not the first time for the year – but for the season! What are you doing here August? Get it!
– Really nice one August! Everything went in out favour today. We’re on it – finally out ice fishing. Stay away from me.
– Thin ice? The ice is quite thin, but we have ice dubbs which we keep ready all the time. We can always use the whistle pipe as well. August keep your ice dubbs outside the jacket!
We also brought with us a life line. August checked the ice yesterday and it was okay. The first ice is always quite unstable. We’re located at a small lake. It’s 300 meters above the sea level, thus the ice settles in faster. The big lakes are too risky. Since this is our first time – our storage of bait fish is suboptimal. I had some perch – and you had some. Probably not the best bait, but there’s nothing we can do. The only thing we can do is await the first bite. A shame if we didn’t caught anything. The ice fishing season 2019/2020 has begun!
– Let’s do it. If you’re as excited as me – make sure to smash the like button and leave a comment regarding the thickness of ice in your nearby lakes. What are you doing here August?
– I’m trying out the reeds. We’ve been fishing for 3-4 hours. Not a single bite yet.
– Therefor we’ll fish in the reeds. That’s how we do it when we are in need of fish. During low activity it’s important to switch up your game. August swapped spot – so will I. For some reason we haven’t got any bites – probably due to the inactivity of the fish … however behind me there’s a hole – and perhaps it’s not optimal. So I’ll move it. Hopefully it will deliver something. Time to find out. Like 10 meters away. Why is this good?
– Can’t be any worse than the previous spot. We have never fished here before but we have 12 rods in total so we should cover the area. I blame the perch. I hate using perch as bait when ice fishing – roach is preferred. Here comes a perch. Catch – guaranteed.
-Really! Something has happened. No! A pike took my perch. Unfortunately we didn’t notice it. First sign of life here. My tactic of fishing this close to the shore is perhaps the key to success. Small pike.
– Or it was a big one who devoured the perch. Let’s keep going. Bite! I saw it biting! Should I record? Hear the ice cracking? Perhaps we should calm down.
First ice, so we make a lot of noise. Perhaps the first fish.
– Not pelagic exactly. It has taken line. Go for it! What are you doing? Holy! We caught one! I don’t wanna lose this. Should be hooked well though. Yellow-ish! 2 meter from the shore, not that small. Check it out. First pike for today for the season 2019/2020. Fat as well. Good condition. Not super fat but compact.
– Show the belly. A bit yellow-ish due to the murky water. How fun!
– Let’s get a picture. Congrats Tobbe.
– Thanks, time to release it. As you can see – there’s a slight distance between us two due to the thin ice. World’s worst release but it swam back. Very dark water. Like coffee. Perhaps this is where you should fish – along the shore, not the reeds. We’ll see, if Tobbe manages to catch more along this ugly edge I’ll move. Why did I place a rod here?
This spot does not look that hot right? Check through the ice. There’s no vegetation, just at my place. Therefor I placed my rod here. Time to grab a new perch and hope for more fish. Fish on! Yes! I saw my bell moving, but didn’t fully release due to the size of this pike. What a small one. I also caught one! A fish is a fish.
– This pike took while I was rigging my rod. We don’t have that much bait fish so we’ll use this little fellow as bait for tomorrow. This pike will deliver a pig. I heard a bite? Things are happening.
– We can feel the tension in the air. 3 bites, two pike. Decent start.
– 1 hour left of fishing. Let’s get it. We’re done for today. Are you happy with the result?
– Mixed feelings. 3 bites, 2 pike. Tomorrow we’ll head out again. I hate using perch as bait so we hope for better fishing tomorrow. Let’s wrap it up. Bye! Hello everyone! Hope you enjoy Tobbe’s video. If your fishing shop would like to support us … you can sell the baits Tobias use. Sounds interesting? Send me a mail on this adress … and we’ll proceed after that. Back to the ice! Bite on a big bream. There’s something on! Fish on! Here it comes. Decent. There we go. Almost no line left. Nice colors. High five Tobbe! I have a strike. It’s on. Small one. It’s losing it’s mind! Hello you. Let’s unhook you. Back you go. As you can see. We can stand near eachother today. -10 degrees celsius last night. And we actually wanted to fish at this place yesterday, but we didn’t dare. Two rivers are connected. So could be hot today. I haven’t even got all my stuff out yet.
– Exactly. Two bites, two pike. Keep watching! Stuff is happening. Bite! Hopefully a pig. Just taking line. Let’s get it. Decent fish! Big! Big one August! What a fighter, a nice one. A meter fish with some luck. What a nice one. Over a meter. Should we measure it?
– Yes. While August is getting the equipment needed, I’m keeping it below the surface. Here we have here. Nice one. Big head but not that fat. Let’s measure. 6.5 kg without the bag probably. Let’s get the length as well. 101 cm. Check this beauty out. Let’s release her. We’ll use this bag as extra protection. What a lovely pike. This lake is a lot more clear than the lake compared to yesteday, this allow us to see the vegetation … and we can place the rods perfectly. As Tobbe said, we have a good vision of the vegetation. Here goes the line. Nice clear ice. Here is some vegetation. You don’t want to place your bait in the middle of the weeds … but the pike are usually located in this weedy areas, so we place our rods just a bit further away. This is quite hot, Tobbe did the same way. It could be vegetation along the bottom wherever you place it, therefor it’s important to keep your bait high up in the water. Otherwise the bait can get stuck in the weeds, in addition the pike can spot the bait easily. Bite again on my favourite rod. Placed it in a streamy area. Let’s keep calm. Bite again? Let’s get it rapidly. Small one. Bite on your’s! Could be a decent one. Not a big one. I saw a roach. Here it is.
– Where? So cool when there’s clear ice. There we go. Number 10. When you have 1:1 ratio, it means the pike are really active, they tend to bite rather hard. Yesterday was suboptimal compared to today. Today’s fishing has been good. Now it’s getting warmer, with rain and snow. As you can see the ice is weakening. Happpy with the day?
– Certainly compared to yesterday. We’ve done well.
– Let’s keep going. The days are short. Hopefully more bites. What’s happening in the rain?
– 5 minutes later we got a bite. Number 15! You want the reel to sprout line. No pike on. It’s devoured. August has a bite and so do I. Let’s see. It has taken some line. Caught mine! Something is on. Here it comes. A small fellow. Double strike.
– Fun. Bye! After the first day we felt a bit sad and our self esteem was low. But we reclaimed everything today! Been a good day with a solid pike.
– Good revenge. Let’s wrap things up. It’s supposed to get warmer so we’ll see when the next ice fishing video will be released. Exactly, smash the like button for another ice fishing video. Take care, follow us at Instagram and Facebook, links are in the description. Don’t forget to subscribe for more fishing videos. Take care. Bye!

76 comments on “ICE FISHING PREMIERE – Fishing on Crystal Clear Ice For Pike | Team Galant

  1. Witam ! Panowie. W środkowej Polsce nie ma lodu !!! Łowimy na żywą rybę i spinning. Słabo, małe sztuki esox lucius. Okoń się trafi na " boczny trok" Pozdrawiam i zazdroszczę…..

  2. Nice video as always!

    Personally I'd have some trouble using fish as bait. Would it work with rubbe lures or would it be much less effective?

    How thin you think ice must be for you to be safe?

  3. Awesome video! 😍 I have never tried ice fishing before.. can u make a "ice fishing video for beginners"? What type of rod, reel, line, bait tips and so on.. that would be nice 🙌😁

  4. There's actually never ice on my lakes and if, it's forbidden to fish, or too thin. Germany is just not a good country for fishing sometimes. :/

  5. This place is amazing, has a beautiful fish, congratulations your fishing was very good.

  6. Kult å se dere på isen. I Oslo er det ikke mye is enda. Selv liker jeg å ismeite etter Gjedde på noe dypere vann. Om jeg fisker på 10 meter setter jeg agnet på 5 meter. Fisker jeg på 20 setter jeg agn på 10 osv osv. Dette er en bra taktikk for meg som jeg har fått mye pen Gjedde på. Blir også mer gøy når man skal ta inn fisken. Gøy å leke litt med Gjedda å ikke sveive den inn på 10 sekunder.

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