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In Search of Fish in Corsica (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 106

In Search of Fish in Corsica (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 106

Last week was the week we reached 22 knots boat speed, sailing from France to Corsica. Let’s not forget about that one We arrived late in the evening to a town called Calvi We’ve got to meet James and Destiny in four days in Sardinia We’re at the top of Corsica and the wind is blowing from the South to the North tomorrow so we’re hoping to hang out here for a bit, but we’ve just arrived, anchored overnight in a place that I’d really like to go swimming I have to pull up anchor, we need to get some supplies from in over here And we’re gonna go down the coast, have a look at some places, where we are going to swim that Mathieu pointed out, and anchor in the place, whose name of just forgotten and then bomb South again, and then South again and then there’s a pretty decent blow coming, but hopefully we’ll be in Bonifacio by then We’re in a bit of a hurry but hopefully we can cross some… must sees off the list Come on Well, I had no idea this place was just so beautiful Wow, look at the colour of the water We’re all gonna get some work done this morning, and then put the dinghy in the water and go to shore. I’m so excited Wow, this is amazing Maria Cattiva best boat I’ve ever seen Christopher Columbus supposedly came from Calvi at the time of the Genoese Empire But a lot of places in Europe, we’ve been to, claim the same thing Calvi is a commune in the Haute-Corse department of France, the economy of which is based mainly on summer tourism also, during the French Revolution, Lord Admiral Nelson lost his eye at the siege of Calvi. The Calvi Citadel built by the Town’s Genoese Governors It has fended off everyone, from Franco-Turkish raiders to Anglo-Corsican armies Straight off Lonely Planet Yeah Ha ha ha ha ha chalk one up for La Vagabonde With only a quick glimpse of Calvi we prepared for a day sail down the coast of Corsica. The plan was to head as far South as we could and then head Into one of the numerous anchorage’s before sundown But first we moved spots to go for a dive ….. there ? …. ….in there its gonna be quite challenging… It says “No anchoring” , but there is very specific limit of place where you’re not allowed to anchor… Found a pinnacle, It’s not one of the ones that Mathieu pointed out, but I’m going to free dive I’m gonna go spearfishing and see what I can find. So, it’s just going up to 36 meters now, from about 90 and it should go to about 9 meters I’m just going to take Elayna’s little spear gun, I’m just gonna go by myself and and not push myself, obviously and just see what I can see I’ll take the Gopro as well I was starting to get pretty disheartened with the lack of sea life here in the Mediterranean When I look at the size of fish for sale in the markets and restaurants and the huge fishing vessel, we have to avoid during night crossings and try to reconcile that with the barren plains of what I’ve encountered underwater lately, it makes me pretty dejected Where is he ? I don’t like him down there by himself Selfishly, because I personally want to see beautiful coral and spear a fish for dinner, but also globally No fish ? Na same old story, you know the pinnacle Top of it’s at twelve meters, so you’re diving down to 18, before your even looking underneath at anything, so… it’s a bit full on for me, when i’m by myself I was just wondering, if it was gonna be protected enough or not in Girolata But just as we turn the corner, I saw this huge mountain over here and all the water in front of it is just really, really calm. It’s just dead flat there, and there’s no ripples on it or anything So I think we’re going to be in for a very pleasant night and a very pleasant sleep Would you like to bow…? Mooring? OK, …. Yeah. Yeah, okay to push the water Can you prepare two lines at the front? And 1 line at back of the right side Okay, yeah, all right. How much is it? How much long? 14 meters 88. I looked it up on the internet, and it was 40 Where? On the internet We’d better of anchoring, yeah… Not only were the mornings an obscene 88 euro a night But we’d heard, that because these mornings are so close together, that the yachts will actually swing into each other and hit in a blow this blokes got his wind screen wipers on settled down mate I’m just gonna set an anchor alarm because if we drag anchor right here, we’re gonna end up on those rocks and it’s not gonna be good We have got curry tonight That’s very hot. I mean, ooh …Nearly got clothes lined, Elayna. I mean, both the curry and the weather, it’s very muggy So I’m probably gonna get the sweats with this curry Dinner, my lovely The poor boy is sunburnt, and is about as red as a tomato right now. How hot do you feel, out of 10 ? Hot.. I was trying to think of something funny today but im too sunstroked.. struck, struck-ed Greeted by a cow chilling on the beach, i knew i’d like. Giro Lada .. then I saw the burger joint and pondered a connection between the two A quiet seaside town with nothing, but a few old farmhouses restaurants and an overlooking castle. this is the kind of place you could come to write a book If anyone can tell me what those plants are, let me know, cuz I’ve got no idea what they are and they’re pretty stunny Offset by the backdrop of course So, the boys have gone into shore and they’ve left me here on the boat by myself and What I usually do when I’m here by myself is I get really girly and I do all those things that Well, I’m gonna show you how to make chocolate that’s a perfect example. Homemade chocolate that is good for you. It is healthy It’s my all-time favorite recipe, Um yes, hurray, healthy chocolate. Chocolate has been my favorite things since forever like, for as long as I can remember. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t eat chocolate So I was wondering of an alternative recipe, one that didn’t have refined sugar and was free of any unnecessary additives, so this is a very simple recipe It’s only three ingredients. What you need, is Cacao powder, agave nectar Coconut oil and you’ll also need a little jar to mix it in Measuring spoon, and some baking paper, and a freezer So yeah, you can make this in literally five minutes So, before we go ahead, I kind of wanted to just explain to you, what these ingredients are and the benefits that they’re giving you So let’s start with cacao It is a superfood. It’s very high in antioxidants high in iron, magnesium it has more calcium than cow’s milk The list goes on. So, I would go for a raw powder, if you can find that yeah, this is chocolate in its purest form. Agave nectar comes straight from a plant, it has a low glycemic impact if you’re concerned about That and you can also put it on wounds and stuff like that, but we’re gonna eat it today so, and it’s delicious I put this on my oats and in teas and you know everything Coconut oil, yes, this is my life right here in a jar So coconut oil is high in natural saturated fats, which provides you with a good cholesterol And it also helps convert the bad cholesterol that it’s in your body It’s good for your skin and hair, you can literally rub it in your skin put it in your hair And internally to that, also helps with blood pressure, weight loss Brain function, and I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about oil pulling but every morning I use tea spoon in my mouth and I swish it around, it helps kill off some bad bacteria and Also improves your dental health. It is really incredible stuff. Anyway, those are the ingredients. We’re using today.. Yoopie, chocolate Now this recipe is for one person, because it’s only me at home by myself, the boys miss out, hahaha So it is one tablespoon of coconut oil per person, roughly So, I’m gonna put that in. Next, I will use a teaspoon of agave nectar,….agave nectar in.. And a heaped teaspoon of cocoa Right, so we’ve given it all a good mix. This is a part where you taste it, if you’d like it sweeter add some more agave nectar or honey I’m gonna lay it out in the baking paper and this is when you can add some crushed up peanuts over the top or Goji berries, or blueberries and whatever it is you want to add. It’ll solidify with the chocolate in the freezer, so Coconut nut oil is what’s making it go solid, so coconut oil melts in anything above 24 degrees, which I think is 76 degrees Fahrenheit, and anything below that freezes So when we stick this in the freezer is going to go from this to a solid chocolate bar, it is pure magic I’m gonna pretty much eat this whole thing as it is, but I’m not gonna do that, all right And kind of make it into any shape you want you can make into a love heart I usually just do a square and you Just fold it over itself There you go, stick it in the freezer for about five minutes. You can also pour this into like an ice cube thing if you prefer, like little ice cube blocks I’ve never done that before because I really like it’s like opening a present like this It’s really hard with one hand And then we wait… patiently All right, lets go Wow, look at this, and it kind of just breaks off the paper Seriously, too good for words Anyway. Thank you for joining me with Mayhem in the kitchen Mathieu sent me an email, Elayna…. Yeah? What does it say? So I sent him one, saying how we went 22 knots, before you made me take a reeve It felt very safe and felt like we were in control to me, the waves were doing all the work we had We did have the full main and Solan up in 25 knots true Then I sent him one And in the same message, I took a photo of later on when we were reeved I had two reeves because the winds swung around there more heading into it, and this was when I was more concerned, because if you go by the numbers, you’re supposed to Not have as much sail up as we had, so I had to reeves and three quarters of the solent out and we had It says in the book to go to 24 knots of apparent wind and it was getting up to 28 and um… He said, talking about the downwind stuff, where we got to 22 knots, he said Sounds rather reasonable to me, the true wind speed doesn’t matter that much It’s the apparent which affects the boat and the rig, for example 30 knots true wind speed Upwind means close to 40 knots apparent, you would probably have three reeves and a storm jib, or half the solent While downwind the apparent would be 15 to 20, you might be running with full sails up. Which is what we were doing Uhm Like and then I sent him a few more things and he said no yeah, I think you think you did very, very fine, but then he was talking about the difference between racing and Cruising and stuff like that.. Cool “You did good. reefing when the wind backed a little Awesome. What did he say about the 22 knots? He said you could have got to 25! Ha, ha, ha that a boy So, the day we pick up James and Destiny, who are our patrons that we’re meeting at the top of Sardinia It comes into 25 knots and then even 30 knots and then the next day as well So it’s not going… we’re gonna be bunkered down and just hanging out on board, probably drinking …..Ha ha ha… Thanks for watching. Join us next time as we sail south to Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica Riley gets a little weird with its history and we explore the old town Oooo, that was there!

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