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Ice Fishing Walleye with Flutter Spoons (Dinner Bell)

Ice Fishing Walleye with Flutter Spoons (Dinner Bell)

there we go there we go first one of the
morning you guys welcome back to claims checkout doors I did a couple intros
earlier don’t think it works very well in the dark I’m out today still some
first ice walleyes and today we’re gonna talk about spoons about flutter spoons
more so but we’re going to talk about Jane spoon seven fish and lots of rattle
beats but today I just wanted to do the spoon thing and talk about different
techniques for that so first of all in the morning
nothing major but hopefully there’s some more to come today so like I said intro
who didn’t really work out this morning in the dark just felt dirty but I worked
my way out to one of my favorite first ice walleye spots it’s four five inches
ice took me about 45 minutes to an hour to walk out here spud bar in my whole
layout it’s good ice the whole way a couple of small cracks to cross to get
here but it’s a long long walk calling all that gear not gonna lie but I got
set up just kind of first ice or sorry at first light first ice of course its
first ice I got set up at first light I’m on my spot spot hole or hole three
already I fished in 27 feet for a little bit had a couple marks no fish came to
29 feet a couple marks no fish and got to 30 and I just caught my first fish of
the morning so yeah we will have this video progresses we’re gonna talk about
jigging spoons particularly the flutter flutter type style spoon and why I like
it for walleyes especially when you’re fishing a little bit deeper water like
30 feet there’s just so much you can do with the flutter type spoon so yeah
enjoy the video guys don’t forget to subscribe like you know all those fun
things you do on YouTube and stuff like that I don’t know I’m too old for
YouTube feels like but yeah do all that stuff and let’s just keep doing some
fishing that sounds so staged and so
just let it flow Clayton come on that was brutal
you’re better than that you’re better than that I know you are I got some good
videos out there if you guys this is the first video you’ve ever seen of mine go
through the archives and find some videos comments on some of your
favorites and yeah thank you come on come on come on oh well that was a weird weird weird
weird quite weird bite like that double hooks that was not intentional I tried
to pull up I thought I had it and then I it just felt weird so I know that’s
gonna look really really weird but I promise you it was was weird for me too
that’s a nice walleye though it came right up pretty quick nice walleye
walleye yes that’s a good one right there nothing wrong with that fish
that’s gonna look so weird though awesome
I just pumping that jigging spoon look at pumping it up and down and he ended
up eating it off the bottom he chased it up once and didn’t connect so I put it
back down on the bottom push it around I’m out a bit and he come up and he
levelled it come on come on don’t bite me don’t bite me here we go one more
luck and back down nice fish like a 23 24 inch or something like that cool
that’s what I’m using right now the new large size dinner bell it’s kind of a
cross between your flutter spoon and then a gs1 you can kind of pounce wad
you can tell it’s got lots of noise got tipped with a piece of minnow head and
yeah that one was I was just so awkward and so weird but we got her done we got
her done even I make it look awkward sometimes too okay I’m on Mike whole
four or five maybe something like that I’ve been bouncing around a little bit
second fish of the day yeah the idea what the whole the the
flutter spoons would make them so good is there’s just so many different ways
you can fish them best way thing just to let them free fall all the way down on
the bottom and they’re gonna shoot out somewhere to the side and then you just
kind of walk it back all the way to underneath you so sometimes it’s even
going to be outside of your cone angle you have a tip with a minnow head or an
eyeball or something like that it’s not going to flutter as far and it’s gonna
take away some of the action but no bites really aggressive I definitely
recommend fishing it with no bait at all and then
they a little bit more coaching use the beep anyway back read what backflow
saying is that you can you can let it flutter out and you just walk it all the
way back to the hole now if you’re marking a fish you can still fish it
nice and slow little twitches pull it up off the bottom get a meat like that
pound it in the Saturday below you but if you’re not marking anything don’t be
scared to reel it up all the way we’re almost you know like five feet from the
bottom or from the bottom the whole let it fall all the way back down again let
it slide in a different direction and you just kind of walk it back again like
that that the walking does is just it allows you to attract wall-e that could
be in the area and they come by and honestly in my opinion it represents a
crayfish walleyes love crayfish if you guys don’t know that and to me that’s
what it represents is the crayfish itself there and kind of just kind of
hopping along the bottoms working its way and the walleye gets behind it
starts to track it and sometimes it might not eat it but it often you get to
the bottom of the hole and then you can start to work it up out of upwards angle
and that’s when it’s going to eat it but it just it they’re they’re curious right
they’re like what’s over there disturbing all that mud walking around I
don’t say walking that’s like a jump a jump I just that’s the term I call
walking a flutter spoon so it’s a technique I’ve been using for a long
time it’s been very very good you can use it in sandy situations and when the
bottoms muddy too now if I’m fishing a rock pile this is gonna sound so lame
this is all just theory I do something completely different with it and I
filmed the show within fishermen one year I might have talked about it on
there I don’t know if they they’re they’re not but what I’ll do is I’ll
take the flutter spoon and I’ll lay it on the rock like that on the rock pile
and then I’ll just hardly move it and I’m doing the same thing crayfish love
the hole in being inside of rocks and it’s just like this and that’s part of
the spoon is still sitting on the rocks and part of its kind of just moving up
and they’ll come by and eat it right off the rocks
oh that just crushed me I won’t hit it with some Authority no I’m not saying
it’s big but it leveled me it’s when I was free falling it back down it’s when
he grabbed it that’s it the cool thing about the flood like a flutter flutter
typestyle spoons you never know when they’re gonna hit it they could hit it
as this fall and they could hit it when you’re just hardly working it we can
come up and just crush it like this like it’s gone he crushed it
if he neat though might need pliers for this one holy oh no it just spun in it
hooks was still on the outside I changed colors to a gold still running a dinner
bell that’s gonna be the whole theory of the day as different flutter style
spoons I might go maybe two uh what’s it called the slender spoon as well it’s
another flutter spoon I really like but for the most part I’ll probably stay
with the dinner bell it’s Walter moved to a different hole again this is my
third hole of the day sorry not third hole today third hole that I’ve caught
fishing I’ve caught one and kind of every little spot I’ve gone to here this
is 25 feet right now I haven’t found any pattern to really set me into one area
for the day oh the mark charted it that marks aggressive come on come on Oh have
to come on what happened did I miss it still open water crazy Easter Landon Wow
that was a light right that was weird was weird weird weird weird weird weird
let me feel very big doesn’t feel very big what it’s a fish right it’s a fish
right species yeah gone don’t let it go anyway it’s perfect
potable grabbing it and I’m like I really want to shove my hand all the way
in that asa cold water right now not wasn’t big enough
but yeah flutter spoons still producing how’s the day is starting to wind down
here caught a couple fish during the day nothing crazy there’s probably gonna
make the video we’re hoping that prime time though prime time right
prime time I love that word it’s gonna heat up a bit I don’t know if I showed
the gold one yet this is the gold one I’m using now I think I did earlier
listen to that sound so good flutter spoons you gotta love them see in the
slower you let it fall the closer it’s going to end up to the center of your
fourth which is your marking fish what you want to do right you guys that’s
falling you in just kind of stop it for a quick second and let it fall stop it
let it fall off see right now this time when I dropped it I dropped it right
blow my whole and I did that because I was marking fish it wasn’t marking fish
I’m gonna let a free fall out to one of the sides one sitting I think that’s a Cisco I’m almost
positive about the Cisco but I got him to eat anyway be curious to see of the
wire or a Cisco my guess is oh no no this can’t be a
Cisco thought mark was crazy like it took forever to get him to eat and I
brought him way way up yeah see Cisco but I cut them the top a flat bigger
this is what was Walliser are chasin this is what you’re eating right now
Cisco’s this is why there’s some walleyes little cruise through here
eventually these things right here it’s a markup they’re 27 we got above them
just case it’s a walleye it’s a pretty big mark actually could be a Cisco I’ve
got my game cranked up quite a bit oh it’s going back let’s see what it does
here very very flighty oh here comes here comes yep I was gonna say that mark
just seen even though it was up about 3-4 feet off the bottom it seemed a
little bit too big of a mark for a Cisco the mark went all the way back down or
the Fishman all the way back down I was able to drop down to it trying to get my
transducer here it’s a good-looking walleye a
good-looking walleye look how amazing that looks underneath the ice all I’ll
never get sick of that that is unbelievable so we’re over here now
that’s a good walleye that’s a good walleye
come here come on baby come on that’s a ten inch hole okay I’ve got some
confidence in the dinner bell now I had a feeling you know I’m like that’s just
too big of a mark to be a Cisco even though it was about three four feet off
the bottom it mark went back down it shot down there that is an awesome fish
right there dinner bell right in the top lip pop it out send her back home I
don’t know what’s probably about 280 525 inch or something like that my not a
giant just a very very respectable fish it’s been a slow day but sites like this
right around the hole are so worth it there she goes oh good guys I’ve said it
before I’ll say it again it’s prime time baby
so as I was saying pretty sure I interrupted myself like 20 times because
that fish looks so cool swimming around here mark was up like three four feet
off the bottom went up to it didn’t eat it went to the bottom I just dropped the
spoon all the way into the mud and then pulled it up just kind of twitching it
and it just shot up shot up and heat it so just like that magic happens
flutter spoons baby there’s so much fun like I think my I’ve obviously just did
a video not too long ago with my favorite baits but the flutter spoons
rattle baits are probably my two favorite I’d say out of the top five
this is definitely bait up here but there’s another mark appearing down
there right now it 28 feet I just saw it flash so we’re gonna draw it back down
there oh I just came up I’m doing big like 3-foot sweeps
I don’t not market anything sweep it see that mark looks a little bit too big to
be a Cisco it’s up again at 27 feet no dice so so we’re gonna take it oh here
comes here comes one from the bottom look at this one bottom looking straight
up straight up come on come on that fish came up three feet to eat that spoon
three feet wall I like when they want to eat it’s on it’s not big but like I said
he just came up like three feet to hammer that spoon crushed it oh I just love watching the marks come
up it’s so much fun come on come on yes yes yes it’s charging it’s
charging charging doesn’t feel very big that’s okay though not all gonna be big
it’s not it’s not small though I’d like to keep one for supper so I mean if I
get a fish that’s good supper size I’m gonna keep one actually this is just the
perfect size right there this one is coming home with me see I don’t want to
get him on the whole I can nice they’d supper size 17-inch or you’re
gonna taste good the full chair is a pretty handy you guys I’m not gonna lie
my knees have been so sore from kneeling at fishing this has been nice and it’s
like you can like pick the legs out as you go to like kneel towards the hole
and get your transducer very handy slick little pick up $14.99 from Cabela’s look at this mark come up three four
feet off the bottom they’re just they’re liking it up higher you’re liking it
like three four feet off the bottom if I hold it there there’s another mark that
was showed up on the bottom again little this is a little guy
I’m not even take the gloves off this time buddy and to keep my gloves warm or
one of them one of my hands warm I should say at the moment no my gloves
warm open up open up there you go bud okay I love prime time ever said that
before I’ve got something coming out I’ve got shirts coming out maybe hoodies
– I haven’t decided yet but somebody designed me a sick sick
logo for him if anybody ever needs like a logo or anything built please let me
know I’ve got a guy that’s solid he’s really really good
yeah here he comes it comes yeah look at that look at that they’re biting it light as they’re
coming up for it but they are they’re coming up three four feet off the bottom
this one’s really tiny okay this one didn’t get me out of my chair but
they’re they’re coming straight up off the bottom three four feet and just
sucking it in buddy like I said that guy didn’t even get me off punch yeah see
you can always put things together you can always learn things out there
there’s it’s always impossible anybody that ever says they know everything is
out to lunch there’s always something to learn always you’re constantly learning
more figuring things out right like like I mean I’m jigging this like like I said
three four feet above their heads and they’re coming up and it’s weird because
you can tell they’re coming straight underneath that too right because the
way that they’re taking the hook they’re not like hitting it at an angle sideways
they’re literally coming straight up at it see okay here it comes again
and as they’re gaining speed I’m starting to pull it away of it but it’s
like it’s been hard to even detect a bite like look it here it comes again now this doesn’t always work like that
but you know what I know that’s a smaller mark I’m gonna drop it right
past into the bottom because there’s a bunch of stuff going on there right now
and I’m gonna take my chance like look at the screen right now I don’t even
know what’s down there now if the Cisco’s if it’s bait school walleye
watch but we’re just gonna drag Jake Brant frantically and hope that the
biggest fish of the bunch picks it up off the bottom or something honestly that fish was on longer than I
thought it’s just the way that they’re eating
them it’s really hard to detect the bite they’re not they’re not pounding it but
they’re not in a Lina they’re just sucking it in it’s a very very light
bite very late bite nice fish though nice fish nice fish oh yeah that’s a
good one right there nice specimen but they’re just the spoons up like that and
they’re just coming up there hardly sucking it in but they are eating it not
a very aggressive bite tonight there you go come on now you know it’s nice to have a good
suit drill to sit outside like this like I’m not cold at all
granted it’s a nice day but right now and it’s Suns are off so like it’s it’s
nippy 5:09 Sun all suggest sat probably I will
probably put a half an hour of light left yeah I was that was awesome
plate of that fish for a little bit I who knows it could be a different fish
there’s so many of them down there if not right like I don’t even know you
even know how many fish Oh Harlan ease Harlan ease when you Fisher down there
when we got here doesn’t feel very big I think that’s a nice fish it’s a nice
fish bait today it’s great guy let’s go easy girl easy look at the
screen right now my generally transducer is an end but it’s still reading just
off look at the screen oh we you guys it is just a there’s walleye everywhere
right now thick thick thick thick it’s got a weed through hopefully get a
hopefully smash a big one right hopefully fingers crossed
okay I gotta get these sunglasses off oh here we go you’ll notice I’m I’m
running just six pound fluorocarbon leader when I’m fishing outside a lot of
times I don’t know if it’s gonna be a little bit chillier and stuff might ice
out I don’t use braids a lot I like the fluoro because you can really
just take the ice and you can slide it down your line now the the power Pro
braided line works pretty good until the waxing the
wax coat wears off and then it just becomes like a regular braid and I’ll
soak up the water but when I’m fishing outside of the shack oh I just biffed
like that was such a light bite if I’m fishing outside of the shack that’s what
I’ll do I’ll make a straight floral leader sometimes I’ll use braid too if
especially I’m going to be switching rods a lot but in the shack especially
if I’m fishing 30 feet of water like this I’m usually running a braid with a
floral floral leader you guys did you like that Biff like me
biffing on that fish little guy there just coming off his bottom is just it’s
nonstop like non-stop you guys like I’m not even gonna be putting every fish in
the video like I don’t even know how many have caught tonight like twenty
thirty it’s just it’s it’s off-the-wall like a lot of a lot of small guys like
this there’s a nothing not crazy for size but yeah and scene just insane fortunately I’m not gonna believe all I
in every video but you know I’m out here most you’re trying to get it done don’t
you’re just out here you know doing my thing trying to get it done looking
working for the YouTube world I like to give a special thank you today or a
special shout-out to somebody it’s my girlfriend’s birthday today so thank you
Cindy for letting me go fishing and trying to get a video done on this
beautiful beautiful day I promise you if it would’ve been minus thirty I’d have
stayed at home and cooked you a nice supper I’ll make it up to you on Friday
I promise which will already be over by this but I don’t know if you’ll watch
this video or not because it seems like you’re a little behind on videos lately
girl but anyways happy birthday I love you very much and I look forward to
seeing you soon that is gonna wrap up this video I tried
to talk about one thing on the ice but when I did I realized I screw up the
audio and this was the spoons cuz when I took my case and I went and I went I
slammed her hated my audio like this over and over again and I was making a
mess out of everything so this here right this case this is a case made by
Plano it has a nice foam insert in it so I keep all my spoons but anyways what I
was using there’s a couple of colors I was using I’ll pull them out right here
real quick was this little blue guy here this little
glow in the dark one here white and then I was using the gold one which I think I
still held tight on a rod right there but a couple other options for flutter
flutter spoons flutter style spoons that work real great this is a slender spoon
made by custom customs jigs and spins something like that I don’t know I can’t
remember the quarter ounce though it’s got a really good action in terms of
like it’ll slide way way way out to the side cover a bunch of water and another
option I was using last year that’s gonna be probably out of all those these
three spoons that have the last the least amount of kind of fall rate to the
side this is a buck shot flutter spoon this worked really well for me I sure
got some big fish on that too so yeah there’s a couple different options but
this case is really really handy for your jigging spoons I said it’s made by
Plano it’s been really good for keeping all the paint on the spoons right gonna
keep the paint on the spoons but yeah so thanks for watching you got more videos
coming soon I’m headed back out for another trip I’m packing for another
trip as I speak here in the garage so thanks for watching guys don’t forget
get outside you

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