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I’m a Profreshional! – Salmon run [Splatoon 2]

♪I beleive i can fly♪ !Kaboom! “Sunsets always remind me of bowls of fruit! what do they make you think of, squidward?” *Spongebob laugh followed by an explosion* “Explosions.” *Record scratch, Freeze frame* Yup, thats me, You’re probably wondering how i ended up in this situation *Toad screaming* Time is almost running out and we have to get one egg to meet the quota, check top left *Wins* Toad saying “Im the best!” WOO “YAHOO” *Suffering* *Even more suffering* *Sonic music* *Impressive skills being displayed* *Audience applauds* *Starman music* KABOOM Some older footage! Splewsh *Top tier gameplay* what Profreshional salmon run.png *Bouncy sounds* Many bombs being thrown at once My name *Marie actually dies* Ominous laughter Toad screaming

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