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Imaginext Power Rangers Battle! (Fisher-Price)

Imaginext Power Rangers Battle! (Fisher-Price)

Rangers! I sense a disturbance in the Angel Grove Mountains The end of the Rangers is at hand! Grow, Goldar! Grow! Soon the world will belong to you, Lord Zedd! [Putties babbling] Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! It is just as I feared. Behold the viewing globe Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh man! That dude’s huge! [Putty babbling] Zordon, where’s Alpha? Alpha is working on a top-secret project. Go now, and save your world We need Dinozord Power, now! You’re goin’ down, Ugly! How’s it going, Alpha? It’s almost ready, Zordon! The new Power Ranger is almost powered up You fools are finished! Zordon, we failed Yes, I know. But I have a surprise for you Tommy is now the White Ranger and he will save the day because he is Tommy Si-Aiya! Aiya! Si-Aiya! Activate the Tigerzord! Tigerzord! Power up! Convert to Warrior Mode! Aiya! Ugh! Uhh! Ah! Oof! Aiya! Aah! Aah! Si-Aiya! Aahh! You’re history, Goldar! Who fights and runs away lives to fight another day Congratulations, Power Rangers! Mainly Tommy You saved the world! [Putty babbling] Hey, Zordon. What’s up with the Putties? Rangers, I’m trapped in a tube and I need some entertainment That’s messed up, Zordon That’s our Zordon! Ay-yi-yi… [Group laughter] Si-Aiya-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ah ha ha ha! Si-Aiya-ha-ha-ha! Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Oh, that was wonderfully ridiculous, wasn’t it? Hey guys! Very big thanks to Fisher-Price for sending over some cool Imaginext stuff The White Tigerzord in Warrior Mode comes with a translucent White Ranger. You can put him on the back Oops, and I shot you, sorry. And when you push down, that makes his arms move and then, you can also… oops! Sorry, Tommy! That’s pretty cool. You can adjust the arms. I’m making a mess So, he’s got some nice articulation same with the hands Really dig the movement on him. He could even kick You could actually… Or, I guess, sit down That’s like if he’s fighting a small villain, he can sit down and… So the White Tigerzord comes with his sword Translucent figure, and I think he came with two of these missiles that I’ve since shot This is a Spring release but I think it might start showing up like after Christmas Billy gets his bike. That’s actually a nice size Here’s the sidecar, translucent Kimberly, and then it comes with the translucent Billy as well And it comes with Power Coins. Comes with three Pterodactyl Power Coins You can put ’em in here Close the lid Oh no, it’s Lord Zedd Uh, twist it Meh? Hmmm… Aaah! I should’ve seen that coming Went down my shirt It’s in there somewhere! Okay, it’s in there somewhere Eh? Eh! No? It’s not gonna happen three times. Not gonna happen three times Aah! That actually shoots pretty well Where’d it go? Wow, it went straight down then– You know what! I’m hitting somebody this time Here, we’ll put some Putties… There we go Alright! Victorious! So Fisher-Price has actually done Zedd, Rita, Goldar, Finster Baboo and Squatt are coming, and the putties in the same scale before Bandai America did That’s pretty crazy One more time! These actually fire pretty well. I think Dragonzord is coming out soon. I did see Red and Black at Kmart in Burbank, actually You take your little teeny Dragonzord And now it’s Zord Armor! And then he can take the tail and that becomes a weapon, but these things are pretty cool I’ve had Tigerzord forever and just haven’t gotten to him yet. So I worked him into this video He comes to Tommy. Tommy comes with Saba, and you can make his leg go up. Mouth opens and closes, and his tail can go up and down And of course… He can fire. He comes with two missiles. And I finally worked the Command Center into a video Imaginext did a Command Center which I got from their website. I’ll put a link in the description The Command Center comes with Alpha, Billy, Billy’s weapons and two missiles You can put a figure up here And then this pulls out, and… You can fire! Oh, I actually got the camera Let’s see, can I get it right in the lens? Fire! Ohh! Very close. One more time Fire! Wait… Direct hit! Good distance! Underneath, this folds out and it’s got all the Power Coin thingies here. Turn Alpha To operate Zordon and the viewing globe. You guys know I love my playsets. So I very much appreciate this I wish Bandai would do another Command Center I think a lot of the guys that do the Imaginext stuff are actually fans of the show So this actually is for Billy to spy on Alpha doing the White Ranger Season two, White Light. That actually was the thought behind the design down here. So that’s pretty cool In the back, there’s a little jail. You can put the putties or anybody. Anybody you want, really. Put Lord Zedd in jail I don’t think he’d stay there very long. He’d probably bust out, but there. He’s there for now You could store the weapons for the Rangers… Here. This, they say, is supposed to be for training, but I don’t know. It seems more like a punishment thing to me More than training, so I thought it’d be funny if, like, Zordon had some putties that were captured and they’re just like infinitely, uh… In there, hitting each other, forever. And then you guys know I love the Dragonzord [Dragonzord summon theme] This thing is pretty crazy Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! You’re making a mess! Stop it! Hey, hey! Hey, hey– Aah! No! Stop it! Stop! No! Fire! Hey, hey, hey No! Hey! Okay, you know what He needs more room. Alright, if you go to their website looks like you can get the Command Center Oh, backordered. Oh wow Backordered. Okay, so maybe you could still get it It’s backordered, but it looks like you can get all the figures with that one Oh wow! Oh, I’m glad I caugh– okay, hold on Okay, Tigerzord’s not here yet Wow! Look at that Mastodon, Sabertooth Tiger, Tigerzord, Triceratops, Goldar and Rita Tyrannosaurus, Pterodactyl and Dragonzord $129, limited quantities. Alright, for anyone that doesn’t already have all this stuff, that’s a really good deal Alright, Rita. Go to the moon! That’s pretty good These two guys, I have only ever seen at Target for whatever reason so you might have to go to Target if not online But they’re available online. All the other stuff I’ve shown that’s available, you can find at Toys R Us You should be able to find it at Target and Walmart as well. Fred Meyer if you live in Oregon Whee! I’m really glad that they did a Pterodactyl, I was worried that they weren’t going to at first I really hope between Imaginext and Bandai, somebody will do, like, a Command Center But for the villains. Like a moon– an evil moon base for Rita There could be like, a place for Zedd’s throne and like, a Monster-Matic for Finster and you can like, drop the little monsters out of the tube thingy Am I the only one that wants that? I really want that! Before I go, let’s do a trivia These trivia questions are unbelievably easy. So, I found the hardest one I could For real this time, which of Rita’s monsters had a stoplight that he used to freeze people in their tracks? Yes, this was honestly one of the harder ones. Multiple choice. Possible answers are Snizzard Lips Pudgy Pig Shellshock Chunky Chicken and Terror Toad. That is the trivia. Which of Rita’s monsters had a stoplight that he used to freeze people in their tracks Alright, I should probably end here. We’ve got lots of good stuff coming. If you enjoyed the video Please hit the thumbs up button, please share it. As with all videos Even when we get a review copy, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Alright. Thank you guys for watching Please subscribe if you haven’t, please resub if you’ve been unsubbed by YouTube Please hit the bell button if you’re subbed but not getting our notifications I will always be back, every single week with multiple new videos Thank you guys for watching, and goodnight

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  1. do you think that they should make a imaginex power rangers dragon zord wower mode titanis megazord with dragon armer and ultra zord

  2. Zordon :Tommy is now the white Ranger
    and he will save the day because he is tommy
    Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🥴🥴🥴😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that’s so clever
    Tommy: shi aiya

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