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Ice Fishing Skills : Ice Fishing Bait: Keeping Minnows Alive at Fishing Site

Ice Fishing Skills : Ice Fishing Bait: Keeping Minnows Alive at Fishing Site

Let’s now to talk about how to keep minnows
alive while you’re ice fishing. The first thing you want is a good minnow bucket. And
a good minnow bucket is typically made of metal, not plastic, so it won’t easily crack;
has a nice lid, with a clip on the top so it doesn’t come out; a good sturdy handle.
And you want this minnow bucket to be insulated. This particular one has a section that I can
lift out that has drains in it. And the inside of it, as I said, is insulated. Now, what
that does is to keep it from freezing while you’re ice fishing. So once you have that,
when you get to your body of water, typically, the water in your minnow bucket is going to
be warmer than the water under the ice. So, what I like to do, is to slowly temper the
water in here, so that the fish, the minnows, don’t die of shock when you put them into
the water. So, I just bring an old container. Simply fill it with water, maybe about halfway
to begin with. And then just slowly pour a little bit of this colder water into my minnow
bucket, letting those minnows gradually adjust to the new water temperature. This is also
a very good method to refresh your water during the day. You know, maybe after three or four
hours, you want to pour out a little bit of this water in the bucket, put in some fresh
water. You can also bring a portable aerator with you which sends oxygen into the water
through bubbles. And these run on batteries. Simply put it in the water for a few minutes,
maybe half an hour, then you can turn it off. There’s also various formulas that you can
buy called catch and release formula. You can add a little bit of this to your water.
It turns the water slightly blue. It helps the fish to live longer and be more robust
and more feisty on the line when you put them down to catch the big one.

3 comments on “Ice Fishing Skills : Ice Fishing Bait: Keeping Minnows Alive at Fishing Site

  1. Great tips, I did wonder why they were dying and I thought it was because of shock and the water in the bucket freezing and sure enough.

  2. This is a great video but he is mistaken about the minnow bucket. His particular bucket is not insulated. That styrofoam ring at the top is so that you can tie a cord to the handle then pull the insert out of the outer bucket and set it in the water off of a dock or a boat. The styrofoam allows the insert to float.

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