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Improve Memory : How to Boost Your Memory & Brain to Avoid Alzheimer’s – VitaLife Show 135

Improve Memory : How to Boost Your Memory & Brain to Avoid Alzheimer’s – VitaLife Show 135

welcome to the vita life show I’m doctor
Janine bowring and today we’re talking all about
boosting your memory naturally and there are ways to do this a especially foods in your diet that can
really help your brain function where you may not realize is that sixty
percent your brain is made of fat so if you’re not getting enough essential fats in your diet from various
sources in your brain is suffering and is literally looking for those essential
fats and of course there are different types of omega which will talk about but its in part to get a variety of
different fatty foods in the diet to help didn’t feet and nurture the brain so we’re
gonna talk about some my favorite memory boosting
fruits starting with coconut oil coconut oil so
wonderful oil and to the type of fat in coconut
oil you don’t have to worry about because it
actually helps you to burn fat so coconut oi it was fantastic but also
helps to feed the brain so just small teaspoon per day
I know a lot of people love it and take a lot more than that but a teaspoon
to a tablespoon per day you can you know because it’s
its at room temperature depending on the temperature the room as solidifies so a lot of
people to spread this on crackers are on a pieces whole grain bread absolutely delicious I just take it straight on the spoon really wonderful coconut oil so great brain food second on my list
avocados now avocados again we know have natural healthy fats so about a half an
avocado per day you can slice it up on to a salad eat it plane sprinkle with a little bit of sea salt
which is fantastic and again contains natural vitamin E
because vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin so this isn’t avocados as well really
important for brain function and natural anti-oxidant so avocados make sure you get your
getting them in your diet for those essential fats nuts as well
so nuts and seeds are great fat source but also proteins or so for vegetarians
out there make sure that you getting enough
healthy nuts and seeds they should be and roasted preferably and salted in the most
natural state possible on helping to again feed your brain with
those essential fatty acids it seems
especially pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds contain trip to fan and
trip to fan in the brain converts to serotonin and this is the feel-good
hormone which is so important in terms of brain
function and our overall emotional status so make
sure you know if you’re feeling low and down that you’re getting in nursing yourself
with these great brain foods specially
the nuts and seeds the omega 3’s of course that we all know from fish actually don’t recommend that people eat
too much fish anymore because I’ve the toxicity in the oceans and of course in
the fish the PCB’s the mercury dioxins other heavy metals so
the best way to get the omega 3’s in a concentrated form is to supplement and of course the
highest quality supplement is the Vita fish oil for and nursing your brain with especially
that as the DHA a that concentrates on the brain and the spinal cord and we tend to be severely deficient in
DHA especially for not eating a lot of fish
but even if we do eat fish you really it’s difficult to get enough
for the DHA so in the vita fish oil great easy to take
fish oil supplement orange tasting little gel caps that are
chewable great for the kids as well people think that it’s just like a candy you don’t even you know that it’s
fish oil at all I which you absolutely love now this is one of my favorites dark
chocolate now dark chocolate is surprisingly good for the brain of
course is it time but a caffeine helps to wake up the brain but also more importantly for those
important anti-oxidants that actually help with the blood vessels in
the blood flow to the brain so a little bit dark chocolate every day
can only help you if you know if you’re having a sweet craving or
whatever but can also help with your brain
function because those potent anti-oxidants and helping with the brain
flow spinach no studies have shown that
spinach is a great brain food reason being is that it contains anti-oxidants
that actually helps to slow down the aging process in the brain so spinach is a great
because it’s the chlorophyll so it’s a green food chlorophyll actually helps
too trap heavy metal toxins and heavy metal
toxins are often related to Alzheimer’s disease
and again to mention the aging brain so this is really great spinach any dark
green leafy vegetable for that matter contains chlorophyll a great brain food to help the trap was heavy metals and
last on the list tomatoes now contains lycopene
in which you may have heard have and this helps to combat the aging brain
as well and dementia so it’s a phytochemical very potent and
it’s an anti-oxidant really great for protecting and also
nourishing the brain so actually devised a formula and put
together formula to make it really easy for you in terms
of boosting your brain power and your memory as well it’s call the vita tree memory and brain booster I’ll thanks for joining me today be sure
to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Vita Tree and remember that your health is in your
hands you have the ability to live a very healthy and for filled and preventative life in
terms the you know preventing the most serious
diseases and that aging brain so sure to subscribe to this channel
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own hands and to do it in the most natural way possible

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