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IFO S04E18 | Shark Khoa Kể Về Công Thức Thành Công, Bất Ngờ Trước Màn Gọi Vốn Thông Minh Của Phoebe

IFO S04E18 | Shark Khoa Kể Về Công Thức Thành Công, Bất Ngờ Trước Màn Gọi Vốn Thông Minh Của Phoebe

Hello everybody we are back on a Wednesday and a Wednesday is when we spend time to think a Wednesday night is also when we spend time to stay focused Now there’s a really really focused person that’s going to appear in this episode and this person will show us how he managed to use his own hustle and concentration and focus to be able to do many things You might have seen him before but right now we’re going to show him to you on this screen I’m also very excited to see if my guess of who the guess is correct Let’s take a look Hello everyone my name is Le Dang Khoa So today is my pleasure to join the show IELTS Face Off I am an investor focusing on start-up so you can call me start-up investor I am now running companies in many fields from sport, education, agriculture, technology so hopefully I can lift up you guys on tonight show I will share with a lot of my experience over start-up and my experience investing You’ve just seen the clip of our guest today and now you see him on our screen I know exactly who he is, you might know who he is too and these pictures are wonderful he looks like a supermodel but he has a lot more to offer in our conversation today So let’s welcome anh Khoa Hello Phoebe, how are you? I’m great thank you so much Very good to see you here Have a seat Thank you Have a seat please Thank you very much I’m so happy to have you here I’ve seen you a lot on TV and I’ve personally purchased from some of your businesses So you know it’s great to have you here in person and I’d love to talk to you a bit about how you make your investment decisions So first of all, how did you know you want to do business? so basically I think I was born and raised in a very business oriented family so we are born in a very poor family but my parents they like selling buying very small stuff so when I was a kid, my mom had a very small shop selling rice cake in Vietnamese called Bánh Ướt I grew up like as helping my mom and my dad managing that really really small business My dad trained me a lot by just analyzing right why this coffee shop like happening why this restaurant winning, why they losing even I was like six or seven years old so I didn’t know much about business and didn’t know much about money or anything
even I was like six or seven years old so I didn’t know much about business and didn’t know much about money or anything but you know those story day by day is in I head I study abroad and then I went back with my first business my family business after four years of running my family business, I started to create my own you know like a career You decided to invest in multiple different fields they seemed to a person outside they seemed to be unrelated to each other sometimes right? What is the relationship? How did you choose for these to be your investment? so I think as an investor I’m a start-up investor what I try to create not just a successful startup but the ecosystem of startup that can be successful By that ideas and vision I try myself in the last five years to create ecosystem so what kind of characteristics that I will invest in start-up? I think first it has to be very differentiated product or service in potential Second is all about a team They have to prove to me that they can really operating or running the company even in a really small scale and normally they have to survive more than a year and third the market had to be big because my strength I’m not good at operation I don’t know how to make a flower bouquet I don’t know how to make a cake I don’t know how to make a suit I’m more like a visionary guy I can create vision for different companies I can give them a lot of consultancy on finance legals public media branding, marketing now what are your parents say about all of these things that you’re doing and all of these plans that you have They never support me since I was 35 Most of the Vietnamese business, people in our parents’generation they’re really focused they believe in you only do good at one field with one company, just focus on it, go big on it and winning everyone But then it’s on me who would love to create an ecosystem, who would love to try new things so at the very first hand they not supporting, they don’t believe in it after a lot of up and down time Now my fund, my liquid venture fund make some momentum and my mom and dad wanna invest in them so I think that’s a really good sign because now we can start to speak the same voice after many years now there’s a couple of them, I think there’s a lot of young people here in the audience who are interested in business who are interested in investing some of them they want to create this product, they want to change the world they want to change how people live right but some others really think it’s a good way to make money alright what’s your comment on that? is that really a good way to make money I think every year I meet up with a lot of startup teams, most of them like you said, want to change the world, I only give them one comment on that, please change your neighborhood first, if you can change your neighbors, if you can make your neighbors buying your products or your services, then you start talking about changing the world you don’t have to think something so particularly, haven’t seen anywhere in the world to be successful, you need to find out the new way of selling products into all market, something just as similar as that what do you think are some of the skills that maybe the young business or young entrepreneurs in Vietnam that they lack and that they should develop that as soon as possible? I think first they have to be consistent, they have to be humble, good listener, they have to read a lot, they have to understand the world, the world today changing like almost every second, you have to be hustle Keep on going we fell, okay fine, fellow pop the game, keep going keep growing absolutely, I think it’s so important when people fail, they come back up or when people not for people not to have excuses for things that don’t happen to them because it might not happen to them yet, but they have just have to keep working at it now do you think that it’s important for people who want to do business to be able to train and think like a businessman, are all these people fit for business in your opinion? if I invest in one startup, I will see what they have and what they don’t have, and it’s all myself to find people to put in that system, that what people don’t have so they can be like I said, a better version of that company everyday I mean everyone can do business, but it’s all about how you find people that can fulfill you, that can do the thing that you’re not good at and living in your new device what are some of your idols investing up until this point? when I was just got back from Vietnam, I read an article of which is Richard Branson back then 16 years ago, here he had 40 companies, and he’s travelling around every week, having a really good life how the hell on earth this guy can handle that, I mean handle of 40 companies at one time so that what I tried to do was figure out his formula so I read a lot of books of successful people Just a few months ago accidentally once again I read article about Richard Branson and after 15 years right now his investment and handling 3,000 portfolio, meaning 3,000 companies so after 15 years I have 21 company, I used to think I’m half of the way, but now no, he’s is someone I really admire, but to me, he’s someone that not impossible, he’s possible, if he can make it that far, we can make it that far, me and you can make it that far, it’s only on us how much effort we put in, how much focus we put in you talked a lot about if somebody can do it you can do it too, what do you think is within yourself that are individually with you, what are some of the determining factors that make you the one that is completely different from all the other investors or all the other business people out there? the one thing that make me go this far, I think I’m a very curious guy so I don’t just admire, after admiring normally I try to figure out the formula, how can they make it happen, how a billionaire make him become the billion, I love to find formulas, I love to analyze people, how they achieve, what they achieve, so by being curious I think I learned a lot on almost daily basis like today joining the show, I mean that’s my first experience speaking on national television in English is challenging me but I take it very happy to have you here and I’m sure the audience is so happy to have you here as well so audience it’s now time for you to be asking questions Hi everyone, my name is Quyen, I’m a student from Banking Academy I see your many time on Shark tank show, so I admire you so much, in the future I think I’ll set up a convenience store like Circle K but this brand made by me, made by Vietnam, so can you tell me what can I do to set up a store, a brand like that? Thank you I really admire your dream, you dream really big but of course we already have some Vietnam brand on convenience store, Vinmart, I think that’s a really competitive industry first, it’s about you have to have experience, you have to read the public behavior like 7 eleven, like Circle K, like Vinmart, they’re not selling things for no reasons, the size of the products whether is cake, what kind of drink they sell, what kind of food they sell, everything they have formula, they have reason behind it So my advice to you, if you’re really serious about your dream, you have to go work for one of those companies To see how they’re running, to figure out that formula To me opening a store is very different story from creating a brand If you just open one convenience store you can open today or tomorrow with your family Or just hiring a location and just buying some stuff, put it in, sell it and you can call it convenience store But it’s not a brand What’s a brand? A brand is something everyone knows So to me convenience store industry is a super super burning cash industry Any convenience store that can make break even when it comes to a certain number of stores And normally that number is very big As I know average they have to have at least 150 stores to be effective, efficient, so they can break even So before thinking about profit, you have to be prepared with you big budget for that plan, I mean a lot of money Alright do we have any other questions? Yes we have one more over there Hi everyone my name is Huong I want to ask Mr. Khoa a question I know that when you start up, you have met so many difficulties. So how did you overcome these difficulties? Being the CEO, being the business owner, you only have to be ready with one thing Everyday you wake up, something happens and you have to have solutions for those things happening I used to have a lot of difficulties in my startup career, investing career And I have difficulty today too, but it’s a part of the game When we have difficulty, when we’ve been through it, of course we’ve been through with a lot of emotions, right? So it also trains us a lot, how to get over it quicker and quicker When you’ve been through a lot and then it helps you to be more balanced, more experienced It can be easier for you to calm down yourself and give a better solution I love what you said and I’d love to add on to some of that as well You know people often think that you have to go to school to know how to deal with issues And you have to graduate from a certain type of school to be able to do something In my own personal life and I’ve watched you and I’ve watched so many people that are doing business in Vietnam They start even before they go to school, before they graduate So you can start as soon as you think that this is something that you might want to do So it’s life-long learning, like Phoebe says it doesn’t matter where are you going to study, where do you choose the place to learn to apply yourself It’s like how you learn everyday Life is not about how much money you got or how much successful that you go through It’s all about how you experience your life, how you expose yourself to many situations, many places in the world that you can see the world very differently We have time for one more question Hi everyone, my name is Ha I’m an English teacher and I for myself also have an ambition of setting my own business, an English center in the future So I’m wondering as busy as a businessman like you, how can you balance between your work life and your daily life? I think if you can make your work something you’re really passionate about, something you can have fun with it and then you don’t have to find that balance anymore Like today when I come to the show, it can be my leisure time or can be my working time If I look at this as a really tired journey, it’s gonna make myself so tired But I look at it as a new experience, it’s a new adventure. Today I meet my Phoebe after many years watching on television Then I have a lot of energy, a lot of motivation to share with you guys right here We have difficulties in our life but then of course at that point in time, we’re really suffering sometimes, we’re really upset We think “My God, it’s killing us” When we look back at those incidents or those events, we might be thankful Because it gave me a lot of information, it trained us to be a better version And one last thing I want to share with you guys is try to be focused And I think a lot of young people are not having it because you guys get distracted a lot, mostly be the phone I know a lot of students are spending a whole day in university but they still fail But there’s someone only study one hour a day, they still have the highest score in school What’s the difference? The focus Alright, great answers Thank you so much for answering all of our audience’s questions We’re gonna move on to the next section which is the IELTS FACE-OFF Challenge where our team is gonna challenge anh Khoa to a couple of very very interesting tests All right So IELTS FACE-OFF Challenge coming right up next You guys don’t go anywhere because this is going to be interesting Now today’s IELTS FACE-OFF Challenge is going to be a very challenging challenge Because you’re gonna pitch me something and I have to pretend to be an investor and basically challenge anh Khoa on some of your concepts And then we’re gonna reverse the roles Alright so you guys be ready to be entertained by this section of investment challenge Alright so what are you gonna pitch today? Hello Phoebe, as I know you’re a very talented investor So today when I come to you, I want to share with you my startup So we’re now developing a service that’s helping the talented Vietnamese students to expose to a lot of well-known universities, even the Ivy League in the US So what’s your business model and how long have you guys been operation? I think we just started years ago and so the business model is very simple you know because we have our team is a lot of experienced people in this field including like lawyers Including we have like a regular contact with professors from you know those top school in the US So they have a lot of experience in how to give student guidance What percentage of the population do you think is interested in really studying at Ivy It’s gonna surprise you now i think every year around six to eight thousand students want to go for universities Around 4 thousand students want to go for high school So that’s market is i mean they’re willing to pay a lot on conservancy service How much do you think each one is willing to pay what’s the minimum they’re to pay Ok so if you wanna go to let’s say a top school i think first you have to pay around two three thousand to improve your IELTS skills alright Another three thousand focused on consotance another three thousand for like preparing you know training course to make you stand out But i think 9 thousand compared to the scholarship potential i think it’s worth right And is this service that you plan to make profit within the first year or how years in … I think the service can get successful you’re gonna get profit right away Are you looking for investment or Yeah i’m looking for a strategic partner meaning not just money but someone can help me Yeah i’ll share with you latter But it’s interesting i’m running a similar business right now Really now monday running now do you shark Tank right now Now it’s my turn we’re gonna reverse the roles and i’m going to sell IELTS face off Hello Shark Khoa Hello today I’d like to present to you IELTS face off and we’re the first english talk show And at the moment in time is still the first ever English talk show in Viet Nam for the youngster So today i hope to have your sponsorship and your investment in the show to make the show bigger so show me about how you differentiate from other show when it comes to numbers like rating Yeah our show ratings are extremely good on average you know in terms of every episode that we come out with for a talk show not an entertainment show But for a talk show we have on average hundreds and hundreds of comments and for every episode collectively together on youtube and Facebook Our viewership for each episode is several hundred thousand views And some of our highest viewed episodes are about five million Right now onto Youtube we have three hundred followers 350000 followers That’s really impressive for academic show So what make sure the academic show still having a lot of fans after so many years What the reason behind us Oh we do a great job at basically servicing our fans and a season there is something new for the fans to do What were the fans looking for when they come to the show The fans looking for number one they’re looking for good content They’re also looking for different mediums that they can interact with the show They can also talk to you online, they also ask questions and of course the majority of the people that come on to the show are still looking for that kind of learning experience And we give them that type of learning experience within the show on So i can call this as the social start up because it’s how you know people right But as investor i also reconcern about profit Yes Do you make profit We make a lot of profit Okay So why you need me them when you have a lot of profit and have a lot of big fan right there Because we’ve been able to expand to Japan Ok You want to go to Japan We want to go to Southeast Asia Southeast Asia And Asia Right Yeah So what make IELTS face off be differentiated when it goes to southeast Asia market Ok that’s a great question Now i think the key here is not to bring this show to those countries But to really have partnerships with people in those countries who’ll buy the format of the show and create their own customized to the market And if you think about it IELTS Face off is a show that can be made academic and also be made entertaining and it’s informative Ok So what’s your offer then I need to discuss with producer and Simon Ok Let’s talk behind the show Yeah Let’s talk behind the show I’m on it Well thank you so much for being on the show Khoa It’s my pleasure to turn the show
Well thank you so much for being on the show Khoa It’s my pleasure to turn the show And i hope to see you again Phoebe Thank you so much Anh Khoa Thank you Phoebe It’s a graduation speech on the show And really looking forward to the opportunity that we can do in business Absolutely Ok Thank you and really looking for to you helping us to influence the young generation I think it’s all my pleasure all the time to share my experiences with people that’s needed Wonderful Thank you very much Up next is IELTS on the go where our lovely friend Khanh Vy will visit Pha Tam Giang If you’ve never been to Pha Tam Giang before, it’s a wonderful place with a lot of great sceneries and amazing people so Khanh Vy will show us right now, take a look Hi studio Hi everyone, my name is Duong Ngoc Khanh I’m 17 years old I was born and grew up in poetic Hue city and now i’m standing with our pretty girl Khanh Vy Thank you so much So we’re in a very special place that i have to hold camera and try part to film because we’re in Tam Giang lagoon right And as far as i know this is Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater bodies And i think we’re gonna go further Yeah okk And find out for more places Yeah. let’s go Tam Giang lagoon has 24 kilometers land with an area of 52 square kilometers from Phong Dien, Quang Dien, Huong Tra, Thua Thien Hue Stemming from Thuan An harbor, small boat sweeps on O Lau river along the length of the lagoon more than 15 kilometers fields and bridges along lagoon we come to Thai Duong Ha village After 30 minutes the boat come to island on the lagoons there has Thai Duong ancient village Coming to Tam Giang lagoon travelers can depart on fishing vessel with locals Tam giang locals live with scream and fish Men go fishing prior to the sun breaks over the eastern horizon They get up to collect fish and scream from traps And at dusk they reset traps and networks You can see that Tam Giang pristine water and well-preserved cultural heritage of local fishes communities here has made a such a must visit place when it comes to Hue And it has just gave me a breath of fresh air, unforgettable trip I think i love it so much and the fishermen they are really cute and welcoming and really nice to talk to they even taught me how to code this nón lá to wear it and to make me look like a more Hue traditional girl How do you think about that? I’m sure that when you come here you don’t just live with an eye photo but also unforgettable memory and a lot of choices Thanks for explore with me and Khanh Vy So bye Now when we think about the ideas of startups A lot of us think about tech startups Of course you know to start up a company is also another type of, you would call start up maybe it’s about starting a company being a entrepreneur Many times in today’s at Dan age these two concepts of interlinked It’s never easy to start something new But many many people think that that’s the way to go Durin the conversation today you know one of the thing that Mr Khoa has definitely mentioned is that you start small You try to influence your community in a small way until you know later on you can dream big and you can think big Startup is never easy we all to face difficulties you know we all have to overcome difficulties maybe sometimes every day And that’s okk because with every different type of work there are different type of challenges and there are always ways that we can overcome them So you know why don’t you share with us what your business idol is like who they are and we can start conversation online and maybe one day we might invite them into the show too But until next time we’ll see you again very very soon Ciao ciao ciao

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