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INCREDIBLE Fishing for HUGE Salmon — Skjern River

Welcome everybody to this little video
Today we are at Skjern River Which is my local River It’s where I’m from and
where I fish most of the time And today I brought my buddy Niko
he’s from from Germany Now he’s in school in Spain and he flew all the way
in here to fish this weekend with me Last time I was here with Nico
We fished like three days And I had to go back to school And then three days after
that he was like: “Oh I got a big fish” And I was like: “How good is it?” “It is quite good” and I get the picture and
it was a massive fish – Like..
– It was a good fish One meter and ten + male I have a little bit
of the fight it’s not the best quality but I think you should see it anyways – Yeah it was a real bummer you weren’t there though
– Yeah It was a really nice fish Buttoday we’re here to talk to you a little bit about how to fish here The rivers here in Denmark are a bit special
compared to other rivers It’s really deep
And where it’s really deep Is mostly where you’re gonna get your
salmon So you want to get down and get down fast And we are fishing with a
spinning rod Because you can get down really fast and you can annoy the salmon Of course you can also catch them here by fly which is also like really popular But we’re using a spinning setup And first we’re gonna talk to you about what we use here I’m currently developing a rod for Zpey It’s 10,6 feet A proper reel as well
I use a Daiwa Certate Which is a really really nice reel And it has a really nice breaking system So you are sure you can keep a lot of tension on your fish And on this reel we have 0,17mm fireline It will manage it’s a nice line it’s really hard to break I use a 0,45mm leader Which is really really thick The point is this is really
good for the fish If you scrape the fish with the braided line Especially fresh fish, when they come in – You’re just gonna scrape off all the.. Scales?
– Yeah So if you have this really thick leader Doesn’t look too nice
But it will help the fish a lot And to connect those together we have a “Not a Knot” And on the end of that we have a swivel
to keep the line from kinking The reason we use the”Not a Knot” is because you never ever wanna to tie knots on your fireline – Yeah it will snap
– Yeah! You need to use the “Not a Knot”
It doesn’t look really nice But it works!
And that’s what you want you want You want the salmon, you want to land it! Because it is a dream fish

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