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ICE HELIX Fish Finder: CHIRP Interference Rejection

ICE HELIX Fish Finder: CHIRP Interference Rejection

Fishing here has been pretty good lately, as you can see it’s attracted quite the crowd but one of the troubles with
fishing in a crowd is sonar interference. When you get too many sonars of any kind
in a given area, you’ll have cross-talk or interference and it clouds up your
screen and makes things difficult to see. Sometimes you can’t even see your
jig, let alone the fish. And so, a lot of manufacturers, some great
equipment out there have created an interference rejection, but not all of them
are created equal. The Humminbird ICE HELIX 5 and 7 Series
have CHIRP Interference Rejection that is lights out. With a one-button press,
I can select one of six settings that almost takes care of interference
every time. It’ll make a drastic reduction
and help you catch fish when you’re out there on the ice. So when you’re out there looking
for your next unit, make sure you take a look at the ICE HELIX 5 and 7 units,
the CHIRP Interference Rejection is something that will really help you out
next time you’re fishing in a crowd. To learn more, follow us on Facebook,
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